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Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Camera Operator

Longwood University Athletics Department

The Big South Conference has a network, part of ESPN2 that broadcasts athletic games. I am part of the staff; my main job is working on the cameras. Most used camera is Camera 1, where I film the wideshot of the field/ court. I have worked cameras 1,2, and 3. Can also work replay, and have experience as Technical Director.

May 2010Aug 2011




Aug 2009Present

Longwood University




Premiere CS6
I just started using Premiere this summer.  I started with Final Cut, but found this video editing program much more understandable.  I have used it through my entire fall 2012 semester for my internship.  
Photoshop CS6
I used Photoshop in high school for three years, and I continue to use it for my classes in college.  I also used it frequently for my internship that I just completed.  I am a senior in college, and have found many tricks on it that have helped me complete many projects.  


When I am not on the lacrosse field, my hobbies include photography, art, and writing.  I am interested in coaching lacrosse when I graduate, either in the high school level or collegiate.  I also want to be a photographer or to get a job working with a camera, video included.