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Scott D DeWitt

Software Engineer


Software Engineer with 20 years of industry experience specializing in content management systems and digital experiences including 12 years of field experience working directly with clients to architect, design, implement, deploy, and support projects of all sizes and 5 years of experience running a software services firm as the Chief Technology Officer.

Work experience

Nov 2014Present


Terescode, LLC

Terescode, LLC provides professional services and custom software solutions focused on content management systems and digital experiences.

IBM WebSphere Portal & Web Content Management Architect
Government Client, February 2017 - present

  • Migrate existing  Oracle UCM/WebCenter Internet site to IBM Web Content Management.
  • Developed Spring Batch ETL tool to produce WCI feeds from Oracle UCM exports. 
  • Developed custom WCM Digital Asset Management solution 

IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5, IBM Web Content Manager 8.5, Portal 8 Modular Themes, Spring Batch, WCM API, WCI, PAA, XmlAccess, JSON, XML, Javascript, AJAX, Dojo, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5

Vagrant, Gradle, CheckStyle, Git, GitLab, Eclipse Neon, Redmine

IBM Web Content Manager Architect
Garrigan Lyman Group - January 2015 - May 2016 

  • Architected and implemented a headless WCM solution with a Spring MVC front end delivered by IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile using IBM Web Content Manager 8.5.
  • Designed and implemented a continuous integration process leveraging Jenkins, Artifactory, and Gradle to deploy to a remote WebSphere Liberty instance via the JMX ReST connector
  • Designed and implemented a 4-step deployment process to deploy code releases and WCM assets from development to staging

IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5, IBM Web Content Manager 8.5, IBM DB/2, Spring MVC, Spring, Google GSON, EhCache, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere Dynacache, IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile, JAWR, JMX, ReST

IBM Softlayer, Tomcat, Gradle, CheckStyle, Eclipse Luna, Subclipse, Artifactory, Jenkins, Assembla, SVN

PHP / MySQL Developer
Garrigan Lyman Group - October 2014 - December 2014

  • Completed design and development of a highly complex PHP application leveraging Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, and MySQL
  • Setup and documented development environment using Eclipse Luna PDT and XAMPP for local development and testing
  • Optimized front-end performance by implementing pre-compilation of TWIG views and pre-generation/compilation of Doctrine proxy classes
  • Implemented custom PHP batch script to consume XML feeds from Drupal 7 and Salesforce

PHP 5, MySQL 5, Symfony, Doctrine ORM, Twig, Drupal 7

XAMPP, Eclipse Luna, Jenkins, Assembla, SVN

May 2015Present

Web Content Manager Architect

IBM, CIO Office of Enterprise Content Management Drupal Developer
January 2017 - January 2018

  • Responsible for implementing Drupal customizations to support business requirements for Drupal platform.
  • Architected and implemented NodeJS based application for performing visual regression testing to be used for detection of issues prior to release deployments.
  • Helped improve code quality by driving the implementation of unit testing and 100% code coverage.

PHP 5.x-7.x, Drupal 8, Twig 2.x, NodeJs 6.x, Bluemix, Docker, Kubernetes, Javascript, ES6, JSON, YML, AJAX, ReST, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5

DrupalVM, Acquia DevDesktop, Atom, Git, Github, Acquia BLT, Jira, Acquia Cloud, XDebug, PHPCS, PHPMD, PHPUnit, ESLint, Mocha, Wraith, Syslog, Slack, Zoom WebSphere Portal & Web Content Management Architect
May 2015 - January 2017

  • Responsible for helping drive overall adoption of IBM Portal and WCM on and for overseeing design and development activities for multiple adopters of the platform.
  • Team lead for the Marketplace CMS Platform squad, responsible for leading distributed squad of developers and testers supporting the WCM implementation for authoring all first party IBM products on the IBM Marketplace.
  • Developed custom jQuery plugin for integration WCM-based forms with progressive lead form functionality using SilverPop Web Tracking code, back-end lead registration and lead updates via the SilverPop XML API.

IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5, IBM Web Content Manager 8.5, JSR168, JSR286, Portal 8 Modular Themes, WCM API, WCI, DDC, JCR, PAA, XmlAccess, IBM Connections, IBM Cloudant, IBM WebSphere Commerce, IBM Marketing Cloud, SilverPop, IBM ESB, ReST, J2EE 6-7, JSON, Javascript, AJAX, Dojo, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, XML

JUnit 4.x, Mockito, PowerMock, Gradle, CheckStyle, Jacoco, Git, GitHub, Eclipse, Rational Application Developer, Rational Team Concert, CVS

Digital Experience on Cloud Migration
May 2015 - August 2016

  • Worked with IBM L2, IBM L3, and the IBM DXC product team to develop a plan to migrate an IBM WCM installation with over 600G of existing JCR data and 20+ virtual portals from on-prem to cloud
Aug 2010Sep 2014

Chief Technology Officer

Asponte Technology, Inc.

