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Academic Experience and Awards 

Mar 2015Present

Outstanding Award

National Taiwan University College of Medicine Undergraduate Research Award


Mar 2015Present

Poster Presentation

2015 IADR General Session (Boston)


  • Student Travel grant from Association for Dental Sciences of the Republic of China (ADS-ROC)
Apr 2014Present

First Prize Winner

Taiwan Joseph Lister Awards

李施德霖獎學金首獎,代表台灣前往2014 IADR-SEA競賽

Represented Taiwan in 2014 IADR-SEA Division / Joseph Lister Awards in Oral Disease Prevention

Aug 2014Aug 2014

Short-listed Candidate

IADR-SEA Unilever Hatton Divisional Award

Oral presentation in IADR-SEA 2014 for Unilever Hatton Divisional Award.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

Excellent Prize

Taiwan GSK Innovation in Oral Care Award


Tittle of the proposal: 

A Novel Therapeutic Approach to Prevent Non Surgery-triggered Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (BRONJ) 

Jul 2013Mar 2014

College Student Research Training Fellowship

National Science Council

2013-2014 國科會大專學生研究計畫

  • Topic: Transdifferentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells into Salivary Acinar Cells
  • Skills: Stem Cells Isolation and Immunofluorescence Staining.
Dec 2013Dec 2014

The First Runner-up

2013 CTADS/Densply Student Clinician Program

Project: Transdifferentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells into Salivary Acinar Cells

Instructor: Prof. Min-Huey Chen


  • Sterile Technique
  • Stem Cells/ Acinar Cells Isolation
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell Induction and Verification
  • Immunofluorescent Staining
Contributions to the Project:
  • Initiated the Project
  • Established the Protocols and Carried on ALL Procedures
  • Essay Writing and Oral/ Poster Presentations
The author is proud to be a young Independent Investigator under the support and advice from Prof. Min-Huey Chen  for this Pilot Study.
Apr 2012Feb 2013

Staff, Department of Academic

2013 Asia-Pacific Medical Student Symposium

2013亞太醫學生高峰會(APMSS) 學術部成員

  • In charge of the academic presentation & poster session.
  • Effectively collaborated with distinguished judging panelists.
  • Acquired concepts about holding medical symposiums.
  • Participated in the Cultural Night (Diabolo teaching)
Jul 2012Aug 2012


University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine



  • Carefully observed the practice of dentistry in one of the best dental school in the world for two weeks
  • Familiarized with the US health delivery and expanded whole new horizons
  • "Travel is fatal to prejudice," Traveled as a backpacker after the externship
  • Travel grants from NTU School of Dentistry and Language Training and Testing Center
  • Externship Report
Aug 2013Aug 2013

Special Undergraduate Elective

Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore

Aug. 5th-12th 國立新加坡大學牙醫學院臨床見習

  • Participated in the intensive one-week clinical exchange program in the best dental school in Asia.
  • Also visited Red Cross Home For the Disabled (RCHD) in Singapore as a volunteer.
Jun 2012Jul 2012

Oral Care Instructor for Special Needs

Taiwan Dental Association

101年度牙醫師公會全國聯合會 身心障礙者口腔照護指導員培訓

  • Trained for teaching autism, senior citizens, and physically challenged.
  • Provided an one-day instruction for caregivers in a nursing home with partners.
Nov 2010Nov 2010

Basic Training

National Disaster Medical Assistance Team


Jun 2009Jun 2012

Emergency Medical Technician-1

National Taiwan University Hospital


Jun 2011Jul 2012

Chief Academic Officer

Finance Volunteer Club, NTU

一百學年度臺灣大學理財服務團 教學長

  • Most members of the club are from NTU department of finance.
  • Also Teacher's Assistant of the course “Student Service Education (Social Service)”
  • Gave a two-hour talk on “Macroeconomics and Investment”. Demonstrated the ability to deliver a professional lecture.

