Scot Haberman


Software Engineer with unique blend of diverse technical expertise and leadership skills gained from 15+ years of progressive development and consulting experience. Results-oriented with superb ability to resolve difficult situations under adverse conditions; thrives in high-pressure and time-critical situations. Utilizes ability to communicate effectively with both technical professionals and end-users to provide top-notch user support. Works well in groups while being able to deliver on projects as the sole engineer.



Published numerous articles and books about Lotus Notes/Domino and internet technologies.

Work experience

Work experience
2004 - Present


Mega Micro Consulting
  • Design and develop custom website using the latest internet technologies (PHP, MySQL, Joomla, HTML, ASP, XML, Javascript, etc).
  • Maintain, update, and enhance customer websites in various industries.
  • Developed and maintained customized integrations of Domino, Quickplace, and Sametime. Designed and developed corporate intranet/internet websites for various industries.

  • Reduced client start-up from one month to three days by developing a Quickplace application for one of the top global human resources consulting firms.

  • Reduced claim turnaround time from over one month to less than one week by enhancing and maintaining a medical billing, claims, scheduling, and reporting system.

  • Developed a customized work plan application for an automotive parts company allowing partnerships between suppliers and distributors.

2007 - 2008

Senior Architect

  • Designed and developed customer emergency response system including Blackberry integration. Advised on technology direction and consulted with executives on new project development.

  • Eliminated the need for custom SQL scripts by developing a web interface for both administration and end users allowing more flexibility in customization.

  • Centralized all interfaces into one application by integrating Microsoft Silverlight and SQL Server Reporting into the custom web interface.

  • Developed custom components for the web interface allowing custom database objects to interface directly with the application.

2005 - 2007

Senior Application Developer

  • Supported the Global IT Operations utilizing Domino and Microsoft technologies. Served as technology advisor to the CIO.

  • Responsible for the corporate email migration from Domino 7.x to Exchange 2003.

  • Developed the intranet portal centralizing all corporate documents and communication through one centralized application.

  • Evaluated and installed Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for over 180 users.

  • Reduced turnaround time from 2-3 weeks to 3 days by developing a specialized internal/external resume management system.

  • Served as troubleshooter for a variety of applications.

2002 - 2004

Senior Application Engineer

  • Led the integration and customization of all Domino, Quickplace, and Sametime applications.

  • Reduced initial customer website customization and installation to less than one day by enhancing the Content Management System product utilizing Java, JSP, and relational databases running on a Tomcat server.

  • Responsible for creating all Domino, Quickplace, and Sametime demonstration sites used for showcasing our company talents including globalization and multilingual features.

  • Created a customer portal using Domino to integrate over 13 separate applications personalized for the end user.

  • Integrated a host of internet technologies (XML, DHTML, ActiveX) by gathering and analyzing requirements on all systems implementing new coding standards and designing guidelines for more robust and powerful application development.

2000 - 2001

Senior Product Web Developer

  • Lead architect and developer in the creation of a Domino-based web product that provided a framework and toolset to transform ideas into actionable business initiatives.

  • Integrated Domino with Sametime (awareness), QuickPlace (discussion forum), and Semio (text extraction and mining) on the Windows NT platform.

  • Created and deployed a new product that incorporated internal document locking, workflow notification, data- driven design, expert and community awareness, flexible security architecture, context-sensitive help, dynamic web page content display, and cross-platform data transfer/communication.

1985 - 2000

Senior Developer

  • Lead architect and developer involved in the creation of Domino-based Knowledge Management systems for EDS’ Government Consulting Group, US Army, FAA, and EDS’ Collaborative and Messaging Group.

  • Created an integrated document library and image retrieval system for all regulatory documents that created a snapshot of any document for any point in time reducing staff hours from weeks to minutes. Honored by the Federal Government for "Best IT Practices.”.

  • Lead analyst/developer responsible for creating a client/server timecard system used on all EDS contracts with the federal government.

  • Designed the PC/mainframe interface for 155± remote sites using IMS, CICS, and Clipper.

  • Responsible for analysis, design, testing, and implementation of purchasing and manufacturing systems using COBOL, IMS DB/DC, DB2, and SQL.


Sep 2000 - May 2001

Berry College

Transferred to Georgia Institute of Technology after two years.

1982 - 1985


Georgia Institute of Technology




X-Cart E-Commece


Joomla is a web based CMS framework allowing the which enables you to create powerful online applications.





SQL for MySQL/SQL Server Databases

Intranet/Web Design/Development

Lotus Notes/Domino/Quickplace/Sametime

.NET Application Design/Development

Concentrated using Visual Basic.NET



Principle Certified Lotus Professional (PCLP) R4 & R5


IBM Certified Associate Developer – Lotus Collaborative Solutions


IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer – Lotus Notes and Domino 6.x & 7.x