CTO / Chief Engineer for Asponte Technology, Inc. Asponte Technology is a premier IBM business partner specializing in WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, IBM Web Content Management, and IBM Connections solutions and services.

  • Served as CTO in charge of engineering operations and primary member of leadership team at all stages of corporate growth 
  • Drove company growth as the senior staff member responsible for all interviewing, hiring, and training  
  • Inventor and developer of key software services offerings such as Asponte WCM Widgets and Asponte File Manager
  • Developed and administered all external training materials (including IBM WCM and IBM Modular Theme multi-day training courses)
  • Actively participated as a senior developer on most client engagements
  • Responsible for overseeing technical sizings for all SOWs and providing technical guidance to executive sales director at every stage of the sales cycle
    Jun 1998Aug 2010

    Software Engineer


    WebSphere Portal Developer
    December 2001 - May 2005
    January 2008 - August 2010

    • Chief architect and development team lead for the IBM Web Application Bridge for WebSphere Portal
    • Developed IBM Syndicated Feed Portlet of WebSphere Portal 6+
    • Developed Web Clipping technology for WebSphere Portal versions 4 through 6

    IBM SEAL Team
    January 2008 - August 2010
    May 2005 - August 2006

    • Senior SME for WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Application Server, and IBM Web Content Management solutions specializing in the development of custom J2EE application solutions using IBM Web Content Management.
    • Responsible for providing architectual guidance, mentoring, and training for all aspects of portal implementation.
    • Served on IBM STAR Award-winning PoC team implementing a competitive WebSphere Portal solution versus MS SharePoint

    WebSphere Portal Express Tiger Team Lead
    September 2006 - December 2007

    • Development team lead for WebSphere Portal Express version 6 and
    • Responsible for driving, architecting, and implementing requirements and leading a team of developers to deliver a new release on a tight schedule
    • Designed and implemented the WCM Internet and Intranet Site templates shipped with WebSphere Portal Express version 6

    IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher Developer
    October 2000 - December 2001

    • Developed Annotation Editor using Java Swing
    • Supported annotation technologies
    • Supported IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher server technologies built on IBM WebSphere

    IBM Visual Age Generator Developer
    January 1998 - October 2000

    • Member of Java development team responsible for development and delivery of the initial release of IBM VisualAge Generator Runtime and IBM VisualAge Generator Server Runtime products for Java
    • Member of C++ development team responsible for and development and support of VisualAge Generator Server for Workstations product on Windows NT, OS/2, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris
    • Member of Smalltalk development team responsible for implementing support for the Java based runtime into VisualAge Generator Developer and VisualAge Generator Developer for VisualAge for Java on Windows NT
    • Responsible for all product builds, packaging, and deployment of IBM VisualAge Generator Server on UNIX platforms (AIX, HP-UX,Solaris)
      Jan 2000Jan 2006


      TriNoDe Consulting
      • Developed a full-featured Artwork proofing system for a small manufacturing corporation serving the souvenir, trophy, and award market
      • Setup full LAMP infrastructure for DEV, TEST, PROD
      • Architected, developed, tested, and deployed Image Order Management system using Apache, PHP, and MySQL
      • Managed end-to-end development process from concept, to development, test, go-live, and production support
      • Administered and supported live system for 3 years including defect tracking,management, and Web administration


      Sep 1995May 1998

      BS in Computer Science

      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
      • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
      • Relevant course work: Network Programming, Computer Architectures, Systems Programming, Operating Systems Fundamentals, The Human-Computer Interface, Human Computer Interface Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Programming Languages, Database Fundamentals


      IBM WebSphere Portal

      I have extensive experience with all aspects of WebSphere Portal from versions 4 through 8.5. I have worked on portal deployments of all sizes from intranet solutions that serve fortune 50 companies to full-scale external facing Web portals. My experience includes IBM legacy, JSR168, and JSR286 portlet development, deep knowledge of portlet development best practices, development of themes and skins of all types (including the WebSphere Portal modular themes with and without WebDAV), portal deployments, migrations, and staging to delivery methods, deep knowledge of xmlaccess and managed pages, development of WebSphere Portal ESMs for integration of custom authorization frameworks (e.g. database entitlements), and deep experience in all aspects Portal administration, setup and customization of Portal Search and OmniFind. In addition, I was a member of the IBM portal development team for 10 years and was responsible for the architecture and development of many of the IBM provided portlets shipping with IBM WebSphere Portal. Finally, I have developed and delivered training to many organizations on many aspects of WebSphere Portal.