Presidential Award

Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University

97學年度下學期 台大機械系書卷獎

Leadership and Volunteerism


Medical Volunteer

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC)

Apr. 20-21, 2013 Taiwan Nantou Shi-Yi Medical Mission (Mission 269)
Apr. 19-20, 2014 Taiwan Chiayi Alishan Medical Mission (Mission 288)
Apr. 23-24, 2016 Taiwan Chiayi Alishan Medical Mission (Mission 321)

  • Providing medical service for the remote area in Taiwan.
  • Will engage in international missions in the future
Sep 2013Sep 2013

AIT Youth Leadership Camp

Aug 2010Aug 2013

Participation in Asia Pacific Dental Student Association 

Participant in 2010 Congress (Japan), 2013 Congress in Indonesia

Local Organizing Committee in 2011 Mid-Year Meeting

Participant in 2013 Lend A Hand Project

Nov 2012Jan 2013

Deputy Chairman of Committee on Club Service

Rotaract , D.3520 Taipei Hwa Nan
Jan 2013Jan 2013


Strait Talk Taipei
May 2012Jul 2012

2012 Fellow

Global Exchange In Leadership Initiatives (Hong Kong)
May 2011Sep 2011

Chief Director

NTU Mini Dentist Camp

臺大牙醫系小小牙醫營 總召

  • Directed a three-day program of dental students for thirty elementary school students.
  • Promoted public health and the related knowledge of dentistry.
  • All income was for charity purpose. 
Jul 2011Jul 2011


Global Initiatives Symposium
Jan 2010Jul 2011


NTU Oral Hygiene Instruction Team

2010 Winter: 宜蘭縣-蓬萊國小/大同國小(Yilan County- Perng Lai/
Datong Elementary School)
2010 Summer: 台中縣-中坑國小/和平國小(Taichung County- Zhong
Keng/ Heping Elementary School)
2011 Winter: 台東縣-紅葉國小/和平國小(Taitung County- Hong
Yeh/ Heping Elementary School)
2011 Summer: 苗栗縣-豐林國小/永興國小(Miaoli County- Fong Lin/
Yung Shing Elementary School)

  • Provided two-day voluntary service for remote elementary school students.
  • Participated in the serving of eight remote elementary schools totally
  • Participated in various activities of the team, including Oral Hygiene Instruction, Dental Examination, Role-playing Game for Children, and have been a group leader of children
Oct 2010Dec 2010


Pan Asia Model United Nations 2010
Jun 2010Sep 2010

Group Leader

National Taiwan University Orientation Camp, 2010
Mar 2010Jun 2010

Best Essay in Introductory Sociology (d)

Chia-Ling Wu, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

About Scott

Now trying his best to be a good dentist in the future.

Meanwhile, learning to think like an economist, a scientist, and even an engineer.

Eager to expand horizons, to Make a Change , to Do Right Things, and to Do Things Right.

(But never forget to enjoy during the process :)

Favorite Motto: Credo, quia impossibile est.

You can't always be well-prepared, nor can you always get what you want.But you definitely can always try your best.

Special Courses Taken

In addition to usual curriculum of Dentistry/ Economics

 ( * - English-taught Course)

2011 Fall


B+     Microeconomics( I )*


2011 Spring


A-      Health Economics


2010 Fall


A+    Investment


A      Research Method & Presentation


A-     Modern Europe Culture*


2010 Spring


A+    Creative Thinking


2009 Spring


A      Basic Life Support


        Freshman Seminar - Learning and Self-exploration in the University  (Pass)


2009 Fall


A      Statics*



Feb 2012 - Sep 2011

1st NTU Dental Camp

Staff in charge of RPG 

第一屆台大牙醫營工作人員(兼Role-Playing Game負責人)

Feb 2011 - May 2011

2011 Art Festival of College of Medicine, NTU




Creative Intelligence - To get innovation right, focus on the right inputs to innovation.

by Chris Hosmer, Managing Director of Shanghai Continuum


                                                              held by ntu d.thinking club



Lecture:How do I become a UN Volunteer?    by N.E. Mubiala, MD


Group Presentation in Microeconomics


Taiwan Health Forum: Sustainable Health Systems





理財服務團社課(2hrs talk)


Scientific Methods: Survival Skills for Young Investigators in Biomedical Research by Tung-Tien Sun

科學方法工作坊  孫同天院士





2010 Fall

Modern Europe Culture Group Presentation




台大醫學系系學會  國際事務部主辦之TNT小組領導工作坊