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Seeking a career with a creditable company with room for experience
and developmental attributes to further my work experience and overall
performance. Seeking employment with a stable company, with ability to
stay for an extended amount of years to help set forth my career along with
on the job experience.
Striving to join a growing organization that has need for a high quality
employee with excellent work history and a strong moral of work

Work experience

Jan 2014Jan 2015

Sales Lead/Store Associate

IV Wireless PC


Managed a team of four/five employees that established meeting monthly

quota based on number projections set forth by upper management
With co-worker, coordinated monthly reviews and evaluations, sales
explanations and various promotions being offered by the company to
multiple company representatives. (eg; Samsung)
establishing customer to representative discussion and problems/goals set
forth by individual company to our stores.
Experience in general troubleshooting of mobile devices, hands on
demonstration and explanation. Up to date with mobile device releases,
operating systems and modern specifications listed with each individual
phone. Similar with POS systems of in store transaction computers, along
with various training modules completed for Wireless Retail Productivity.
(provided by; Cyber Scholar)

A strong understanding of sales procedures, mobile device activation,

general navigation, troubleshooting and upsaling products based on
customer's interests and or personal opinion on phones/brands and work
environment based situations.
Extensive experience in WebPOS (sales program offered by Boost Mobile
for transaction of payments and future payments). Progressive and
Smartpay financial based applications for potential customers seeking to
finance mobile devices.
Responsible for store maintenance, cleaning, general opening and closing
procedures, evening drawers for night and day. Making a daily evening
report of sales, sold devices and customer counts. Dropping off closing
deposits and responsibility for store keys.
Responsible for documents that are requested at end of night, duty will
include keeping track of customer records, organizing sales receipts, sales
papers along with presenting nightly documents of sales, inventory and
additional charges.

Mar 2014Dec 2014

Sales Associate

Market Source

I applied with a company as of March 2014 to take on a secondary job to go
along with my current job at Boost Mobile. I attended until December where
my schedule would no longer allow me to attend the job.
Market Source required the same amount of responsibility that Boost
Mobile asked of it's employees.
General sales of mobile communication devices and greeting customers
with professionalism to attribute to that, I was to explain, both correctly and
efficiently about current promotions and perks along with the many options
of cellular carriers.
Market Source partnered with major branded cellular carriers, such as
Venison, AT&T, Sprint, along with many of the per-paid services. Boost
Mobile, Venison Per-Paid, AT&T Go, Straight Talk and T-Mobile.
I was to manage the inventory, both intake and shipments. Supplying
delivery services with specific order passed down from management and
supervisors. Coordinate with shipment dates and promotions


Aug 2008May 2012

High School Diploma

Rosenwald High School


Data entry
Several courses, regarding data entry and typing. 98 WPM.
Microsoft Programs
Fluent with up to date Microsoft based programs. (Word/Excel/PP)


Chico Rivera/HR Manager IV Wireless

Human Resources Management Member, IV Wireless PC