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Scott Span, MSOD currently serves as President of Tolero Solutions, an independent organizational development and change management consulting firm. He is an organization development and change management practitioner with experience working in strategic and transformational change. Scott has worked both internally, externally, and as an independent contractor in the Public and Private sector. Mr. Span is a resourceful and innovative problem-solver with a belief of lifelong learning and personal growth, who has a familiarity of both large scale and small scale consulting. He effectively manages people, processes, technology, and projects helping individuals and organizations to attain their desired goals.

Scott delivers results through assessing client objectives and organizational culture to implement customized solutions.  While maintaining a collaborative working relationship, he works at multiple levels of the organization to transform “as is” business and system processes to address future needs, thus helping clients attain their desired “to be” states. He has successfully delivered organizational improvement solutions to staff teams, individuals and organizations in multiple areas including change management, culture change, leadership development, engagement, retention, performance and sustainability. He is an author on various topics of organizational development and change management including cross generational communication, generational alignment, and Gen Y in the workplace and the creator of the Gen Y Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle ™. His results have not only helped achieve desired goals, but have also increased personal growth and development, leading to a more efficient and effective work environment.

Prior to forming Tolero Solutions, Scott worked at several consulting firms of various sizes including Accenture, where he worked as both an external consultant with the Organization and Change Management practice and an internal consultant for Careers, Performance, Rewards and Engagement, where he helped to design a global recruitment, retention and, engagement strategy and developed a pilot in house coaching program. He holds a Masters in Organization Development (MSOD) from American University and the National Training Laboratories (AU/NTL). He is also certified in the FIRO Element B (FIRO-B) behavior instrument powered by The Human Element. Additionally he holds Process Mapping and Balanced Scorecard Certifications. He also holds an active US government security clearance.

Work experience

Sep 2007Present


Tolero Solutions

Tolero Solutions is an independent Organizational Development & Change Management consultancy specializing in facilitating sustainable growth by developing people and organizations to be more responsive, focused and effective. The name Tolero was chosen because of the two Latin meanings – to endure and to sustain. These words describe what we do perfectly– we support people and organizations as they change and develop. By designing and implementing enduring solutions, it enables leaders, teams and individuals to identify and navigate priorities; collaborate for success, and accelerate and achieve sustainable results.

Nov 2010Aug 2011

Organizational Development and Communications Consultant (Contract)

USAF SAF/CIO Department of Defense

Subk on a Strategic Campaign program for USAF SAF/CIO A6. This campaign is a roadmap to facilitate the transition of the Cyberspace C&I force from one focused on support functions to one focused on delivering operational cyber security capabilities. It identifies the necessary steps and actions needed to transform the mindset and culture by laying out the broad components of process, people, organizations, policy, and technology needed to improve cyberspace capabilities, develop greater cyberspace expertise and responsiveness to cyber threats, define roles & responsibilities and protect mission critical infrastructure. Responsibilities Include: •Assisted SAF/CIO A6 with refinement of the vision and mission based on transformational influences •Performed external scan analysis •Developed and delivering a clear, integrated Strategic Communications Campaign Plan to guide, inform, and align the organization’s leadership and major stakeholders. Plan included a variety of print, web-based, and face-to-face communications actions and a roadmap for the development and deployment of a portfolio of communications tools. •Developed integrated metrics to track execution of the strategic plan and measure progress toward meeting strategic end-state goals •Developed integrated individual Leadership Action Plans for key organizational leaders and/or leadership groups, detailing specific actions that leaders should take in order to drive transformation in the organization • Facilitated strategic planning and visioning sessions with leadership and personnel •Developed and delivered the change management strategy and framework for implementation, facilitated sessions, and trained associated personnel on roles and responsibilities

Jul 2010Nov 2010

Project Manager, Subcontractor Services Industrialization Program (Contract)


Served as Project Manager for the Subcontractor Services workstream of the Subcontractor Industrialization Program (SIP). SIP is an internal Accenture program designed to meet increased procurement demand for subcontractor resources required to support client work, reduce cost to serve, and reduce risk and address internal Audit issues. Responsibilities Included: -Issues Resolution & Risk Management -Status and Reporting -Project Planning and Delivery Metrics -Budget and Staffing -Relationship Management & Global Liaison -Strategic Communications & Change Management

Jul 2008Dec 2009

Business Transformation Consultant

United States Department of Defense (DoD)
Business Transformation Agency (BTA) Strategic Communications & Change Management Lead Served as independent contractor on the PMO of a partnership program between the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) and Business Transformation Agency (BTA). Program established to develop an approach to define, design, develop, field and implement a solution to improve business operations in the Security Cooperation (SC) community focusing on foreign military sales (FMS). Leading strategic communications and change management and providing facilitation support, performing PMO duties and delivering solutions to mitigate and overcome people and organizational change issues.
Sep 2007Jul 2008

Manager, Business Transformation & Change (Contract)

•Developed the change management framework and methodology for the Oracle ERP implementation •Managed to the processes and deliverables through phased Go-Live implementations •Customized solutions and provided documentation for ongoing post production governance and support (ERP and Organizational) •Designed, implemented and participated in a formal change network for integration and sustainability •Developed and implemented various initiatives to facilitate employee acceptance of transition and change, both ERP and other organizational changes •Served as a business transformation liaison to the organization and between technical and functional teams Change Management & Business Transformation Organizational Development Communications & Facilitation Research & Development
Feb 2005Sep 2007

Organization Development & Change Management Consultant

Internal & external gave solutions to mitigate people, process, technology & org. change issues for public & private sector •Created first HR Global Mobility Strategy blueprint •US Human Capital Strategy Team Lead for firm wide Employee Value Proposition initiative to reduce attrition & increase retention •Managed the change & comms process for successful system conversion effort •Analyzed org. design options for Asset Management Integration & Implemented for structural change & strategic alignment •Deployed Global Career Management survey to employees & leaders made recommendations increasing employee development & engagement •Delivered customized leadership & coaching training (FIRO Element B) increasing communication & establishing trusted advisor relationships •Authored OCM methodology & implementation plan for proposal won $54,000,000 •Coordinated global vendors & comms for R&D project of $1,400,000 •Spearheaded development of Leadership in Customer Service Diagnostic
Jan 2003Feb 2005

Organizations & Human Capital Consultant

Government Contractor
As an external Consultant to Federal and Local Government delivered solutions to mitigate and overcome strategic, people and organizational change issues. Reccomended solutions for strategic and organizational improvements and facilitated implementation of results.




American University


Hofstra University


Strategic Planning
Culture Change
Strategic Communications
Diversity and Inclusion
Gen Y
Generational Alignment
Leadership Development
Change Management


Balanced Scorecard

Rutgers University

Process Mapping

Rutgers University

FIRO Element B

Human Element

Top Secret