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An expert in the alternative energy industry, who has provided energy insights to major corporations, governments and universities. Possesses extensive practical experience spanning the energy sector value chain including strategic planning, resource management, power generation and alternative fuels. Demonstrates strong interpersonal/ leadership skills, creative thinking and the ability to foster innovation to capture bottom-line value.


- Developing strategic business models - Leading technology and industry research - Authoring development proposals - Conducting financial and lifecycle modeling - Establishing new alliances & partnerships - Managing research & development laboratories - Aligning corporate social responsibility practices - Commercializing advanced technologies


Clean Technology

Work experience

Corporate Strategy & Business Development Consultant

A51 Solar, LLC.

• Proposed development opportunities for a solar photovoltaic manufacturing facility in the   U.S. based on the results of a regional market analysis • Utilized detailed business analysis to recommend potential customers and growth   opportunities to the executive board • Presented regular updates for senior management on solar markets and industry trends • Identified and initiated strategic partnerships with major domestic photovoltaic installers   encompassing power purchase agreement originators and system integrators • Partnered with regional economic developers applying for development subsidies from   federal, state and local governments

Aug 2007Jan 2008

Businenss Analyst

GreatPoint Energy

• Recommended nationwide expansion opportunities for commercial coal catalytic   gasification plants based on the results of market and infrastructure analysis • Authored a western U.S. state proposal for constructing a high capacity 18,000 ton per day   catalytic coal gasification plant • Responsible for developing strategic partnerships with major oil companies for applying   enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methodologies for sequestering carbon dioxide, while   developing frameworks for generating and managing carbon offsets • Responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with federal and state   governments in the application for company tax credits, grants and loan guarantees • Led technology and industry research effort, reporting results to the executive board on the   following energy platforms:   - Fossil fuels: natural gas combined cycle, subcritical and supercritical pulverized coal and     integrated gasification combined cycle   - Alternative energy: solar photovoltaic, concentrated solar thermal, wind and fuel cells    - Carbon feedstock: natural gas, coal, petroleum coke and biomass

Jun 2006Sep 2006

Business Development Intern

Boston University - Office of Technology Development

• Developed strategic business model alternatives for a novel wide-band radar technology   business start-up based on results from a feasibility analysis • Assisted with the creation of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) business spin-off from a Boston   University-Industry partnership.  Responsibilities included:  market research, generating   competitive business profiles, developing engineering designs and assisting with patent   prosecution surrounding the defense of intellectual property

Sep 2001Sep 2005


• Researched, developed, and analyzed SOFC materials through the Department of Energy   (DOE) Advanced Technology Program (ATP), funded by $4 million dollars over three   years. Identified and minimized cost drivers via technical based cost analysis to improve the   economic feasibility of SOFC technology  • Researched and developed a landfill combustion system that consumed methane gas   byproduct to generate electricity and reduce greenhouse gases • Characterized lithium ion battery materials that improved safety and power densities • Supported the DOE Rulemaking Program focusing on increasing minimum efficiency   standards of commercial and residential air-conditioners, furnaces and boilers by identifying   & reporting manufacturing and performance characteristics via cost and lifecycle analysis.  • Identified commercial manufacturing improvements of consumer hard goods via cost   and life cycle analysis that included: white goods, space heaters and electric shavers  • Reduced automobile engine pollution through the development of an internal   combustion cold start emissions system  • Established materials development and reduced manufacturing costs for 90 North   Submarine Towed Sensor Arrays


Bob Hubert

Tom Esselman

Per Onnerud

University Affiliations

Professional Affiliations


Sep 1998Jun 2001

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

Northeastern University College of Engineering

• Thesis: Design of Data Acquisition Systems for Real-Time Control and Off-Line Statistical   Modeling of The Plasma Rotating Electrode Process for Metal Powder Production • Research Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical Based Cost Modeling,   Lifecycle Analysis & Environmental Impact Analysis 

Sep 1993Jun 1998

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (BSME)

Northeastern University College of Engineering

• Honors: Magna Cum Laude, Cited for Academic Excellence • Member of: Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi & Golden Key National Honor Society


Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Analysis
Technical Based Cost Modeling & Life-Cycle Analysis
Power Metallurgy & Ceramics Processing