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Enterprising SaaS/PaaS sales and market development leader with more than $250 million in "new products" delivered worldwide, skilled at producing "high-octane" sales teams and driving new business growth through strategic partnerships (global SI's, channel partners, ISVs and alliance developers).



  • Led launch of technology which delivered over $100 million worldwide.
  • Directed channel campaign yielding distribution commitments in 90 countries.
  • Increased Globalbake ERP's market presence by 700% in three years.
  • Consistently Retained 98% of SaaS customers for nine years consecutively. 
  • Increased FOTS (Feet On The Street) by 40X in first six months,  providing immediate geographic sales coverage across the United States.



North American Channel Partner Manager

Implemented a comprehensive channel program in three (3) months for Atonix Digital, a startup organization marketing SaaS Asset Performance Management products and services to Power Utilities, Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Manufacturing, and Life Sciences.  

  • Executed contracts with four world-class, "Top 25" Global System Integrators, replacing competitive solutions (GE, Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider, AVEVA) with ASSET360.
  • Multiplied FOTS (Feet On The Street) by 40X in first six months  providing immediate geographic sales coverage across North America.
  • Produced a 30-60-90 "Quick Start" On-boarding program to insure mutual success.  Customized  PRM (partner portal) to streamline co-branded proposals, email campaigns, weekly webinars and deal registration. 

GlobalBake ERP, Inc.


Vice President of Marketing & Sales (Managing Partner)

Incorporated Globalbake ERP,  Inc., an operating company established in Dec-2009, to market and support Globalbake ERP Platform throughout North America.   Globalbake platform was an Enterprise SaaS solution for Food, Beverage, Discrete and Process manufacturers.    

  • Acquired the assets of Datapax, Inc., a diminished, failing  ERP company in Jan-2010.
  • Increased companies ERP market presence by 700% within three years and consistently sustained a 97.5% customer retention rate for nine consecutive years. 
  • Eradicated costly processes, relocated to better facilities, terminated unproductive employees, hired excellent talent and invested in productivity tools  and infrastructure, resulting in a  39% annual cost reduction, a 3:1 increase in project throughput.
  • Mandated "high-octane" 24/7 Customer Service and initiated a "Land and Expand" culture for the Project Account Managers, resulting in 22% - 25%  ARR growth. 
  • Instituted robust on-site services & consulting programs which grew Professional Service revenues by 80% across North America, Japan, Korea, Germany and UK. 
  • Established 50 anchor accounts located in key metropolitan areas, furnishing long term recurring revenue growth (ARR). 35% of new customers were traced-back to original 50 anchor accounts. 
  • Oversaw Mobile (Android &  Apple iOS) App development which inflated 30% to our bottom line  and 4:1 productivity advantage for customers. 

Globalbake ERP Platform is an Enterprise SaaS/PaaS solution for Food & Beverage organizations and Discrete manufacturers.  The organization provided 24/7, 365 day support for multi-plant organizations in North America, Japan, Korea, Germany and UK. 

Autodesk, Inc.


North American Channel Recruitment Manager

Executed contracts with 35 new partners with annual commitments ranging from $750,000 to $2,000,000 per engagement.  Tasked to increase "FOTS" (Feet On The Street) by recruiting world-class channel partners to support AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map and Autodesk Inventor products.  

  • Maneuvered through Autodesk complex matrix of departmental approvals to insure Autodesk's $250,000 to $350,000 engagement investment.
  • Championed a throughput project which reduced the recruitment sales cycle from six months to 30 days, increasing recruitment velocity by 600%. 
  • Converted 18 competitive re-sellers thru effective business justifications, leveraging geographical TAM data, SWOT analysis, Return On Investment information and forecast. 

qualifications & ACCOMPLISHMENTS


"The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."- Mark Zuckerberg 

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Increased FOTS (Feet On The Street) by 40X in first six months of selling, activating immediate geographic sales coverage across the United States. 

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS:  Executed contracts with four world-class, "Top 25" Global System Integrators in six months, replacing competitive solutions (GE, Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, AVEVA) with ASSET360.


"Managers light a fire under people, leaders light a fire in people." - Kathy Austin

SALES MANAGEMENT:  Led four separate "super-charged" sales teams , marketing enterprise solutions directly and channel engagements with strategic partners (global SI's, channel partners, ISVs and alliance developers). Three of these sales teams we're "built-out" from "start-up" companies, which were later acquired by larger corporations at a significant profit. 

OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT:  Mandated "high-octane" 24/7 Customer Service and initiated a "Land and Expand" culture for my Project Account Managers, resulting in 22% - 25%  ARR growth for nine consecutive years.  This synergistic, highly collaborated culture disrupted inefficient process and encouraged productive ideas  from every employee.  


"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

"GO-TO MARKET" MANAGEMENT: Led product launch team for an innovative new technology which delivered over $100 million new product worldwide.   Drove product sales through 600+ direct sales people domestically and executed channel partner contracts in over 90 countries. 

EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS: Converted 18 competitive Autodesk re-sellers thru effective business case presentation to all internal and external stakeholders.  This was accomplished via the WEB and in person, incorporating geographical TAM data, SWOT analysis, Return On Investment analysis and financial forecasting


“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” —Woodrow Wilson

THROUGHPUT AND CAPACITIES: Eradicated costly processes, relocated to better facilities, terminated unproductive employees, invested in productivity tools  and upgraded legacy infrastructure of acquired organization, resulting a 3:1 increase in project throughput and a 39% reduction in overall cost.  As a result, the acquired company quickly realized profitability in Q4, 2010.

ANCHOR ACCOUNTS:  Immediately established 50 reference accounts located in key metropolitan areas, furnishing the basis for long term recurring revenue growth (ARR). On average, 35% of all new customers were traced-back  to "word of mouth" referrals from those original 50 accounts. 


Annual Quota vs Sales Attainment

Two Oce "Presidents Club"

Four "Platinum Clubs"  at PageMasters, Inc.

Two "Diamond Clubs" at Autodesk buzzsaw 


Informative Graphics


Director of Business Development

Recruited and manage an intense, enterprise sales team to generate demand for ProjectDox, a new, web-hosted collaboration platform.  ProjectDox was designed specifically for the AEC market and our team immediately secured the 15 enterprise reference accounts, which included the 1st, 3rd and 6th largest Design/Build firms in the world (HOK, AECOM, Gensler, etc..). 

Regional Sales Director (Equity Partner)

Equity Partner in Pagemasters, a company which was purchased by Autodesk buzzsaw.  Autodesk buzzsaw was a hosted collaboration tool. Two-time Platinum Club winner. 

Oce North America


Manager, Strategic Partnership

Led the launch team of innovative new technology which sold over $100 million of product worldwide and yielded distribution commitments within 90 countries. 



APM (Asset Performance Management), Predictive Analytics, AI, Machine Learning,  Iot and IIot, AR & VR, Digital Twins, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), EDMS, Raster and CAD (AutoCAD, Inventor), Amazon AWS, Enterprise Printing.


AEC (Architectural and Engineering), Food & Beverage, Discrete & Process Manufacturing, Power Generation and Renewables,  Oil and Gas, Pulp & Paper, FM, and  Water & Wastewater.




Sandler "Sales Mastery"

The "Sales Master" course contains 16 intense lessons to introduce and explain the Sandler Selling System Concepts



SPIN Selling

World class sales training which keeps you in-tune with customer needs, persuasive, behaviorally subtle, and capable of moving conversations towards a positive customer commitment.  

Leadership Breakthrough & Power Communications

Leadership Breakthrough Course 1 & 2

Power Communications for Effective Leadership


Colleagues and Managers


Andrew Ramm

President and CEO - Alexa Internet at Amazon

In my career, there have been few individuals who have impressed me the way Scott has. His attention to detail, exceptional follow-through skills and dedication are only surpassed by his ability to continuously exceed expectations. In one instance, he exceeded the plan for partner recruitment by 7x, but never took his foot off the gas. He is an outstanding individual who I would gladly hire in an instant.

David J. Wilson

President and CEO - HAlvia LLC and DocuFi, LLC

Scott is one of those people with a strong ability to blend his communications strengths with his understanding of technology. He fits in nicely with technology based sales and marketing roles. I have had the pleasure of working with Scott in the past and would recommend his skills and charisma to anyone.

Chris Andrews

Group Product Manager Geoenabled Systems/SmartCities/3D - Esri

I worked alongside Scott as he completely killed a nearly impossible business development goal that had been set out for his team before he joined the company. With Scott’s smart sales sense, his appropriate persistence, and his friendly manner, it was easy for us to uncover valuable industry business contacts and get into competitors’ business partners to give them a pitch. I’m not exactly sure what his ‘close’ rate was on bringing on new business partners, but for qualified leads, it had to be over 90%. One of the best features of working with Scott was that he was willing to take and use feedback to adapt his style from ‘selling’ to ‘partnering.’ That switch helped new partners know that we were genuinely interested in partnering with them and that we would provide them with a constant and friendly contact throughout the process.

Beyond tactical sales, Scott has a wealth of knowledge about sales strategies, sales mentoring, and structuring sales organizations. I definitely learned a few things from Scott and I was disappointed when my job changed and I wasn’t able to spend as many hours on the road with him. I would happily work with Scott again and if I ever needed an experienced sales manager to take a target, figure out a strategy, and execute on it, he’d be the man.

Alex Von Svoboda

Director of Partner Channels - Atonix Digital | A Black & Veatch Company

It has been a real pleasure to have Scott on my sales team at both Autodesk and Atonix Digital, he always brings a positive attitude to succeed that also motivates others on the team to follow. I really enjoy my regular 1:1 update calls with him, he is committed to meet his quota and be a valued contributor to the team. Scott has proven that he can prospect (cold call) extremely well and can quickly establish a working relationship with a new partner as a "trusted advisor". I would not hesitate to have Scott on my next team, I value his skills to help grow partner channels and drive new business. 

Bill Manos

Vice President of Marketing - Oce North America

Scott has the ability to well balance the requirements of major customers and the goals of his company to solidify the “win-win” relationships that are critical to business success. When combining this talent with an extremely high level of initiative, Scott is able to develop and capitalize on many business opportunities.