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Key Strengths

Exceptional team building skills: Ability to recognize individual attributes and coordinate team members to maximize productivity while stimulating and motivating a positive, empowered workforce in which all share ownership for success or loss.

Excellent Communicator: Superior interpersonal and written communication skills that ensure confidence and clarity of message to assist in building strong strategic relationships while interacting with people of diverse backgrounds and status.

Innovative Problem Solver: Identify problems using the Six Sigma methodology through data analysis of organizational processes and utilize team brainstorming techniques to produce logical, innovative, viable solutions and methods for implementation which can significantly impact the bottom line.

Detail Oriented and Organized: Disciplined organizer who understands a successful operation needs to be organized, lean and able to adapt to an ever changing environment. Possess the ability to communicate and implement organizational practices and other important procedures to groups effectively and follow-up with evaluations and further solutions.

Technical Skills: High proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Lotus Notes; AS400; Agile Warehouse and standard internet apps.

Professional Objective

Experienced, enthusiastic Manager eager to contribute proven team building, communication, and problem solving abilities to attain and exceed organizational goals while creating a positive, empowered work environment for an organization that rewards strong work ethic, dedication, and a commitment to constant improvement.


Dan Freels

General Manager for Cincinnati Metro location for distribution and delivery for client Best Buy.

Aaron Simpson

Store manager for Best Buy Auburn Hills. Collaborated on many different delivery and system issues to provide service to wide ranging customer base.

Dave Hale

Facility and General Manger of 400,000+ sq foot import and export warehouse for storage, sort, sequencing and shipment of GM and Ford automotive parts.

Worked closely with Dave Hale to resolve logistical problems as well as a wide variety of demanding issues on a daily basis. Consistent collaboration was a regular occurrance.

Veronica Stafford

Direct contact with international suppliers and GM logistics personnel. Scheduling/ordering parts releases to suppliers and monitoring of supply chain inventories.

Direct daily contact with Veronica regarding parts inventories and supplier compliance. High degree of collaboration to ensure product flow for customer.

Kris Cannon

GM liason dealt with Network customers and logistical and procedural issues using contract guidlines as a framework for decision making.

Daily interaction with Kris involving detailed and complex issues regarding supplier compliance, material management and a litany of unanticipated concerns requiring resolution

Tom Kramer

Operations Manager for UPS Ypsilanti Local Sort. Oversaw unload, sort and reload of large volume shipping center including safety, reporting and productivity.

Directly worked with Tom to solve many operational issues and maintain excellence in productivity and accuracy in a fast paced environment.


Throughout my professional career with 10+ years in Management roles I have relied on my skills in communications and team buliding to reach and exceed organizational goals at each of my previous employers. My energy, integrity and creative problem solving skills coupled with a deep dedication, strong work ethic and a degree in communications have produced successful results for those I have worked for. Through inovation, dedication and hard work I have been a valuable asset to the organizations I have served in the past and will continue to do so into the future. It is my intention to continue to diversify my managment skills by advancing my career with increasing responsibility and become a dynamic and productive component for my employer.

Work experience

Mar 2010Mar 2011

General Manager

Penn Ridge Transportation

  • Location manager for all operations for Southeast Michigan which provided delivery for 18 retail Best Buy locations across 7 counties. 
  • Provided guidance and oversight for a company staff of 10 employees and directly oversaw 7 different third party contractors and up to 20 delivery personnel. 
  • The position required highly developed communication skills, both written and spoken, with many different internal and external customers at differing levels of importance. 
  •  Directly responsible for all P&L activities including semi-annual budgeting for a 3 million+ / year account. Involved in all aspects of understanding, following and enforcing negotiated contracts with both our client and those between Penn Ridge and our third party contractors. 
  • Complete control over all decision making related to our location involving; weather as it relates to delivery, client needs, employee scheduling and numerous other variables which changed constantly. 
  • Worked directly with third party vendors for maintenance, supplies and basic upkeep. 
  • Directly involved with problem resolution with customers, staff, retail partners and delivery personnel.
  •  DOT compliance and knowledge of OSHA and other labor laws and regulations.

Key Accomplishments

  • Organized and implemented several different process improvement initiatives, which helped to improve office efficiency and accuracy during our clients system change to better organize and adapt to regular systems updates that were often difficult to react to.
  • Maintained operational efficiency with regards to seasonal budget which saw many fluctuations in volume of deliveries, and numerous variables which affected income levels. Budgets were based upon seasonal averages from previous years and required taking into account unforeseen and intangible events which affected sales volume at the retail level as well as seasonal weather changes that regularly impacted delivery conditions and customer accessibility.
  • Improved Completion percentage (used to calculate completed stops that our client could be billed for) from 94% to 96%, which helped to increase bottom line profit and decrease damaged items and 2nd attempts on deliveries.
  • Facilitated (through systems analysis, scheduling and promotion) the reduction of inventory discrepancies that reduced our company's liability for inaccuracies while in possession of delivery merchandise.
  • Regularly in contact with retail locations to assist with systems issues and workarounds to help with customer issues that required a deep knowledge of systems (OMS, FMS, CLICK, AS400, RIMMs and all MS office applications) and processes as well as knowledge of persons and/or groups who could offer additional guidance or assistance.
  • Directly involved with customer relations, regularly working with the more difficult situations that involved resolution through creative means using all resources available and providing solutions which resolved those issues with as little financial impact as possible. 
Mar 2007Oct 2008

