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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Sr Technical Consultant

The ScoopGroop

Shane Cooper is an accomplished independent IT consultant with 20 years' experience in a variety of technologies, ranging from desktop publishing, software development, databases, Web-based solutions, server infrastructure, data center establishment and virtualization to cloud computing. Shane has reviewed a myriad of technology for corporate, enterprise and individual use. His approach is to determine if technology solves an efficiency concerns or a fundamental technical problem.

As a consultant, writing technical documents, proposals, white papers, impact briefs and preparing reports is paramount to his clients success.

Jul 2009Mar 2010

Sr Technical Consultant

Navigant Technologies

Technical Consultant for a variety of projects related to both SMBs, Corporate and Enterprise engagements.

  • Security Audit for enterprise online securities trade company, Project Manager performing assessment and analysis for audit systems, delivered results and architected design for satisfying regulatory audits
  • Proof-of-Concept for Enterprise Electronics Company in St Louis, install proof-of-concept security solution gathering data for data center migration, Active Directory consolidation and worked with existing contractors on virtualization assessment.
  • Data Center Virtualization for ISD in Texas, Project Manager for two specific projects related to security audit capture and virtualization for school district in south Texas.
  • CRM Portal Development, Project Manager for internal portal design for 3-D engineering software design firm managing developers and coordinating efforts with internal business units.
  • Virtualization Consolidation Coordinator for 8 consultants working with an international software giant. They’re currently working through a data center consolidation project that includes hardware end of life, virtualization expansion and colocation integration on the west coast and mid-west.
Apr 2008Jul 2009

Sr Sales Engineer

Varonis Systems Inc

Accomplished Pre and Post Sales Engineer responsible for supporting regional sales efforts with strong focus on software solutions with superior analytical skills and strong commitment to customer service. Senior level experience in analyzing needs requirements, implementing pre-sales proof-of-concept installations, post sales pro-services, production installations and post sales customer training. Focus to develop and increase sales of given product solutions in the data-governance and security space.

  • Pre-sales activities: actively provided detailed product/solution demonstrations, established proof-of-concept schedules with prospects, successfully exceeded corporate expectations of 12 evaluation installations per quarter, met quarterly territory quota exceeding $250K, successfully up sold professional services and extended product offerings, built customer relationships for renewals and corporate partners.
  • Post-sales activities: successfully planned and launched 35 different customer deployments during 2008 and 2009 ranging in scale from a few servers to large scale data center and global deployments, provided professional services related to training individuals and customer teams
  • On going activities: supported weekly sales efforts & prospect follow ups, public speaking engagements with focus on prospecting, maintained personal technology lab at home office.
Aug 2003Jun 2007

Director, Technology & Implementation

Vertis Inc

Selected to be responsible for the implementation and deployment of technology supporting our highly visible Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 enterprise customers.  Plan, direct and monitor highly complex, cross-functional projects affecting enterprise systems, with a focus on physical & virtual server solutions, storage technologies, key planning solutions using complex custom developed software and Microsoft server solutions. Key functions include office administration, directed multiple cross-team resources, scope & statement of work definition, change implementation, final deployment, executive/stakeholder communications on highly visible customer deployments. Mentor and developed cross-functional team project leads & managers.

  • Launched multi-staged projects supplying end-to-end solutions to highly visible customers where final deliverables where 6 to 9 months out from inception delivering 100% on time customer satisfaction.
    • Kroger Foods regional service center consolidation project. Worked on 2 year project performing assessment, discovery and analysis of 21 regional service centers. Consolidated to 4 centers reducing redundancy and duplication of effort saving Kroger Foods $4.5 million in operating expenditures
    • Menards - Project Manager for advertising planning solution building data centers in three locations for disaster recovery and high-availability for marketing, sales, point-of-sale and cooperative management.
    • Merck Medco - built multiple service centers to support automated resource data delivery solution for online viewing and printed needs.
    • Ford & Chrysler - built server solutions for email delivery marketing system incorporating automated one-to-one marketing message where each campaign required 6 million emails delivered twice a week.
  • Championed efficiency efforts to streamline final deployment deliverables through virtual server technologies increasing development cycle opportunities and decreasing final delivery timelines by 50% consequently decreasing travel and final deliverable expenses by 30% to 40% varying by deployment.
  • Cultivated team efforts through positive motivation and strong leadership presence at every stage of implementation, deployment and customer interaction opportunities.
  • Fostered and encouraged national consolidation efforts of fractured data centers, resulting in merging 4 independent hosting centers into one centrally managed facility increasing management efficiencies by reducing staff requirements and decreasing costs by 40%.
  • Designed, initiated and deployed custom complex Disaster Recovery programs designed for customer demands based upon regional customer needs. Tailored each plan to satisfy both customer demands and cost efficiency reduction by 25% with regards to plan declaration. Implementation costs were minimized through hard review of needs analysis and costs reductions in the order of 30% less than first budgeted.
  • Traveled extensively to both existing and new customers supporting sales efforts through technical & engineering developmental presentations. Producing solution demonstrations and outlining technology details as a proficient translator for multiple audiences, stakeholder, executives and customer technical staff.
  • Supported internal ITIL efforts of CTO and customer driven demands through incorporating team changes into deployments at every level, both internal to data centers and external to customers.
Aug 1999Aug 2003

