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 making frind ship with all kinds people, doing work with full concentration,playing a role in work which provided, doing the work in neat way.


 I can use my knowledge bases as well as personal attitude to achieve organization goal.

 Intend to build my career with dedicated & responsible people that will help me to explore myself.


Problen Solver
iTaking the decsion and sloving the problem in team by which team can work smooth way 
Team Work
Working as team work with any kind of group
by using  verbal and written communication, and listening. It's clear, concise and focused; being able to tailor your message for the audience and listening to the views of others.  


Work experience

Process Associate


·Dispatching of the documents to different team

·Updating customer request under different mode of request.

·zero closure of account

·Checking the customer detail updated correctly

·Issuing cheque book to customer as per there styling

·issuing the Card according to customer styling in card

·British Bank Association a small process

·Ensuring that process is running smoothly

·Ensuring with seniors to run process smoothly

·Issuing all pins to customers

·Creating the card reconciliation report

·Opening account of customer according to policy.

          Worked for many projects for team 

store in chrage

vodafone india

·Increasing the profitability of the store.

·Increasing the revenue of the store

·Solvingcustomer quires

·Solvingcustomer problem

·Advising customer correct solution.

·Maintaining the stock and report of store

·Creating sales and stock report of the store

·Selling the product of the company

·meeting the targets and earning profits

·managing the assets of the store

·keeping both as to quality and quantity in terms of sales and work

·check and receive purchased materials forwarded by the receiving department

Mar 2011Nov 2011


M/s S.k sharma (off Role )

·Day to Day office Work.

·Looking for Tenders.

·Executing the Tenders.

·Corresponding to Tenders.

·Corresponding to other official work.

·Visiting Company Site.

·Submitting of the Tenders.

·Looking at site daily cash book.

·Issuing of cheque to sites.

·Calculation of cash required to run site

Sep 2010Mar 2011

branch manger

Saradha Realty India LTd

·         Responsibility in increasing revenues

·Develop plans to increase their customer base.

·Cash deposit

·Daily sales report

·Handling Customer queries

·Taking care of old and new customer

·Taking care of fund of branch

.         Taking care of old and new account of branch



Oct 2008Jun 2010


Durgapur Institute of Management and Scince

Joined Durgapur institue of management and scince in the year 2008 . learned skills like how to handle people and team, during the time done project on "Marketing and Recruitment in Reliance Capital" with the help of Teachers learned various types of sikill.