      IBM Web Content Manager

      I have extensive experience with all aspects of IBM Web Content Manager from versions 5.1 through 8.5. I have worked on portal & WCM deployments of all sizes from intranet solutions that serve fortune 50 companies to full-scale external facing Web portals. My experience includes installation, setup, architecture & design, best practices, development, performance, troubleshooting, and training. Highlights include customization of authoring user interface via custom JSPs, extensive rendering customization via Java based plugin points (rendering plugins, context processors, text providers, etc) and custom JSPs , integration and implementation with OmniFind, Personalization, and Portal Search, and Integration of IBM Connections using Social Rendering and DDC. I also have extensive experience using and customizing the Content Template Catalog (CTC). I wrote course material for the CTC and gave training sessions with it on many occasions. During my tenure at IBM, I also wrote the original Internet and Intranet Templates provided with Portal Express which the CTC are ultimately based on.

      Drupal 8 Development

      I have experience with all aspects of Drupal 8 development including backend development, frontend development, and site building.  My experience includes developing custom modules, custom services and plugins, custom theme templates, and using Acquia BLT and DrupalVM for continuous development.  I also have experience implementing TDD with Drupal using phpunit and implementing code quality metrics using phpcs, phpmd, and xdebug for code coverage.

      IBM WebSphere Liberty Core Profile

      I have extensive experience using the IBM WebSphere Liberty Core Profile both in development and production use.  My experience includes installation, setup, configuration, customization of features such as webCache, webCacheMonitor, distributedMap, and the ReST connector, development and deployment of applications, and staging to production methods. I designed custom code that integrates Jenkins CI server with Liberty to provide a full end-to-end CI process for development using Eclipse + Liberty tooling, Jenkins, and the Liberty server profile core.

      IBM WebSphere Application Server

      I have extensive experience with versions 2.x through 8.5 including setup and administration via WAS admin console and wsadmin (both TCL and Jython), development and deployment of servlets, EJBs, Web services, shared libraries, and extension of core functionality via custom TAIs, CURs, and J2EE login modules.

      Java Development

      I have over 15 years of experience with Java development reaching as far back as JDK 1.1.x all the way through the current Java 1.8 release. I have deep experience with J2SE from versions 1.4.x through Java 1.7 including usage of JavaBeans, JAX, DOM, SAX, JNDI, JCE, JAX-RPC, JSSE, JDBC, and Java Logging as well as experience developing with third-party frameworks such as POI, commons-logging, commons-httpclient, commons-file-upload, and many others. I have built production grade rich client applications using both AWT and Swing. I also have deep experience debugging, troubleshooting, and performance tuning Java applications (especially J2EE applications).

      Spring Development

      I have extensive experience working with the many aspects of the Spring framework, particularly Spring MVC.  My experience also includes work with Spring Core (DI/IoC), the Spring Cache Abstraction, the Spring Environment Abstraction, and the Spring ReST Templates.

      Front End Web Development
      I have over 15 years of experience working with front-end Web technologies including HTML4/5, XML, CSS2/3, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, DOM, XPath, XSL/T, and SQL. I have extensive experience with both Dojo & jQuery and with troubleshooting and resolving browser compatibility issues.
      Mobile Development

      I have experience developing responsive Web sites using CSS media queries and mobile Web sites using jQuery mobile and I also have experience using Apple's Xcode to develop native iPhone applications with Objective-C and using IBM Worklight to develop hybrid applications.  I have also used IBM Worklight (now IBM Mobile First) to develop hybrid applications that leverage HTTP adapters and JSONStore to provide offline application viewing and synchronization of product data.

      J2EE Platform

      I have 10+ years experience designing, developing, and debugging J2EE Web applications with a particular emphasis on the Web Tier (Servlets, Servlet Filters, and JSPs) as well as experience developing Web Services (ReST and SOAP/WSDL based) and EJBs (primarily using IBM WebSphere Application Server). I am highly proficient at using Tomcat and WebSphere application servers both as integrated server tools inside of Eclipse and installation and administration in staging and production environments.

