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Scott Cleland is a respected and knowledgeable tech-com analyst with a proven ability to provide valuable and timely predictive information about the communications industry. Currently, Scott Cleland serves as the President of Precursor LLC, a consulting firm in McLean, Virginia, that specializes in supplying companies with advice on the telecommunications industry. Precursor LLC uses Scott Cleland's documented ability to predict changes in the telecommunications sector, interacting with public-policy makers and investors to help companies get in position to take optimal advantage of coming events.One of Scott Cleland's overriding interests is in the area of net neutrality. Precursor LLC has a wholly owned subsidiary called, which dedicates itself to forwarding a pro-competition view that a market-driven Internet is superior to the alternative of a heavily regulated Internet. The members of include many of the largest bandwidth providers in the country, including AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, as well as all the leading broadband associations. These members and Scott Cleland believe that the key to the best and most efficient Internet is maximizing competition and innovation, and allowing consumer demand to drive growth. Scott Cleland is an expert in public policy, remaining well aware of the constricting effect government regulation can have on a fast-growing, highly competitive, and rapidly innovating telecommunications industry.Precursor LLC maintains two websites that highlight related situations on the Internet. Scott Cleland has identified Google as an extant and a rapidly growing monopolistic problem, and he is leading the fight to stop Google from acquiring more market power. To that end, Scott Cleland founded to educate the public and policymakers on the anti-competitive actions of Google. The activities of Google in the areas of intellectual property ownership and privacy are among Scott Cleland’s growing concerns, and his website works to hold the company accountable when its behavior infringes on property or privacy rights or the rule of law.

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LBJ School of Public Affairs University of Texas at Austin

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