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Scott Dwayne Kuijlaars

Analytical Physical Organic Chemist


Highly motivated to show the best of me and work my way to the top.

I've worked 5 years for the 2 market leading pharmaceuticals in the world and 2 years for one of the biggest foodprocessors in the world.

I've been trained for multiple assays in chemistry, biochemistry and physics. And I am very eager to learn new assays.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

2 years as a Quality Management Analyst

Cargill Cocoa

My job included the following assays:

Beancount, Shell%, Moisture% and Fat% on NIR, Iron on FTIR, Free Fatty Acid compound on Gas Chromatography, FFA%, hardness, phosphate, sulphate, POV, Soap, Iodine, Karl Fischer, pH and reagens preparation.


Implemented a easier way to collect samples from the factory.


3 years as a Quality Management Analyst at In process control

Janssen Biologics

Job Description: 

My job included the following assays:

HPLC, Limulus Ambocyt Lysate, capilairy Electrophoresis, UVVIS


Became a System Management Expert for the KinLAL assay,  electronic Laboratory Inventory Management System, Housekeeping and 5s.

This included checking the data, troubleshooting and reporting deviations.


2 years as a Quality Management Analyst for Final Product Testing

Janssen Biologics Johnson&Johnson

Job Description: 

My job included the following assays:

Capilairy iso electrophoresis, Iso electrophoresis, Turbidity, color of appearance, preparation of reagens


Did a holdtime study for 3 of the leading pipeline products. The study concisted of managing the study, collecting data, instructing Personel and giving a presentation on the subject.


2 months as a Quality Management Analyst

Merck, Sharp & Dohme

Started off as an intern and became a contractor for 2 months

Job Description: 

My job included the following assays:

HPLC, Karl Fisher, color of solution


Did some maintenance on 10 dosimat units, cleaning and trouble shooting.



Propaedeutics degree HBO Organic Chemistry

Hogeschool Leiden

Specialisation in organic chemistry


MBO degree Analytical Physical Chemistry

Nova College Beverwijk

Specialisation analytical chemistry


English language

Fluently in both writing as speech

Dutch language

Native language

Microsoft Office suite

Excel and word


Electronic Laboratory inventory Management System

Able to work, edit and troubleshoot


Knowledge of the assay aswell able to trouble shoot problems.

Gas Chromatography

Ability to perform the assay aswell as trouble shooting


Able to perform the assay aswell as maintenance and troubleshooting.


Worked 5 years under GMP standards

5S, Lean and Housekeeping

Able to adjust a working space to the best setting to perform the assay, keep it representable and record/track deviations.


Started as a hobby as building a PC from scratch and performing repairs on my Airsoft replicas


Mil-sim Airsoft, playing guitar and singing