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hello im a 19 year old male. i have greduated from highschool in 2008 im going to longview for automotive tech. i have had manny jobs always have worked hard and never done any drugs and dont drink i am about 6,1 180-190 last i knew i was 180 im white i am a athletic person but i have athsma i can still out run most people i am verry bright for my age i have alot of all around experence with all sorts of odd jobs. i have had a long strict life always had to be orderly and if your on time your late if your early your on time always was at soccer practice 15 min be for the coatch always give 115% anytime i had to do something but at the same time when im off then i can relax and enjoy life love and cars. i may be yung but i have been brought up with a winning addatude and always worked hard and got done what i can in the time i have. well i may not be the right person for what you need me for but i p[romice you after you train me i will be you hardist working employe and to work smart not always hard helps move things faster also.

Work experience

Mar 2009Present


i needed more money than i was gitting from parents doing this for part time and extra money during school tell i find something better

Jun 2008Aug 2008

grounds keeper/matnince

fulton housing

was grounds keeper for about the first month then moved up to matinence for the rest of my time there i had to life hevy things work in por inviroment (dump and houses with rotting food plates all sorts of things needed gas maskes so bad make you puke) had to leave b/c i moved to go to school

Feb 2005Jun 2006


was my high school job


Jan 2009Present

going there for automotive tech.

Sep 2008Dec 2008

went for automotive tech tranfered to longview for more oppertunities with work and just a better collage i belive


tractor oeration/heavy equipment
used my uncles tractor on his farm 8 wheels the biggest made used dump bed trucks used skid loaders also hole digger p.t.o. and mower p.t.o. used also i a small tractor for diggint, mowing, and pulling things out when stuck (trucks and grasshoppers) used grasshopper