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As an educator, my mandate is to prepare students to be successful and productive citizens in both global and local environments. Fundamental to this is to ensure diversity and democracy in learning spaces. I believe in creating a culture of excellence in which digital fluency and civic responsibility are pivotal in learning activities. Authentic and relevant learning is a key aspect to student engagement and skill development needed to be successful in the  future. I am experienced in leveraging technology and web 2.0 tools to create inquiring, engaging and personalized learning environments in my classroom. Creativity, collaboration and communication are necessary for active learning and productive student engagement. As I tell my students daily, "Everyday is a day to be great!"

    Professional Overview

    • Masters of Arts: Integrated Studies, with Global Change focus (Sept 2018 start date)  
    • IBDP Literature A Cat 2 certification (2016), IBDP Poetry CAT 3 (2018,  IBDP History CAT 1 and TOK CAT 1  (2014)
    • Instructional leadership: IBDP Literature A /Theory of Knowledge and HS English Head of Department.
    • International teaching experience. 
    • Leadership experience: English Head, Social Studies Team Leader; Exceptional Learning Team Leader. Diploma courses and Gifted and Talented Education.
    • Experienced IBDP course teaching and assessment of provincial diploma course exams (Edmonton, Canada)
    • Instructional programming of Gifted Learners; facilitating student engagement and student achievement with diverse student needs
    • Experienced in designing and implementing instructional strategies to promote English Language Learner achievement in MS/HS grades.
    • Experienced in leveraging technology (Edmodo, Word Press, Google Apps) to support student engagement and achievement. 
    • Alberta Learning Permanent Teaching Certification. 
    • Certified football coach with 20 years experience coaching at all levels.


    Dr. KC Pang

    Deputy Directory Beijing International Bilingual Academy

    +86 132 4030 5924

    [email protected]

    Brian Branks

    IMYC Coordinator, IBDP Lang/Lit A Teacher

    Beijing International Bilingual Academy

    [email protected]

    +86 18613810773

    Stefan Posavec

    Social Studies Dept. Head   Crescent Heights Senior High School, Calgary Board of Education, 

    [email protected]

    001 403 -276-5521

    Work experience

    August 2016Present

    IBDP Literature A Teacher / Theory of Knowledge/ HS English Teacher

    Rabat American School

    IBDP Literature A teacher

    Aug 2014June 2016

    Secondary History/Social Studies Teacher

    Beijing International Bilingual Academy
    • IBDP History and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher.
    • IMYC Grade 8 Social Studies teacher.  Model United Nations Faculty Director 
    • Member of inaugural IBDP development team for authorization in 2015.
    • Successfully developed and implemented inaugural BIBA MUN club. Facilitated student participation at MUN conferences.   
    • Commitment to whole school : MS U-14 BIBA Soccer coach.

    Sep 2013Jun 2014

    Crescent Heights Senior High School 

    Calgary Board of Education
    • Social Studies High School Teacher; (Grade Ten-Twelve)
    • Experienced with diploma course instruction and diploma course exam prep.
    • Experienced in leveraging technology which supports student achievement.
    • Commitment to professional learning communities; professional collaboration focusing on student achievement
    Aug 2011Jun 2013

    The Int'l School of Macao: Social Studies Teacher

    The International School of Macao
    • Social Studies High School Teacher; (Grade Ten - Grade Twelve).
    • Experienced with diploma course instruction and  exam prep.
    • Experienced in leveraging technology to support student achievement.
    • Commitment to professional learning communities; professional collaboration focusing on student achievement.
    • Jr. Boys soccer coach (SISAC; 2011; 2012); U-12 Boys soccer coach 
    • SAT exam administration (2011-2012)
    Feb 2003Jun 2011

    Henry Wise Wood: Social Studies Teacher

    Calgary Board of Education
    • Social Studies Department Head, Henry Wise Wood Senior High School (2009-2010); Exceptional Learning Needs Head, 2010 -2011).
    • Gifted and Talented Education and Diploma course experience
    • Assessment/Examiner of provincial diploma exams (Alberta Learning; 2007-2011)
    • Athletic School Development; Senior Boys soccer coach,  Development of Girls Soccer program (2003-2011).
    Nov 1998Feb 2003

    William Roper Hull - Teacher

    Calgary Board of Education
    • Humanities teacher for MS/HS students. Instructional design  to support students at risk. 
    • Authorship and administration of Individual Program Planning for MS/HS students transitioning into community programs
    • Facilitation of work experience programs for behaviour students
    • Collaboration with child welfare professionals and family counsellors with student programming and case management


    Sept 2018Present

    Master of Arts: Integrated Studies

    Athabasca University

    Focus: Global Change

    Sep 1995May 1998

    Bachelor of Education

    University of Alberta
    • Elementary Education
    • Double Major:  English Literature and History
    Sep 1987May 1989

    Journalism Certificate

    Carleton University
    •  Radio Broadcast Journalist and Legislative Reporter

    Professional Development

    • 21st Century Learning Hong Kong (February 2012, January 2013)
    • International Certificate Advisor: Global Learning, Calgary Board of Education, 2011 
    • Social Studies Council Member  (September 2000 to present)
    • Social Studies Conference (October 2000 – 2010)
    • Assistive Technology Conference, Orlando, Florida (2006)