Heather Schmidt

Heather Schmidt


S-5 Staff (Public Relations and Recruiting): Gained comfort working with and speaking in rather large crowds, managed various tasks and learned to delegate well to my subordinates, orgazined large recruiting events (Open Houses) .

Ring Figure Committee Cadet-in-Charge: Organized a very important event for my class; worked with various officers and with different vendors to pull it together. Learned management very quickly.


Dirt biking, cooking, running, shooting, gardening


Extensive work in laboratories (microbiology, genetics, and botany, for example,) work with residential tillers; I have also worked in my own home garden and with my uncle who owns a landscaping business. I am meticulous, diligent, and I work well in teams, keeping a positive attitude and work ethic. I also take direction well and am comfortable in leadership positions.

Proficient in most Microsoft programs, especially Word and PowerPoint.


My name is Heather Schmidt and I'm a junior at the Virginia Military Institute. I am always looking for a challenge and I am a strong, diligent, and meticulous worker with a good attitude and ethic. I am also an extrovert and enjoy interaction with different people – I work very well in teams. I have worked with many different tools and enjoy getting my hands dirty, especially when the end result is satisfying, like it was when I planted my first garden at home. I have a good knowledge of most tools and am a quick learner, and my attention to detail is high, which I have practiced extensively with my public relations staff at school. I also have a background in botany and microbiology and their respective labs. I am able to multi-task very well, especially because of my particular college, where I balance academics, strict training schedules, athletics, staff work (which includes running Open House events and delegating work to my subordinates,) event planning (I am in charge of a very big class event,) and various clubs and other extracurricular activities. I have also been on the Dean’s List for the majority of my college career thus far.


Aug 2007 - Present

Bachelor of Science

Virginia Military Institute

Curriculum Highlights:

Botany, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Animal Behavior, Nutrition, Organic Chemistry, Technical Writing


Dean's List (3)

Secretary for Phi Eta Sigma (Freshmen Honor Society, 2008)

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2009 - Jul 2009


VMI Dept. of Biology

I spent a month working in the microbiology lab learning new techniques wih bioadhesives and coverslips and did extensive work with microscopes and software programs. I learned to be very patient and meticulous in my job, and worked diligently to get everything done right. I later presented my research at the VCU Medical Center in Richmond at the American Society for Microbiology's annual meeting on 13-14 November 2009.

Jun 2006 - Aug 2007


Richmond Animal League

I volunteered every Friday night for two hours working with the dogs at the Richmond Animal League, taking them for walks and cleaning up after them. I learned a lot of responsibility here thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a team that I knew was making a difference to the animals, especially when we found them homes.