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Academic Experience and Awards 

Mar 2015Present

Outstanding Award

National Taiwan University College of Medicine Undergraduate Research Award


Mar 2015Present

Poster Presentation

2015 IADR General Session (Boston)


  • Student Travel grant from Association for Dental Sciences of the Republic of China (ADS-ROC)
Apr 2014Present

First Prize Winner

Taiwan Joseph Lister Awards

李施德霖獎學金首獎,代表台灣前往2014 IADR-SEA競賽

Represented Taiwan in 2014 IADR-SEA Division / Joseph Lister Awards in Oral Disease Prevention

Aug 2014Aug 2014

Short-listed Candidate

IADR-SEA Unilever Hatton Divisional Award

Oral presentation in IADR-SEA 2014 for Unilever Hatton Divisional Award.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

Excellent Prize

Taiwan GSK Innovation in Oral Care Award


Tittle of the proposal: 

A Novel Therapeutic Approach to Prevent Non Surgery-triggered Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (BRONJ) 

Jul 2013Mar 2014

College Student Research Training Fellowship

National Science Council

2013-2014 國科會大專學生研究計畫

  • Topic: Transdifferentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells into Salivary Acinar Cells
  • Skills: Stem Cells Isolation and Immunofluorescence Staining.
Dec 2013Dec 2014

The First Runner-up

2013 CTADS/Densply Student Clinician Program

Project: Transdifferentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells into Salivary Acinar Cells

Instructor: Prof. Min-Huey Chen


  • Sterile Technique
  • Stem Cells/ Acinar Cells Isolation
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell Induction and Verification
  • Immunofluorescent Staining
Contributions to the Project:
  • Initiated the Project
  • Established the Protocols and Carried on ALL Procedures
  • Essay Writing and Oral/ Poster Presentations
The author is proud to be a young Independent Investigator under the support and advice from Prof. Min-Huey Chen  for this Pilot Study.
Apr 2012Feb 2013

Staff, Department of Academic

2013 Asia-Pacific Medical Student Symposium

2013亞太醫學生高峰會(APMSS) 學術部成員

  • In charge of the academic presentation & poster session.
  • Effectively collaborated with distinguished judging panelists.
  • Acquired concepts about holding medical symposiums.
  • Participated in the Cultural Night (Diabolo teaching)
Jul 2012Aug 2012


University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine



  • Carefully observed the practice of dentistry in one of the best dental school in the world for two weeks
  • Familiarized with the US health delivery and expanded whole new horizons
  • "Travel is fatal to prejudice," Traveled as a backpacker after the externship
  • Travel grants from NTU School of Dentistry and Language Training and Testing Center
  • Externship Report
Aug 2013Aug 2013

Special Undergraduate Elective

Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore

Aug. 5th-12th 國立新加坡大學牙醫學院臨床見習

  • Participated in the intensive one-week clinical exchange program in the best dental school in Asia.
  • Also visited Red Cross Home For the Disabled (RCHD) in Singapore as a volunteer.
Jun 2012Jul 2012

Oral Care Instructor for Special Needs

Taiwan Dental Association

101年度牙醫師公會全國聯合會 身心障礙者口腔照護指導員培訓

  • Trained for teaching autism, senior citizens, and physically challenged.
  • Provided an one-day instruction for caregivers in a nursing home with partners.
Nov 2010Nov 2010

Basic Training

National Disaster Medical Assistance Team


Jun 2009Jun 2012

Emergency Medical Technician-1

National Taiwan University Hospital


Jun 2011Jul 2012

Chief Academic Officer

Finance Volunteer Club, NTU

一百學年度臺灣大學理財服務團 教學長

  • Most members of the club are from NTU department of finance.
  • Also Teacher's Assistant of the course “Student Service Education (Social Service)”
  • Gave a two-hour talk on “Macroeconomics and Investment”. Demonstrated the ability to deliver a professional lecture.

Presidential Award

Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University

97學年度下學期 台大機械系書卷獎

About Scott

Now trying his best to be a good dentist in the future.

Meanwhile, learning to think like an economist, a scientist, and even an engineer.

Eager to expand horizons, to Make a Change , to Do Right Things, and to Do Things Right.

(But never forget to enjoy during the process :)

Favorite Motto: Credo, quia impossibile est.

You can't always be well-prepared, nor can you always get what you want.But you definitely can always try your best.

Special Courses Taken

In addition to usual curriculum of Dentistry/ Economics

 ( * - English-taught Course)

2011 Fall


B+     Microeconomics( I )*


2011 Spring


A-      Health Economics


2010 Fall


A+    Investment


A      Research Method & Presentation


A-     Modern Europe Culture*


2010 Spring


A+    Creative Thinking


2009 Spring


A      Basic Life Support


        Freshman Seminar - Learning and Self-exploration in the University  (Pass)


2009 Fall


A      Statics*



Feb 2012 - Sep 2011

1st NTU Dental Camp

Staff in charge of RPG 

第一屆台大牙醫營工作人員(兼Role-Playing Game負責人)

Feb 2011 - May 2011

2011 Art Festival of College of Medicine, NTU




Creative Intelligence - To get innovation right, focus on the right inputs to innovation.

by Chris Hosmer, Managing Director of Shanghai Continuum


                                                              held by ntu d.thinking club



Lecture:How do I become a UN Volunteer?    by N.E. Mubiala, MD


Group Presentation in Microeconomics


Taiwan Health Forum: Sustainable Health Systems





理財服務團社課(2hrs talk)


Scientific Methods: Survival Skills for Young Investigators in Biomedical Research by Tung-Tien Sun

科學方法工作坊  孫同天院士





2010 Fall

Modern Europe Culture Group Presentation




台大醫學系系學會  國際事務部主辦之TNT小組領導工作坊