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Supervisor of 8 uniformed officers, continuing to obtain experience in working with professional security staff in a leadership capacity and provide high-level security for a multi-billion dollar company, protecting its assets and employees.

Work experience


Site Supervisor

Securitas Security

Private contractor for a local chemical company in the Painesville, Ohio area.

Oversee the staffing, scheduling, and training for security officers assigned.
Ensure that contract-required training for security personnel has been met.
Maintain overtime to a minimum.
Make recommendations for positive and negative personnel actions.
Respond to client requests.
Investigate and prepare reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities.
Maintain daily activity reports on paper, computer or tablet.
Watch for irregular or unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards.
Monitor alarm system conditions that may require emergency services.
Monitor Milestone Video Surveillance System.
Use the S2 access control system for authorized persons, contractors, or visitors.


Publisher and Editor

Buckeye4Locals is the premier website for News and Information about and for Buckeye, Arizona. 



Video Marketing Magazine

Digital Magazine to bring the most viral Video Marketing information to the masses.


Search Engine Optimization Consultant

819, LLC.

Search Engine Optimization Agency that concentrates on Search Engine Marketing. Partner with me to build a comprehensive strategy to help support your marketing. By optimizing the content on your website, we will expand your relevancy. Content marketing promotes your brand as well as your unique voice and message.


Executive Producer and Host

The SEO Show

The SEO Show is a live internet show. We talk all things Search Engine Optimization from design to client retention. SEO from a beginner to advanced approach must be up-to-date and honest.


Video Marketing and SEO Expert

Schwarz Media Group

Leading expert in the field of Video Marketing with thousands of real world results as proof. I connect you with your audience by putting your best message right where it needs to be.

Video marketing is responsible for 65% of all online content.


Marketing Director

Sun City RV

Online Marketing and SEO helped increase Sun City RV's reach beyond the local used RV market and crossed into national and international markets. By using online marketing we were able to demonstrate the quality of an RV without dedicating more resources to the process.


Director of Marketing and Event Coordinator

JAB Promotions

Marketing and Promotions for the entertainment industry. We used social media, video marketing along with print, radio and television to assist our clients in growing their consumer base.



Full Stack Web Development Certification

Free Code Camp

A Full Stack Web Developer who is comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies. To be more specific, it means that I can work with databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and venture as far as designing front-end code.


Computer Science

Franklin University

The Computer Science major at Franklin University is a software development degree program that prepares you to collaborate, investigate, assess, design and creates technology-based solutions as a software or systems developer.


General Educational Development Diploma

Lakeland Community College

General Education Diploma, is a set of tests that certify the test taker has met high-school level academic skills.