Operations Manager

CEVA Logisitcs
  • High level interaction and decision making with all network members (domestic and foreign) that required in-depth knowledge of import and export processes and problem resolution using multiple internet and MS Office applications.
  • Responsible for reporting and follow up of KPIs associated with management of the supply chain along with reporting for GM personnel regarding in transit material, parts obsolescence and many other forms of customer reporting information.
  • Duties included constant reaction to new and complicated issues, decisive informed decision making skills dealing with complex issues, all facets of material import issues along the supply chain; process improvement and follow up; communications improvement; vacation/assignment leave coverage for all localized positions and many other duties.
  • Assisted a multitude of network customers with wide ranging issues dealing with scheduling, quality, inventory and supply chain issues in an extremely fluid, fast-paced environment.

Key Accomplishments

  • Formulated new obsolescence process which saved our customer a substantial amount of money in warehousing fees.
  • Developed and improved several communication processes which standardized multiple forms of daily communication between a wide range of network members reducing errors and redundant, unnecessary emails and phone calls.
  • Developed strong base of network customers to assist in many complicated, urgent inter-relational issues.
  • Improved numerous work process/instructions to include improvements which reduced errors and increased productivity.
  • Implemented 5S initiatives to organize and standardize office workstations.
Jan 2005Feb 2007

Floating Supervisor

Alvan Motor Freight
  • Quickly learned position of dock supervisor, routing supervisor, day operations supervisor, inbound planner, dispatch supervisor and freight inspector within 6 month time-span allowing additional coverage for Operations Supervisor.
  • Ran operational production reports that kept track of freight volume and work efficiency on a day, week, month and yearly basis and analyzed metrics to make adjustments to improve these aspects within a difficult union environment.

Key Accomplishments

  • I was able to quickly learn each of these positions and fill in for vacation coverage without disruption to operational efficiency. Quickly attained relevant knowledge and applied seamlessly in a fast paced environment.
  • Helped to improve productivity by 8% through constant analysis and reduction of operational inefficiencies.
  • Developed program to stimulate productivity gains in reweighing customer freight to increase company revenue.
Oct 2004Jan 2005

Sequencing Supervisor

LINC Logistics
  • In charge of daily safety, production and informational briefings for entire shift covering all aspects of department communications.
  • Involved with training of new employees and responsible for adequate supervision of temporary workers and accountability for their accuracy and productivity.
  • Highly involved with union matters and protocol within a union environment including disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal.
  • Responsible for quality control with regards to parts condition and accuracy of sequencing including the introduction of quality inspection process which greatly reduced damaged parts from reaching assembly.
  • Had a great deal of responsibility for tracking inventories using inventory tracking system along with physical counts along with keeping in constant contact with the assembly plant about shortages using multiple forms of communication.

Key Accomplishments

  • Greatly improved low morale which in turn increased productivity and accuracy among work group.
  • Reduced sequencing errors in multiple sorting units while maintaining demanding production requirements.
Jan 1994Sep 2004

Operations Supervisor

  • Responsible for operational direction for staff and procedural training and follow up including daily communications briefings for hourly staff. Briefings included productivity, safety, company directives, training and accomplishment.
  • Management safety chair for shift safety program involving training and adherence to strict safety guidelines.
  • Trained in HAZ-MAT compliance for hazardous response.
  • Dealt with adverse conditions due to weather, power outages and short staffed situations while keeping with demanding company expectations.

Key Accomplishments

  • This Shift had led other operations in a district that was a leader company wide.
  • Improved this shift from one of the worst operations in the district to the best in 2002 out of 13 different operations, across a wide range of aspects.
  • Improved mis-sort frequency from 1/500 to 1/4500, among many recognized improvements which increased productivity and accuracy for our customers and eliminated double handling of thousands of packages weekly.
  • Continued to improve production 10% from year to year while maintaining a high level of retention and enthusiasm amongst union employees. Maintained gains year over year in ERI (Employee Relations Index).
  • Superior Safety Record within the District and region.


Apr 2009Feb 2010

Six Sigma Black Belt - Transactional

Finished coursework for Six Sigma Black Belt. Awaiting project completion for final certification.



Worked part time and full time job during the completion of my degree.