• Workshop Presenter
    • Designed and delivered half and full day workshops on topics including: Project Based Learning, Collaborative Feedback, Twitter for Professional Development, and Standards Based Grading
  • Learning Team Lead: Project-Based Learning and Project Tuning
    • Collaborated to tune projects, chaired tuning meetings, organized team, introduced new members to project tuning strategies and tuning protocol.
    • Organized groups that reading through BIE's PBL Handbook and meeting face to face to collaborate on implementing PBL in our practice.  
  • KRSS Collaboration Committee Chair
    • As of April 2014 there is a committee at Kelly Road Secondary School meeting to create a proposed model of Teacher collaboration for the 2014/2015 school year
    • We have met with and obtained feedback from Staff, Administrators, and Parents as we put together our proposal
  • Smarter Science Trainer (in training)
    • Currently in the process of learning about and experimenting with the Smarter Science framework for inquiry
    • By May 2014 I will have become a certified Smarter Science Trainer
  • Curriculum Design Team: Communication Competency
    • Collaborated on scope and sequence of communication continua. Shared and discussed samples of student work to reflect growth in all facets of communication competency.


I want to learn with students as they discover their full potential. I want to see students succeed because we have set up the conditions for curiosity, motivation and engagement. I want to learn deeply with students as we explore new ideas as well as new skills. I want to teach students to think. Like Halbert and Kaser, I want to see every student in BC walk across the stage with dignity, purpose, and options. I believe we need to innovate to remain current and relevant, and we need to collaborate in order to do so.

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2012 - Present

Continuing Contract Teacher

Northern Learning Centre Choice Program
  • Worked with all stakeholders to plan, promote, launch, and report on Northern Learning Center Choice Program.
  • Worked successfully in a team teaching environment teaching all core grade 8 subjects.
  • Collaboratively planned and delivered interdisciplinary projects to meet grade 8 and grade 9 outcomes.
  • Worked with staff and students to create program specific definitions and assessment tools, and reporting procedures for draft cross curricular competencies. 
  • Networked with other educators throughout BC to share best practices in project based learning.
  • Collaborated with all stakeholders to implement an effective bring your own device model in School District 57. 
  • Worked with staff and students to create a schedule that facilitated regular program wide connection time, split classes, and supported project based learning. 
  • Created an internet use agreement with students to share with parents.
  • Collaboratively rolled out new reporting procedures specific to the program.
  • Partnered with community businesses to plan and support projects, including a trip to CKPG TV, shoreline cleanup project on the Salmon River, presentations from RCMP members and a presentation from a local entrepreneur in video and graphic design.
  • Collaborated to organize a grade 8 and 9 trip to Vancouver that included students, parents, and staff traveling together. 
  • Collaborated to write and implement Individual Education Plans and Behaviour Support Plans. 
  • Developed with staff and school board member a proposal to successfully secure funds for a school garden. 
Nov 2013 - Present

Project Based Learning and Student Inquiry Resource Teacher

School District 57

  • Facilitate Teams of Teachers conducting their own inquiry into how Project Based Learning could be effectively implemented in their practice to enhance student learning 
  • Support teachers as they develop an understanding of Project Based Learning and/or Student Inquiry Learning
  • Work collaboratively with teachers to share information and successful practices in project/inquiry learning 
  • support the integration of Cross Curriculum Competencies as outlined by the Ministry of Education
Jan 2011 - Jun 2012

Continuing Contract Teacher

Kelly Road Secondary School
  • Developed and delivered projects to meet outcomes in Science 8 as well as Science and Technology 11.
  • Provided workshops and resources to staff on Standards Based Grading in Easy Grade Pro.
  • Provided workshops and resources to staff on Email reporting in Easy Grade Pro.
  • Created Moodle pages as an online communication tool for students and families. 
  • Collaborated to write and implement Individual Education Plans and Behaviour Support Plans. 
  • Taught Math 8, Math 10 Apprenticeship and Workplace, Science 8, and Science and Technology 11.
Jun 2009 - Jun 2010

Limited Duration Contract Teacher

Various Schools in School District 57
  • Participated in the School District 57 Mentorship Program
  • Delivered workshops on Standards Based Grading in Easy Grade Pro
  • Collaborated to write and implement Individual Education Plans and Behaviour Support Plans. 
  • Taught Math 8 and Math 9 at Kelly Road Secondary School (Jan 10 – Jun 10)
  • Taught in the TEAM Program at the Centre for Learning Alternatives (Nov  10 - Dec 10)
  • Digital Media 6-8, Science 7, French 7, Health and Career Education 7, Advisory 6-8 at Heather Park Middle School (Sep 09 - Jun 10)
  • Taught Chemistry 11, Science 8 and Science 9 at Prince George Senior Secondary (Jun 09)
Feb 2008 - Apr 2009

Practicum Teacher

Various Schools in School District 57
  • Served peers as cohort-faculty liaison in position of class representative.
  • Created blog for peers to ensure open dialog with UNBC regarding the Bachelor of Education program. 
  • Collaborated to plan a trip to the Fishtrap Well as part of our Science 8 unit on water systems. 
  • Taught Science 8, Science 9, and Biology 11 at DP Todd Secondary
  • Taught Science 8 at College Heights Secondary





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