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I can offer my experience. I will learn more as I grow with the company. Give me the opportunity to improve and use my many other skills.

Work experience

Business Partner/Laborer

Frosty's Glass and General Builders

Our company specialized in commercial and residential glass installment, however we did general building as well. Home repairs, and landscaping. I made contacts, set appointments and helped with the labor using various hand and power tools, laying tile and painting.


Country Coach

I worked in the Bus conversion part of Country Coach, which has now been merged back to the main company in Junction City Oregon. While employed with Country Coach I did electrical wiring including pulling wire, making wiring harnesses. I prepared and wired the power distribution panels using a blueprint. I worked with power tools, and hand tools. When production was slow I worked in the cabinet shop, and did several other jobs in the assembly of these fine recreational vehicles.


Casey's General Store

I switched off positions between working with pizza and doughnut preparation and the front counter as a cashier. My duties included cleaning, stocking, customer service, and food prep and clean up. I am very good with the handling of currency, and counting proper change back to customers. I was punctual, clean, and very customer friendly. 

Line assembly

Allmand Brothers

I worked on the line to assemble portable light towers. When the product arrived to my station, I did the electrical wiring, then sent it down the line. When production was slow I applied decals, and did shop clean up. I worked with hand tools, electrical tools, power tools, and the necessary shop tools for clean-up.

Food Prep Service

VVS Canteen

I worked first shift in the cafeteria at Tyson foods in Lexington, Neb. I would get the cafeteria stocked and ready for operation in the morning when I arrived. I worked at the register during lunch breaks providing customer service to the employees of Tyson Foods. After all breaks were finished, I cleaned the cafeteria, and restocked.


Freeman Creek Construction

Freeman Creek Construction is a small family owned business that specializes in the construction of grain bins. I was involved with building the grain bins. I used hand tools, and power tools. I was at work on time, and worked to the best of my ability to be apart of the building of these expensive, massive buildings. I was proud of the work I was involved in, and was able to prove to myself that I can do a "mans" job. Unfortunately, this job was seasonal, thus pushing me to move on.


Jun 2008Jan 2009


Kaplan University

While enrolled in classes thorough Kaplan University I became Microsoft efficient, and was fortunate enough to achieve the Presidents list with my 4.0 grade point average.


Penny Bartlett

I worked for Penny about 15 years ago and have always maintained a great relationship with her.

Dana Trujillo

Proud to be apart of


Time Management Skills
Shop tools
I have used all power tools including table saws, routers, drills, tape measures, and hand tools.
Basic office tools
Microsoft Office
I am proficient in the Microsoft office suite.