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Stephen Dukes

President & CEO, IU, LLC.

Work experience

Dec 2017Present

Board of Director and Treasurer to Board


Provides management oversight and treasurer responsibilities to the Purism Board of Directors.

Jan 2018Present

Board of Governors

IEEE-Standards Association

Serves on the IEEE-SA BoG providing management and oversight to the IEEE Standards Association.

Jan 2013Dec 2017

Board of Director

IEEE-SA Standards Association

Serves as an IEEE Technical Activities Board representative to the IEEE-SA Standards Association Board of Directors. In his role, he also serves as a member of the Industry Connections Committee (ICCom) and Chair of the New Standards Committee (NesCom). Preivously, Dukes served on the Audit Committee (AudCom).

Feb 2000Present

President & CEO

Imaginary Universes, LLC.

Mr. Dukes is President and Chief Executive Officer responsible for management and direction of a group that advises companies on strategic developments and investments in existing and new advanced technologies in cable, enterprise, medical devices, network gaming and telecommunications. Specific roles include boards of public and privately held companies, advisory and technical advisory boards, consultant, expert witness, limited partner in Francisco Partners, Kleiner Perkins, and SVB Strategic Investors Fund, LLC., merger and acquisitions, and temporary CEO and CTO positions. Consulting and expert witness client list consisting of 38 companies.

Jul 2016April 2018


Dreamerse Inc.

Responsible for development of VR product and services platform, including management of software and hardware development. 

Feb 2010Jun 2016

Chief Technical Officer & Fellow

Pathfinder Partners

Responsible for technology assessment, monitors directions and trends in technology, researches rapidly developing technology, mapping technology to government and military requirements, intellectual property assessment, and feasibility of technology for specific applications. Works with Pathfinder Partner Fellows to assess technologies and correlate features and functions to requirements to specified by government and/or military entities.

Apr 2014Mar 2015

President & CEO

Movvix, LLC.

Mr. Dukes is President and Chief Executive Officer responsible for management and development of cybersecurity and encryption for video dissemination for video on demand systems, software video players and cloud based video storage. The developments focus on infrastructure architecture, authenication and authorization, downloadable conditional access digital rights management and watermarking.

Jul 2012Oct 2013

Chief Information Officer

Chi-square Technologies

Mr. Dukes has executive management responsibility for a team responsible for software development of a global portable medical card platform using a dual access security system, clinical operating system and clinical information system. The development includes porting to operating systems and middleware environments, billing systems and interfaces, relational database, user interfaces, cloud storage and security for the Chi-square medical embedded smart card system, wireless applications and embedded solutions. The supervision includes oversight for development, proof of concept and field test efforts. The team is also responsible for patents, claims and validity of intellectual property.

May 2010Dec 2012


IEEE Consumer Electronics Society

Elected and served as the President of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, responsible for the management and oversight of the society functions.

Nov 2009Oct 2010

Managing Director

Aumne First

Managing Director responsible for oversight on the Telekom Serbia account using and supporting Aumne security software for SMS/text messaging, MMS and encrypted voice.

Nov 2009Oct 2010

President & CEO

Aumne, Inc.

Chief executive responsible for development and operations of Aumne's security software for SMS/text messaging, MMS and encrypted voice. His responsibilities will include planning and execution of corporate growth strategies, strategic business development, software development team and global tactical deployments. He provides executive management and oversight for new opportunities, product development and commercial markets.

Oct 2005Sep 2008

Board of Director


Served on the Genband board of directors as an independent board member and serving on the Audit and Compensation Committees.

Feb 2002Oct 2005

Board Member


Independent board member of the SNAP2, public company, serving on the Board of Directors. He served on the Executive and Compensation Committees.

May 1998Jun 2000

Vice President, Digital Broadband Technology


Vice President of Digital Broadband Technology responsible for MediaOne's conversion and migration from analog to digital development and deployment, emerging technologies, risk assessment, technology due diligence for investments and acquisitions, and direction on business strategy decisions.

  • Responsible for management and budgets for digital technology development, including OpenCable strategy and migration
  • Managed development of headend simulcrypt interface for open, DVB conditional access and removable security system
  • Directed development of DOCSIS and DOCSIS extensions for cable modems for high speed data and Voice over IP
  • Developed and directed the concept of the integrated CMTS that supports the convergence of voice, data and video applications into a single platform
  • Responsible for directing and managing development of operating systems, APIs, and middleware for digital settops
  • Responsible for directing development of a technical strategy for deploying HDTV, Interactive TV, and VOD platform
  • Member of CableLabs DOCSIS Certification Board, charter to certify cable modem and qualify CMTS systems
Feb 1995May 1998


MCNS Holdings, LLC.

Chief Executive Officer responsible for management, budgets and development of MCNS Holdings LLC. investment consisting of Cox, Comcast, TCI and Time Warner Cable focused on:

  • Data Over Cable Systems Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) with over 140 M cable modems manufactured
  • Downloadable, Renewable Security System (RSS) for voice, data and video applications over cable
  • MicroUnity silicon development for settop, cable modem and renewable security
Jan 1995May 1998

Vice President, Technology

TCI Technology Ventures

Vice President of Network Technology and Vice President of Technology responsible for TCI's 3 to 5 year broadband network development, emerging technologies, technology due diligence for investments, field and lab testing, and re-franchise strategies.

