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Scott Riley

Decatur High School Administrative Intern Praises Scott Riley’s Leadership

April 26, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

It was my privilege to be part of Decatur High School's administrative team with Scott. He was crucial to my growth during my administrative internship and initial year in administration. He was a teacher, critic, guide and supportive friend during this critical time.

Mr. Riley has many talents that I have grown to admire and attempt to emulate. He is honest, consistent and fair in his dealings with students and staff. He is sensitive to their needs, anticipates problems and is swift to seek resolution. Early in this current school year he detected a growing conflict between a group of Ukrainian students and the general population. He brought the groups together, facilitated a meeting in which assumed grievances were shared. He brokered a peaceful and sustained resolution to a potentially explosive situation.

Mr. Riley is exceptional in his ability to organize people and events. He understands problems, sees solutions, and develops a plan to achieve a logical decision while most are still trying to determine the problem. Upon his arrival at Decatur he saw the need to recognize and motivate the "silent majority" of students. He presented the 'Renaissance" program as a way to inspire these students to academic success. After one year the program is an integral part of the fabric of the school. The program is sustained by broad support, because Scott included so many students and staff in the program's initial development. He laid the groundwork, provided guidance and motivation and then withdrew to allow others the opportunity to gain recognition for the program's success.

Scott has energy to match his talents. He has been responsible for writing and editing the school's newsletter. This is a demanding job that requires excellent writing, organizational, and computer skills. His willingness to assume this task and his repeated successes have been a relief to the team that used to share this responsibility.

I value the experience of being able to work with Mr. Riley. It has been a privilege to learn from him and an honor to speak on his behalf


Rick Hiser

Administrative Assistant