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Examples of Results


    Implemented a number of initiatives that helped save the organization money and increased revenue. Helped budget over $2.3 million in expenses annually with 75% self-sufficiency. In-depth knowledge of pricing strategies for programs and services.  Example, in 2012 department lowered daily fees (per my recommendation) to community center, which led to a 10% increase in revenue and 24% increase in participation.    
Promoted services and activities through news releases, social media and contacts with community groups, both public and private. Utilized web to maximize marketing budget with email blasts, social media and on-line group contacts. Created and implemented tactical and strategic marketing plans.  
Human Resource Management
    Supervised up to 45 full and part-time employees. Recently completed Master’s level human resource management course.      
Project Management
Managed multiple special projects including Blue Chip Award, Playful Cities, software replacement, dog park feasibility study and playground safety. Developed and implemented process improvements to develop better internal processes, saved resources and increased customer service.  
Coordinated over 100 recreational opportunities a week, including classes, personal services, clinics and special events. Researched and implemented programs throughout country that helped promote department, local businesses, parks and facilities and societal issues, which included Family Fun Nights (Play), Aqua Jamz Concert Series(Family), Mission Backyard Campout (Nature Deficit Disorder) and Biggest Weight Loss Challenge (Obesity). Grew summer programs from 78 to 180 participants a week, increased revenue from $49K to $202K, and self-sufficiency from 49% to 133%.  


Hiking, Reading, Traveling, Puzzles, Basketball and Exercising

Work experience




European Management Residency of Entrepreneurship & Management

University of Maastricht (Netherlands)

Certified Playground Safety Inspector

National Recreation and Parks Association

Emerging Leaders Institute

University of Kansas

Tomorrow's Leaders Institute

Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce

Grant Writing Workshop

Grant Writing U.S.A.

National Executive Development School

National Recreation and Parks Association

Rocky Mountain Revenue Management School

National Recreation and Parks Association