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Work experience

Jan 2006Jan 2008

Senior Advisor and Chairman of Technology and Telecommunications Advisory Board

Apax Partners
Jan 1986Jan 2003

Partner & Managing Director

Goldman Sachs



University of Pennsylvania


Emmanuel College


Harvard College

Graduated with honors

Awarded with the Harvard Scholar to Cambridge University


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Scott Mead is a philanthropist and a photographer, an investment banker and an investor. He was born in the United States, but relocated to London in 1988. Mead is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Harvard College and a Harvard Scholar at Cambridge University's Emmanuel College. Mead's varied interests include marathon running, and is set upon running charity marathons on each of the continents. He already has the London and New York marathons under his belt.The Investment BankerScott Mead's career as an investment banker started in the New York branch of the First Boston Corporation. From there he moved to the New York offices of Goldman Sachs in 1986. After several years in the "Big Apple" Mead moved to London where, as part of a small group, he played a significant part building up a European business for Goldman Sachs. Scott is perhaps best known for his leadership of the advisory team that orchestrated Vodafone's successful acquisition in 1999 of Mannesman, the German telecom giant. This takeover had a price tag of close to $200 billion, and is often referred to as one of the most complex contested transactions ever completed. Mead rose through the ranks of Goldman Sachs, becoming a Partner in 1994 and a Managing Director in 1996. His responsibilities at Goldman Sachs spanned business and management spheres, including European privatizations, communications and technology. During his years with Goldman Sachs, Mead is reputed to have completed transactions with an average value of more than $500 billion.

 Recent Business ActivitiesBetween September 2006 and September 2008 Scott Mead served as a Senior Advisor at Apax Partners, as well as Chairman of the Technology and Telecommunications Advisory Board.In 2009 Scott Mead was one of the three founding members of Richmond Park Partners, an independent financial firm providing advisory services on capital markets, risk and asset management and corporate finance related issues. The firm prides itself on a team with extensive experience operating in developed, as well as emerging, markets.

Through Richmond Park Partners’ holding company (Richmond Park Capital Holdings), Scott Mead played an active role in structuring a formal agreement to buy Olympia Group from Sagard Private Equity Partners. This transaction increased Richmond Park Partners’ assets and hedge funds valuation by more than $2 billion. The deal resulted in a very strong asset management business and will help transform the company into a leading European investment firm with international offices

The PhilanthropistScott Mead's philanthropic activities are many and varied, and are addressed through the Mead Family Foundation, which was established in 1996 and is active throughout the world, focusing on healthcare, the arts and education. Scott Mead himself is also personally committed to a number of organizations.The PhotographerScott Mead is an avid photographer, and has been ever since receiving one of his grandfather's old cameras when he was thirteen years old. In the mid-1970s he studied under the prominent American photographers Eggleston, Gown and White, before starting his banking career.

Two of Mead's photographs were displayed at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition in June 2011. The photographs, "Evening Light" and "Untitled" were on display from June 7 to August 15. The Summer Exhibition is the Royal Academy's open modern art exhibit and the largest of its kind, the world over. The exhibit brings in at least 12,000 entries every year from 27 countries but only a select few are chosen for public display. The works come from every type of media, including sculpture, printmaking, photography, film and architecture. Much of the artwork is for sale, giving onlookers the chance to buy original works from budding and successful artists.

Scott Mead had a repeat performance in June 2012, when another of his photos, “Choices”, was selected to be exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, running from 4 June until 12 August. The large piece commands the attention as it is placed at eye level in one of the main galleries. As visitors look at the piece and its title, it encourages them to think about their own choices and the paths their lives take according to those decisions. The piece has an asking  price of £7,500 and when sold, the funds would be transferred to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, as a contribution for helping Scott Mead's infant son overcome a serious disease as an infant. 

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