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Sep 1996Dec 2000

Bachelor of Science

I have always had a strong desire and passion for the agriculture industry. It didn't take long and I found my desire for livestock production leaning towards sheep production. Soon, I decided that the pursuit of a career in sheep production was the direction that I had to go. With this in mind, Angelo State was the obvious choice for me. (being that San Angelo, Texas is the sheep capital of Texas.) Soon after attending Angelo State, I decide that the best way to furthur improve and supplement my education was to become involved in as many Agricultural activities as possible.

  • Immediately, I became a member of the ASU Block & Bridle Club in 1996.
  • Then I was given the opportunity & made the ASU Wool Judging Team in 1997.
  • While also being voted in as the Vice President of the Block & Bridle Club.
  • Became a member the ASU Livestock Judging Team from 1997 through 1998.
  • I was then voted President of Block & Bridle Club in 1998 through 1999.
  • Qualified and joined the ASU Delta Tau Alpha Agricultural Honor Society in 1998
  • I was voted in as Vice President of Delta Tau Alpha in 1999.
  • Overall GPA of 3.346.

My education has served me well, but I have refined it through experience.

Work experience

Jan 2001Present

Owner/Flock Manager

Schuh Box Lambs

As the General Manager, I have encouraged and improved the education and communications with our customers. This has allowed us to increase our customer base and develop long term relationships based on trust and loyalty with them. With improved marketing methods, I have increased the visibility of the business to more customers. These methods include:

  • A website providing a sampling of our lambs available for sale in both still picture and video formats. This encourages customers to choose us over our competition because we are more accessible. Customers and potential customers can see what we have to offer before taking a potentialy long trip to visit the ranch.
  • Providing valuable and sometimes hard to find information on proper care and management of a show lamb. This provides the help to our customers that they need to know how to properly raise their animal. This also has the added feature of keeping customers coming back to the website for updates.
  • An email newsletter that maintains our accessability to our customers and keeps us first in their minds for their next purchase.

With these improvements Schuh Box Lambs has increased sales by 10% and is still growing.

I have also implemented better management techniques that have improved productivity and reduced costs. By designing better facilities and implementing other tools adapted from the wildlife industry, more production females can be maintained with less labor. A better understanding of how sheep biology functions under different environmental conditions has increased lamb crop size by 30%. Land management techniques adapted from farming has allowed the business to maintain more sheep on less land with no harm to the environment and in some cases improving it.

After extensive research and promotion, I am leading the expansion of Schuh Box Lambs into the lamb meat market under the name “Eder Excellence”. This effort is proving to be profitable and an excellent move for Schuh Box Lambs. As of September 2012 we have acquired almost 375 ewes with a goal of 500 ewes. Unfortunatly, as of February 2013 a bacterial disease has droped our numbers to 260 before I found the problem and was able to stop its progression by better understanding the disease. Now, with systems I have set up, the flock is healthier and on its way to our original goal.

Jan 2008Apr 2013

Apprentice Electrician

William's Electric

Working at William's Electric has opened my skill set even more by allowing me to learn (hands on) the electrical trade. I have learned the proper methods of wiring simple and some more complex curictry. I have learned how to troubleshoot most electrical problems and make sure wiring is installed properly to prevent future problems.

May 2001Dec 2006

Assistant/Equipment Operator

Stiegler Farms

While I was an employee of Stiegler Farms, I was able to improve my skills in handling farm equipment. I also spent more time working with customers to explain the process of coastal grass sprig planting and help them understand what to do after we planted the grass to help it grow and flourish.

During my time here, sales for coastal sprigging service increased and more jobs for custom hay baling were acquired due to my efficiency in performing each job and increased customer satisfaction.

Computerization of Agriculture

One of my most valuable interest is computers and computer technology. Computer technology has become cheaper and more affordable to any livestock producer. It allows producers to be more efficient in their production & the tracking of it. It also improves the marketing of products to a wider audience and provides valuable information on how the market is preforming. Here are some of the things that I have implemented in Schuh Box Lambs.

  • The design and use of a record keeping system for tracking production using Microsoft Access. This allows for the customized recording of animal data that can also be linked to other recording systems that are using MS Access.
  • A PDA for use in the field. This allows me to sync the PDA with the computer record keeping system for ease of recording data in the field and accessing the same data when I need it. Furthermore, I can easily analyze data on a particular animal while in the field form the PDA which improves management ability.
  • Internet venews allow me to market show lambs to a larger audience. I can also provide support information to my customers through internet and email in a timely manner that was previously impossible.
  • All the marketing and contact with customers can be done through our website and email.