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              My interests reach as far as I can imagine. I volunteer by myself and with my family.  I enjoy metalworking, jewelry crafting, book making and designing. I teach technique classes in art and lead youth organization groups. My personal downtime is spent lifting weights and kick boxing. 

              I am writing a historical fiction romance novel and am involved in the historical research process currently. I am also penning a quirky life and times book about teen drama and video games. 

Community Involvement

Department of Corrections- co-facilitating group intake with new release parolees in which they are educated on community resources, and encouraged to utilize  educational and employment opportunities. 

Communities in Schools- I mentor at risk youth. I  found that sometimes they just needed that little lift up the wall so they could climb over, and by volunteering and spending time with them I get to give them that little push. I also tutor kids who need a little extra help with reading or math. 

Community Outreach- working with communities that have difficulties with basic needs by assisting them in finding resources. Assist in community clean up and refurbishing (i.e. Cowtown, Arkansas River and Sedgwick County Park).

Humane Society- My family and I enjoy volunteering at the Humane Society and have done so now for three years. 

SIDS network- I volunteer my time, my heart and my money and artistic abilities to raise awareness and funds for this support network to continue. 

Youth Organizations-  Lead, teach, show, and share with youth in the community about life skills, first aid, compassion, culture, and many other activities. 


Reframing the negative little things in daily life into positive aspects that carry you through.   Never stop striving to make things better. Continuously search for innovative solutions to complex problems.  See things through the eyes of our clients and truly understanding their needs and desires. Forage for knowledge world wide in order to broaden perspective on global life. Enrich lives through strengths and determination.

     The one constant with me; it is my ability to be myself in any given situation to the positive.  There is always going to be "some" thing that will be a negative but each day is what you make it to be, so why not take that negative and turn it positive?  No turkey for Thanksgiving? No problem! Think of it as National Save a Turkey Day and make something else. I did not want to cook this year; I wanted Pizza and Ice cream. I ended up cooking. My bonus- I will not have to cook for the next week now because I have 20 lbs of turkey leftover.  

      Society needs more individuals who actively reframe and believe in the strength of its own people! I believe there are strengths in everyone and everything.  In my pursuit of social justice I will encourage self determination and be a proactive participant in the change I want to see happen in the world around me. One step at a time. One person at a time.      

Work experience

Aug 2011Present


Sedgwick County Department of Corrections
  • Maintain neat, legible, accurate, thorough and up-to-date case records in corrections databases and in case files.
  • Conduct officer contact interviews with assigned cases according to approved techniques in order to determine and clarify parole issues in regards to lifestyle arrangements as determined by their case plan.
  • Suggest constructive methods for addressing personal problems; and consult with supervisor when necessary.
  • Gather data pertinent to individual cases in connection with both investigation and supervision. Such data include information about the offender's accommodations, social venues, neighborhood, and any relevant social service agencies.


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Self Defense Training
Microsoft Word
Proficient in working within Word.
Data entry program used to track and monitor offenders through state facilities. 
Data entry program used to track and monitor offenders through state facilities. 


Certified Facilitator

Thinking for a Change