  • Responsible for management and budgeting of TCI investments in MCSN Holdings, LLC., MicroUnity and Magma
  • Managed and directed development team responsible for TCI's Next Generation Settop Platform requirements with a RTOS and APIs
  • Managed TCI's efforts to establish second source manufacturers for settops, cable modem and CMTS products
  • Responsible for integration team focused on WinCE and Aperios with pJAVA and API development for the advanced digital settop
  • Management of team responsible for assessment of copy protection, network security, processors, RTOS, 1394 interface, LMDS, PCS wireless telephony, servers, transmission systems, shared switching, NVOD/VOD, xDSL, HDTV formats, 256 QAM and IP Telephony
  • Technical due diligence of new potential acquisitions and technologies in next generation platforms
Jul 1993Dec 1994

Director, Advanced Network Development

The 3DO Company

Director, Advanced Network Technologies, responsible for assessment of network architecture and interface requirements to 3DO's interactive client/server and settop platform designs.

  • Developed a network specification for 3DO's client/server model using 64 and 256 QAM, 8 and 16 VSB broadband, ADSL and 16-CAP network interfaces for settop, server technologies and virtual private networks and interfaces
  • Responsible for collaboration on network interface designs for The 3DO game platform embedded in a Scientific Atlanta settop for the US West Omaha fiber trial
  • Developed a virtual network to tunnel 3DO games through cable and telephone networks using hierarchical distributed storage and intelligent edge devices to offer network gaming
  • 3DO's representative and contributor to the ATM Forum focused on development of AAL5 and SA&A
  • Participated on the Joint Engineering Committee of the EIA/NCTA, VESA Open Set Top and IEEE 802.14
Feb 1990Jul 1993

Vice President, Advanced Network Development


Held several senior management positions, including Vice President of Advanced Network Development responsible for financial budgets and management of development for network architecture and integration of applications and services.

  • Developed and managed the research and development of the Regional Hub Architecture, with tightly coupled, counter-rotating rings interconnecting multiple headend and fiber to the fiber node; cable expended over $85B in capital to deploy in 1990s
  • Managed budgets and directed 60 consulting contracts for advanced network development in the area of network architecture, wired and wireless telecommunications, and multimedia
  • Managed and directed modeling of network designs for new services and applications for future cable systems
  • Directed research efforts on cable hybrid fiber/coaxial networks for MPEG video and advanced television formats
  • Managed research team on the transport and network interfaces for multimedia and data applications over cable
  • Managed and directed CableLabs' on applied research on wireless PCS and wired telephony over cable
  • Responsible for CableLabs' delegation to ATM Forum, Telocator, ANSI and T1 Committee, along with T1S1.5 Broadband Network Architecture and Video Services working group focused on development of ATM
Jan 1989Jan 1990

Telecom Analyst

Boeing Computer Services

Telecom Analyst for Boeing Computer Services responsible for technical planning of voice, data and video for The Boeing Company's private domestic and international networks.

  • Evaluation, recommendation and negotiation with IXCs for The Boeing Company's private long haul network
  • Responsible for product assessment and design of a private packet switching network for The Boeing Company
  • Evaluated network technologies to support Boeing's private voice, data and television networks
Jan 1977Jan 1989

Manager, Network Planning

GTE Corporation

Held numerous management and technical positions with GTE network engineering, short and long range network planning. Responsibilities included broadband network architecture and topology design, telecommunications, data communications design, standards, circuit switching, PABX, packet switching and new services, e.g., video on demand and high definition television.

  • Responsible for Program Management and financial oversight of central office conversions with $150M annual budget
  • Design of broadband networks, network optimization, architecture/topologies, standards, video on demand and technology transfer
  • Network Architect of the GTE Cerritos Fiber/Video Test Bed, with a budget of $72M
  • Provided technical consultation to Tektronix, Boeing Computer Services, Intel, PG&E, State of Oregon, Washington State University and Lake Washington School District on network architecture and topologies
  • Evaluated new services/applications and assessed new revenue sources for network deployment
  • Responsible for budgets and network planning of large central office switch conversions
  • Designed a 29 node private packet switching data network using Telenet TP-4000s and TP-3010s for GTE-NW
  • Manager of GTE's $312M GTD-4600 PABX development responsible for resolving 126 of 129 problems
  • Assessed failure data for No. 2 EAX cards and components to quantify spares for the central office switching system
  • Developed the platform for GTE's Corporate Engineering-In-Training Program
  • Participated on an 18 month Engineering-In-Training program


Jun 1989


University of Washington

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, Bachelor of Science of Mathematics-Numerical Analysis, 1989

Industrial Training/Continuing Education: (11) management; (43) electrical engineering and computer science courses; attended over 50 technical conferences


Mar 2018Present

Executive Masters Professional Director Certification

The American College of Corporate Directors
Apr 2014Mar 2018

Masters Professional Director Certification

The American College of Corporate Directors
Jun 2013Mar 2014

Advanced Professional Director Certification

The American College of Corporate Directors
Sep 2012May 2013

Professional Director Certification

The American College of Corporate Directors