Customer Support Manager

Vertis Inc

Managing director for team of 12 customer support engineers engaged in various implementation projects incorporating various server and storage technologies as well as consultative engagements with enterprise customers performing discovery, analysis, scope-of-work and implementation projects. Managed data center built-out activities our building our enterprise server farms for both business-to-consumer sites and business-to-business SaaS solutions. Server infrastructure build out equated to nearly 2,000 servers with several Clarion SANs solutions, preparing DR planning, high-availability requirements and off site archive and software escrow. We incorporated early versions of VMware virtualization and LiveState virtualization for production and delivery.

Jun 1996Aug 1999

Sr Technical Consultant

Vertis Inc

Responsible for various projects involving technological advancements, content management, image management, business-to-business engagements, web-enabled applications, client server technologies and managed facilities. Communicate and schedule full scope of projects to clients.

May 1994Jun 1996

Division Manager

Vertis Inc

Involved in client workflow needs and processes as they related to production process at Dallas Division. Worked with sales, other division managers and production facilities to improve workflow and technical needs to improve productivity. Managed various projects involving managed facilities at client sites. Implemented technical contractual obligations for large client projects. Reviewed, implemented and improved division network, server, database, application and workstation technology.

Accomplishments: Coordinated divisional technical strategies to other divisions for improved efficiency. Installed new proofing technology for color accuracy. Established base-line technological advancements for other divisions to follow and duplicate. Coordinated and managed projects for clients to increase connectivity through T-1 technology, internet technology and ISDN technology.

May 1986May 1996


Previous Positions

Desktop Systems Manager,  Desktop Systems Shift supervisor, Magazine Production Manager, Production Staffer, layout artist, data entry specialist


Aug 1984Jun 1986

Liberal Arts


Shane has a Liberal Arts degree from an independent college that was accredited in the state of Texas until 1992, where due to lack of funding, the institution relocated it's efforts to California merging with it's sister campus. Since graduating, Shane has attended business classes at the University of Texas as well as securing certification in the respective information technology disciplines as required.


Technical Knowledge
VMWare VCP, Microsoft Server Solutions, Windows 2003/2008/XP, MCSE, SQL Database technologies MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase, Workstation technologies, cross-platform strengths, Microsoft and Apple OSX. Networking technologies, LAN, MAN, WAN, TC/IP, DHCP, Firewalls, Security, Intrusion Detection. Local hardware technologies, RAID, EMC SAN, NAS, NetApp, LiveState, XEN, Backup Exec, Veritas
Hardware/software analysis review for appropriateness to the project. Scale accordingly. Over all ability to determine best course of action for project deployment at all levels
Strong writing ability, presentation skills, strong public speaking.
Problem Solving
I view this as paramount to any successful project deployment, consulting and providing guidance.
VMware Technologies
Microsoft Windows Servers


Senior Systems Director, Technical Consultant focused on end-to-end solution deployments including server hardware, infrastructure analysis, business needs analysis and project management oversight for customer deployments. Very well rounded experience in many disciplines related to enterprise level software solutions, server hardware, data storage technologies, network infrastructure planning, IT project development, IT project deployment and complete solutions integration both at hosted data center and onsite at customer’s facility.

Offer a unique combination of technical expertise, business acumen, project management and leadership experience with national pre-media service company. Extensive experience providing strategic solutions, cutting edge technology and web based applications for a variety of national retailers, consumer packaging companies and commercial advertising agencies. Proven ability to deliver innovative solutions that fully supports corporate objectives. Accomplished team leader, adept at understanding complex concepts and workflow's and guiding teams to deliver top performance. Competently juggle multiple assignments while maintaining emphasis on client satisfaction and meeting project expectations.


  • Board or Directors for local Boulder Non-profit. 2 years general board member, 2 years president, currently sitting on board. BOD oversees annual budget of $500,000 and supports general operations
  • Avid reader, hiker, back-country camper, skier, sports car enthusiast & family orientated activities


VMware Certified Technical Sales Professional

Jan 2010Present

VMware Certified Professional