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Conversion and Call

I was blessed to have been raised in a Christian home.  My parents brought us to church, talked with us about God, and always encouraged us to know more about him.  I accepted Christ when I was five, in a discussion with my dad.  I continued to pursue what it meant to be a Christian through private schools and attending church.  I was always driven to know more, to answer the tough questions, and to wrestle with tough issues.  

When I was eleven, I was run over by a motorboat.  God was gracious, even in tragedy, and I have recovered well.  But I came to believe that he had saved me for a reason, that I had a purpose for Christ and his kingdom, and that he was preparing me for that through this accident.  

Fast forward to college.  I initially declared my major as Math and Physics; I wanted to be a teacher.  During freshman year, however, I had a number of conversations with various professors which pushed me away from the concrete equations and experiments I thought I wanted.  Instead, I began to pursue a theology degree, with the intention of going to seminary afterward.  

In seminary, I further clarified my calling as I felt the lack of a personal connection within the standard MDiv degree.  I wanted something that got me connected with the people of the church, and not simply preach from the pulpit.  I decided to pursue a masters in counseling as well, to help me connect with the issues that everyone has in their lives, to reach the heart of the people in the church as well as the study and declaration of God's Word.  

I have had great opportunity to pursue both of these avenues in my ministerial experience, and I thank God for his continued leading in my life.  

Work experience

Dec 2006Jun 2013

Lead Pastor, Pastor of Congregational Care

Cornerstone Church

I was hired at Cornerstone as the Pastor of Congregational Care, covering all pastoral tasks of the church outside of preaching.  This included counseling, administration, supervision of the ministries of the church, hospital visitation, weddings and funerals, baptisms, and many other areas.  I worked closely with the part-time preaching pastor to hep set vision for the church, coordinate worship services, and plan events.  I also worked as our tech support, creating a church website and effective computer system for the church.

When the preaching pastor moved on, I was asked by the congregation to step into the role of Lead Pastor, and add the weekly preaching to my duties.  As Lead Pastor, I also supervised the staff, and helped coordinate our Leadership Team, responsible for making everything run smoothly at church.  

I was also able to lead the church through a number of transitions during my tenure at Cornerstone, including many shifts in personnel (lead pastor, associate pastor and worship leader), and also a physical move, selling the building and moving to another that would serve our needs better.  

There have been many aspects of my experience at Cornerstone that I enjoyed.  We held a Q&A time at the end of each sermon, allowing people to directly interact with what had been taught that morning.  We gathered every week for a community night, allowing kids, youth, and adults to all worship together, and take part in some age-appropriate lessons centered around the same material, to allow families to have great conversations during the week.  

One of my greatest passions is for healing in the church, and Cornerstone was a place that seemed to draw people in need of healing of one form or another.  This healing takes place in a number of ways.  The most direct is through counseling.  I have had opportunity to work directly with individuals, couples and even families in need, working through various personal crises, dealing with grief, and even some unfortunate instances of spiritual attack and abuse.  It has been a great privilege to work with these people on a personal basis.  Many times, these people need more than I can offer, so I have built a network of contacts in the professional counseling world as well.  Healing also comes at a corporate level.  There are ways to address corporate need from the pulpit, discussing our need for personal redemption and forgiveness, and in working out God's grace to us in our relationships with others.  I am passionate for the work of God in the lives of his people, and grateful that Cornerstone allowed me the opportunity to engage with that work.

• Preached weekly in exegetical, topical and other creative styles, including modern parables and 

first-person narratives

• Counseled individuals, couples, and families in situations of crisis, grief, pre-marital, et al.

• Revitalized Small Groups ministry

• Instituted Adult Education, teaching, writing and finding class curriculum and organizing leaders

• Oversaw all ministries, recruiting, supervising and training leaders

• Coordinated multi-church Celebrate Recovery program, including large and small group teaching, volunteer coordination and training, and recovery counseling

• Mentored student interns in supervised 

• Guided church transitions, including staff changes and a move to a new physical location

• Created and maintained church website and computer system, implemented audio/visual needs


Master's Intern

First Congregational Church of Hamilton

First Congregational in Hamilton was my second seminary internship.  I worked extensively with small groups, creating and leading a group for young married couples.  I also facilitated another adult group, focusing on healthy relationships using curriculum by Cloud and Townsend.  

I also worked hand-in-hand with the associate pastor to help view and choose curriculum for some of the adult Sunday school classes.  He provided great oversight for me as we worked on these projects, and also took me on some visits to hospitalized or homebound congregation members.  

Finally, I was given the opportunity to preach at the Easter Sunrise Service.  The pastoral staff placed a great deal of trust in me to task me with an important service in the life of the church.  I felt very encouraged by their support.  

•  Established and led Young Marrieds small group ministry

•  Facilitated adult small group, responsible for curriculum development and selection, and lesson planning concerning healthy relationships

•  Assisted in Sunday School curriculum planning

•  In-home visitation of elderly and/or infirm members

•  Preaching experience


Master's Intern

North Shore Community Baptist Church

NSCBC was my first internship during seminary.  As an intern, I gained a valuable opportunity to interact with the pastoral staff, especially concerning the administrative tasks of the staff.  I attended meetings to help plan out the service, engaged in staff team building, and participated in the worship service.  This would include a pastoral prayer, Scripture reading, and periodically a call to worship, responsive readings, or various announcements.

•  Collaborated with pastoral staff in researching, organizing, and initiating  a small group ministrywithin the church 

•  Served as worship leader for Sunday services, giving the call to worship, pastoral prayer, Scripture reading and announcements, as appropriate

•  Participated in weekly event planning sessions and business meetings of the church



Master of Arts in Counseling

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



House Renovation

BILL Restorations, LLC

Academic Tutor

Mounds View, MN

Substitute Teacher

Minnehaha Academy

Master's Intern

Center for Family Development, Beverly MA