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S-5 Staff (Public Relations and Recruiting): Gained comfort working with and speaking in rather large crowds, managed various tasks and learned to delegate well to my subordinates, orgazined large recruiting events (Open Houses) .

Ring Figure Committee Cadet-in-Charge: Organized a very important event for my class; worked with various officers and with different vendors to pull it together. Learned management very quickly.


Dirt biking, cooking, running, shooting, gardening


Wade Bell

I did a lot of research with Dr. Bell and presented it in Richmond with him. I have also taken multiple classes with him.



Extensive work in laboratories (microbiology, genetics, and botany, for example,) work with residential tillers; I have also worked in my own home garden and with my uncle who owns a landscaping business. I am meticulous, diligent, and I work well in teams, keeping a positive attitude and work ethic. I also take direction well and am comfortable in leadership positions.

Proficient in most Microsoft programs, especially Word and PowerPoint.


My name is Heather Schmidt and I'm a junior at the Virginia Military Institute. I am always looking for a challenge and I am a strong, diligent, and meticulous worker with a good attitude and ethic. I am also an extrovert and enjoy interaction with different people – I work very well in teams. I have worked with many different tools and enjoy getting my hands dirty, especially when the end result is satisfying, like it was when I planted my first garden at home. I have a good knowledge of most tools and am a quick learner, and my attention to detail is high, which I have practiced extensively with my public relations staff at school. I also have a background in botany and microbiology and their respective labs. I am able to multi-task very well, especially because of my particular college, where I balance academics, strict training schedules, athletics, staff work (which includes running Open House events and delegating work to my subordinates,) event planning (I am in charge of a very big class event,) and various clubs and other extracurricular activities. I have also been on the Dean’s List for the majority of my college career thus far.


Aug 2007Present

Bachelor of Science

Virginia Military Institute

Curriculum Highlights:

Botany, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Animal Behavior, Nutrition, Organic Chemistry, Technical Writing


Dean's List (3)

Secretary for Phi Eta Sigma (Freshmen Honor Society, 2008)

Work experience

Jun 2009Jul 2009


VMI Dept. of Biology

I spent a month working in the microbiology lab learning new techniques wih bioadhesives and coverslips and did extensive work with microscopes and software programs. I learned to be very patient and meticulous in my job, and worked diligently to get everything done right. I later presented my research at the VCU Medical Center in Richmond at the American Society for Microbiology's annual meeting on 13-14 November 2009.

Jun 2006Aug 2007


Richmond Animal League

I volunteered every Friday night for two hours working with the dogs at the Richmond Animal League, taking them for walks and cleaning up after them. I learned a lot of responsibility here thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a team that I knew was making a difference to the animals, especially when we found them homes.