      LAMP Platform
      I have extensive experience setting up and using PHP 4 and 5 with Apache and MySQL on Linux to implement custom dynamic transactional Web sites. I also have experience using Perl & Python for both Web development via Apache CGI interfaces and for building tools for text processing, automation, and operating system utilities. I also have experience configuring Apache and using various Apache modules including mod_rewrite, mod_php, etc.
      Build Tools, SCM, and Continuous Integration

      I have used a wide variety of development tools ranging from sophisticated text based IDEs and tools such as eMacs and vi to rich client IDEs such as Eclipse (from pre-release to current), Xcode, IBM VisualAge products, and Rational Application Developer. I have extensive experience with Gradle, Maven, ANT, make, and nmake. I have built and run projects using git, CVS, SVN, and CMVC (internal IBM) and have experience using and administering Jenkins for continuous integration including the use of the Gradle, WebSphere, and MultiJob plugins.I also have extensive experience using defect/issue management systems such as Assembla, HP Quality Center, Bugzilla, and Jira.

      IBM Connections
      I have 4 years experience using IBM Connections from versions 2.6 through 4.5. My experience includes installation, setup, custom iWidget development, customization of themes, configuration of seedlist search, and most recently, integration with WCM and IBM WebSphere Portal using Social Rendering and the Digital Data Connector (DDC).
      IBM SmartCloud / IBM Connections Cloud
      I have 3+ years of experience using the IBM SmartCloud (previously LotusLive) in several different capacities. As an end-user I have experience implementing and leveraging the IBM SmartCloud (previously LotusLive) as an organization-wide collaboration tool, including establishing standard patterns of use, setting up activity templates, using files to exchange files with team members, using ideation blogs to track the lifecycle of new ideas and assets, and using communities, activities, and files as a project collaboration mechanism both internally and with external clients. As a developer I also have experience customizing the SmartCloud experience and familiarity with the IBM Social Business Toolkit for integrating SmartCloud data into other applications.
      Object Oriented Programming
      I have been using the OOP paradigm for over 20 years. My degree training included extensive study and use of all programming paradigms (functional, procedural, OO, etc) but focused especially on the use of OO in C++. I have deep experience implementing OO Patterns in both C++ and Java including Factory, AbstractFactory, Singleton, Chain of Responsibility, Command, etc. I am fully fluent not only in the semantics and mechanics of OO in both languages but more importantly with the general concepts of OO such as inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, dependency injection/Inversion of Control, and generics/templates. I have also used the OO features of PHP and Perl.
      Programming Languages
      The various programming paradigms and wide number of languages that implement them have always intrigued me and have been a constant area of study since my degree training. In addition to Java, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, and JavaScript, I am fluent in and have experience with C and Pascal in the procedural paradigm. I have also studied and tinkered with functional languages such as ML, CAML, and Scheme and used the purely OO language of Smalltalk.
      People and Organizational Leadership
      I have been leading small to medium sized technical teams for over 10 years. During my tenure at Asponte technology, I led a constantly growing team of developers executing projects of all sizes simultaneously across multiple customers. I placed key processes in place to facilitate efficient collaboration, to build a professional but fun culture, and to continually cultivate the skills of our people. I also helped define standard operating procedures, assist in resource planning and deployment, skills assessment, and employee reviews. I also performed 90% of all interviewing and hiring and assisted in training of key personnel.
      Software Development Methodologies
      Throughout my career I have worked with a wide variety of software development teams, each using a unique breed or variant of some software development cycle. I have worked primarily with the Waterfall and Agile (primarily Scrum) styles of development. I have also participated in iterative, prototyping, and rapid application development as well as having some experience with lightweight methodologies such as peer and extreme programming. In addition, I have participated in all aspects of multi-tiered software development on large and small scale projects from requirements gathering to prototyping and design to functional and national language testing to pre-production, general availability, and post-production support.
      Enterprise Architecture
      As an enterprise architect, I have helped many clients on projects determine the best ways to leverage and understand how enterprise technologies such as external security managers, user repositories and directories, databases, operating systems, Web servers, and applications servers fit together. In addition, I specialize in cross-system integration between IBM WebSphere/Portal/WCM and custom external systems.
      User Interface Development
      Throughout my career I have developed on a wide range of platforms using a wide variety of widget frameworks. I have a solid understanding of widget patterns and event driven programming (both via queues and callbacks). I have deep experience with Java AWT and Swing and with the Eclipse SWT and JFace frameworks. I have also used the Carbon and Cocoa frameworks for MacOS and Motif and Athena (Xaw) on UNIX/Linux.
      Operating Systems
      I have 15+ years of experience as a user of various UNIX and Linux distributions, especially as it relates to C/C++ development, networking, and shell scripting, with a dollop of administration thrown in, including installation, setup, and maintenance of LAMP stacks. I am very comfortable at the UNIX command line and with the use of vi and its derivatives. During my professional career, I worked primarily with Microsoft Windows but also with IBM OS/2, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX. In addition I have been a user and hobbyist developer on Apple operating systems since 1984.