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Feb 2007Jul 2009


I have been working as an IT administrator in increasing responsibility roles since 2001. I have extensive experience with Windows and Active Directory systems (Server 2000/2003/2008, Exchange 2000/2003, WSUS 3.0). I also have solid experience with most Microsoft servers surrounding the Active Directory core (SQL 2000/2003, IIS, ISA, and so on).

Beyond just working with servers, I am also adept with managing Cisco routers and switches as well as HP switches, having held and maintained a CCNA since 2004.  I have solid experience using VMWare virtualization systems (ESX, ESXi, Windows Server and Linux Server) in production environments. It is an excellent tool for adding flexibility to the datacenter, as well as an invaluable tool for test environments. I also have a great deal of Citrix experience, especially in Metaframe 3.5-4.5 and the Citrix Access Gateway.

  • I have extensive experience with Active Directory, Exchange Migrations, Deployments, Application troubleshooting, VMWareESX(i), GSX, and Server deployments, over 100 successful physical to virtual (P2V) server migrations using VMWare Conversion Utility and over 200 new VM deployments.
  • Deployment of over 30 ESX/ESXi hosts.
  • 4 years of experience with deployments and support of VMWare Server/GSX on Windows and Linux platforms, and VMWare WorkStation. This includes performance tuning of ESX Hosts.
  • Extensive experience using and administering Citrix for serving both applications and full Desktops.

I have additional skills in areas of networking with the extensive knowledge of Sonicwall, CheckPoint, Dell, HP, Linksys, Netgear switches, routers and firewalls. I can work with vendors to setup Tier Data Circuits, ISDN, MPLS, Frame Relay, Broadband, and WIFI/802.11x. I am a persistent troubleshooter, and am comfortable working out of the box if necessary.

I am equally comfortable working as part of a team, leading a team myself, or just flying solo. I'm also comfortable working with highly non-technical users. Translating technical concepts into non-technical language is often key to getting other stakeholders to buy off on designs or plans. I am always researching new technologies, keeping up on new developments and systems to find better options and solutions for my customers and clients.

I also have experience with the implementation of HIPPA standards and the regulations surrounding the Healthcare industry.

Work experience

Oct 2009Mar 2010

Systems Engineer


While employed by Architel, I was stationed as the sole onsite IT Engineer at Stanislaus Surgical Hospital, a non-emergency surgical hospital in Modesto, CA. I was tasked with maintaining the day-to-day IT operations as well as executing on several major projects over the course of 5 months. Those projects included:

  • Bringing up a new site-to-site VPN between the hospital and secondary site.
  • Coordinating with a 3rd-party vendor to create a site-to-site VPN between them and the hospital.
  • Migrating the MS Dynamics GP system to a new server infrastructure.
  • Executing a major version upgrade of that Dynamics GP system (9 to 10)
  • Rebuilding the VMWare infrastructure to bring it to current versions and to bring it in line with VMWare's Best Practices (multiple V2V and P2V conversions).
  • Complete Documentation of the IT Environment at Stanislaus Surgical Hospital and its affiliates
  • Coordinating and installing two Medical Imaging Modalities and integrating them with the PACS and RIS systems already in place.
May 2008Apr 2009

Systems Engineer

Solid Networks, Inc.

I was a Systems Engineer for a Central Valley and SF Bay Area IT consulting firm. Our clients ranged from medium size businesses to nation-wide enterprises. My primary duties were as a dispatch Service Engineer, maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting customer systems for problems before or as they happened.


  • Attend daily meeting to determine project status and responsibilities.
  • Combination of trouble-ticket-based dispatch work (break/fix) and project-based work.
  • Document changes and update client information as needed (Visio network diagrams, exported network configs, device lists, etc.)
  • Proactive checks of client systems
  • Patch management for customer servers using HP System Management tools and MS SMS.
  • Coordinate with other Engineers in the company and client representatives
  • Act as the Face of the company to clients


  • Deployed new server room (HVAC, power, rack system) for City of Stockton
  • Implemented disk-to-disk-to-tape backup system for one client
  • Upgraded VMWare ESX to 2.0 for several clients
  • Used VMWare to set up a dummy XP workstation to run a document management server for one client
  • Deployed VMWare on Windows and Linux servers at several clients, including many P2V conversions
May 2005May 2008

Network Administrator

I worked as a Server/Network admin for 15-server Citrix farm and 6 sites plus datacenter. This company is a tomato processing company. From mid-July to late-October or mid-November, the sites run 24/7. In the off-season the schedule is more normal.  At this company, there were almost no desktops. With the exception of the Sales team, all users had terminals and used Citrix for their application and desktop experience


  • Monitor phone and helpdesk queue for user issues
  • Coordinated with other staff to ensure best function of system
  • Primary responder for four sites, secondary responder for 2 others.
  • Maintain Citrix farm (15 servers)
  • Maintain wireless network (40+ AP's)
  • 24/7 coverage rotation during harvest season
  • Analyze current solutions, research and recommend improvements to system to reduce down-time and increase response-time.
  • Provide technical documentation pertaining to the new infrastructure build and ongoing technical solutions/infrastructures.
  • Train front-line staff to better utilize technology available and to avoid downtime.
  • Work side-by-side with external vendors to product deployment and configuration.
  • Project management including hiring outside contractors, overseeing status, ordering necessary equipment and securing building, locations, etc. for projects.


  • Relocated datacenter from Modesto to Sacramento.
  • Upgraded farm from Windows 2000 and Citrix PS 3.0 to Windows 2003 and PS 4.0.
  • Specced, designed, and implemented an IT wiki site for documentation. We needed a better place than just a fileshare to store information shared among the IT dept. After trying several dedicated wikis, I set up a Sharepoint wiki site that we used to store our documentation and other misc. info.
  • Worked with AT&T to replace point-to-point T-1's with high-capacity MPLS network.
  • Researched, recommended, and implemented a superior solution for the helpdesk system(TrackIT) with ServiceDesk+ based on the changing needs of the organization.
  • Implemented secure wireless access via Bluesocket Controller system.
  • Upgraded Barracuda Spam filter to Vircom Spam filter appliance.
  • Implemented VMWare (first Server, then ESX) initially for testbed purposes. Placed in production to consolidate server hardware and reduce power/cooling load.
  • Managed expansion projects of Modesto site infrastructure (added 3 office trailers and connected two warehouses via aerial cable)

Network Manager

OnCURE Medical Corp

This company is a Radiation Oncology practice management firm. Most of the sites are treatment centers, with 1-4 doctors and associated nurses, radiation techs and front office personnel. I was the primary IT provider for the Northern CA area, covering all IT-related needs from printer maintenance to server troubleshooting to network design.


  • Monitor phone and helpdesk queue for user issues
  • Maintain servers (check backup logs, event logs, etc.)
  • Desktop and printer maintenance
  • Traveled between sites to address issues as needed.


  • Upgraded domain architecture from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000.
  • Relocated offices and datacenter twice
  • Automated backup of billing database over the WAN from CA and FL locations to the corporate office (WinBatch scripting).
  • Designed, implemented and managed 7-site WAN for Northern CA
  • Minor implementation of Citrix for remote app usage



Feb 2006Present

Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator

Jun 2009Present

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 2003

Jun 2009Present

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Vista

Aug 2009Present


Apr 2010Present


Aug 2004Aug 2010

Cisco Certified Network Associate