The Scott Lowery Law Office, P.C., provides services related to outstanding debt with the goal of helping clients adversely affected by outstanding debt obligations to get back on their feet. Primarily, the firm serves as a debt collector, but prides itself on its respectful treatment of consumers and clients. Founded in 1999, the firm’s offices are located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Scott Lowery Law Office promotes a friendly and professional work environment, and welcomes prospective customers to call either of its offices for more information on its services. The company was founded by Scott Lowery, who has more than two decades of experience building entrepreneurial companies. A successful businessman as well as an attorney, he is the founder and Chairman of SquareTwo Financial, an asset recovery company for which he has held responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer and President in the past. Mr. Lowery utilizes his leadership experience to promote the qualities of fairness, trust, and respect in regard to customer service. The Scott Lowery Law Office staff is trained to listen carefully to the needs of each client, and the firm seeks to resolve financial issues quickly and to the satisfaction of its clients. In terms of resolving pending debt responsibilities, the Scott Lowery Law Office operates upon the belief that negotiation is a better solution than litigation. Clients can speak with the firm's non-attorney collectors to discuss their rights and to develop manageable payment plans. It is the goal of the firm to help its clients improve their financial situations, not to collect debts at all costs.

Work experience

Work experience
1999 - Present


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