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In addition to the Dragon Press, I am entering my  third year involved in Ventura High School's Wind Ensemble. I enjoy being a part of this band (I took that picture too) because it requires a lot from you as a student: time, practice, dedication, and skill. These are all great things that help me achieve the "well-rounded individual" that I hope to become. 

I also participate in tutoring Junipero Serra Elementary School children in math and sciences. My favorite part of this endeavor is seeing the faces of a student when that one thing just clicks and you know its because you helped them beyond the classroom to excel. 

Personal Initiative

1. I took the initiative to both write and photograph my articles all year (as exemplified to the right hand column), when no other multimedia member or writer could attend these events. This meant very little time for preparation and attendance, but I took them all with a firm handle and accomplished the job.

2. I took the initiative to volunteer for the articles that were on the difficult side. Diving head first into the writing world, I daringly took up the position of covering Back to School Night, which took place within the first few weeks of school. Besides my significant lack of experience I took the job and churned up the article. 


This was a must. With so many news writers on my staff I was on the constant look out for articles to meet our staff deadlines of an article up every other week. Creativity was a huge asset, and I became a professional at making a story out of almost nothing, like a feature on traveling while on break, or what was going on during the week.
Meeting a Deadline
I've always felt the need for timeliness to be an important thing, but through my journalism career this strength got even stronger. I learned to write under a time-constraint because breaking news needs to be breaking. 
I definitely brushed up on photography skills this year. I enhanced my editing abilities and sharpened my eye for both angles and emotion that would capture well on film. 

Best Works

Work experience

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News Writer

The Foothill Dragon Press

Working with this site really jumpstarted my career in the journalism field. I have received an enormous amount of education from this course and am extremely grateful to the staff for such enlightenment and assistance in the demands of the department.