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Continually striving to deliver the best possible solutions to business and providing guidance to better understand and utilize the software available.

Personally he would like to become an expert in delivering  robust business solutions based on Domain Driven Design and at the same time expand his knowledge of how to better deliver software solutions to business.


Over the years Schalk has established himself as specialist who provides business solutions based on Microsoft technologies, specifically providing enterprise integration solutions, as well as building "back office" / back-end system solutions.

He is passionate about his work, especially when working with like-minded people. Furthermore, he is flexible enough to work well individually or as part of a team environment. He also prides himself in sharing information and discoveries with team members and is always willing to show and teach fellow developers new concepts and/or technologies. At the same time he also enjoys learning something new from other people - one can never know everything. Keeping up to date with what is happening in the industry is a given and he thrives when given a challenge or gets the opportunity to learn and apply new skills.

As a developer Schalk is a very experienced and capable of building business systems from the ground up, by programming in C# (or even VB.NET) using the .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET and various data storage platforms (e.g. SQL Server). In recent times he has become more focussed on understanding the various software patterns and building more loosely coupled systems. Therefore it is instinctive to make use of other development tools and frameworks and where appropriate the numerous guidances provided by the Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team (specifically the Enterprise Library and the various software factories) in order to build scalable and reliable business systems.

In previous projects he has had extensive exposure in integrating systems using MS .NET, as well as MS BizTalk and through the years have built up tremendous knowledge and experience in this field of work. Having this background has made it easy to understand and implement the more robust message based architectures using the concept of a message bus and moving towards implementing a clean Domain-Driven Design.



Development Platform and Languages: Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, VB .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, LINQ, Entity Framework, TSQL, WMI

Testing, Continuous Integration and Source Control: MS VS.NET Unit Testing Tools, Team Foundaton Server (previously: NUnit, xUnit, Cruise Control, CI Factory, Team City, Subversion, Microsoft Visual Source Safe)

Other Frameworks and Tools: Microsoft Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library and Guidance Packages, Unity, AutoMapper, MediatR, MassTransit, NServiceBus, EventStore (previously: Castle Project, NHibernate)

Concepts: Software Development Life Cycle, Behaviour-Driven Development, Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Programming, Separation of Concerns and loosely coupled systems, Domain-Driven Design, Event Sourcing, Relational Database Management Systems and Database Normalisation, Service-Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, Message Bus (e.g. Enterprise and Internet Service Bus), Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection, Object Relational Mapping

ASP, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery and other JavaScript Frameworks, VB Script, IIS
XML Technologies
XML Namespaces, XML Schemas, XPath, XSLT, Microsoft XML DOM, XML in the Microsoft .NET Framework, XML Serialisation, SOAP and Web Services
Microsoft Windows Products

Servers: BizTalk Server (2004, 2006 R2, 2009), SQL Server, System Management Server, Commerce Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Dynamics CRM

Windows: Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, MSMQ, Component Service, Windows SharePoint Services, SMTP, Content Indexer, Certificate Server

Other: Windows Installer, MSI

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, VBA and Office Automation

Other Skills
  • Systems analysis and design, MSF
  • Structured working methods, documentation of systems and projects, project and time management 
  • Good knowledge of a corporate IT environment, e.g. e-mail and MS Exchange, networks, etc.
  • Travel Gateway Systems, Wise Package Studio, Installshield

Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Senior Software Developer/Architect Consultant

Spur Corporation

Initially called in to access the state of their proprietary software and development environment, which then evolved into building a new software development team that could maintain and enhance their proprietary software.

During this time numerous projects were tackled:

  • Implementing Dynamic CRM 2011 in the call centre and importing the existing supporting data
  • Integrating CRM with various external vendor's systems as well as the proprietary systems
  • Implementing source control, as well as certain ALM concepts using a onprem TFS (later migrated to TFS 2013)
  • Taking control of the development of the proprietary software from the 3rd party who maintained it.
  • Migrating the proprietary software from Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2005, as well as splitting the physical data tier from the application tier.
  • Various data tier improvement around SQL, specifically around creating a master data repository
  • Guiding and assisting in building, as well as maintaining a proprietary mobile application which integrates to the existing proprietary systems
Feb 2010Jul 2013

Framework Team Member


Support and enhancement of the custom Framework built on the .NET Framework
BizTalk Guidance and Development

Sep 2008Dec 2009

Software Developer

University of Queensland - AEGRC

Working AEGRC gave me the ideal opportunity to dig deeper into my software development roots and apply the knowledge I have gained during my previous project. At the same time I was also able to learn more about the interesting world of genetics and the inner workings of a research centre.

Some of my main duties have been:

  • Establish a stable development environment making use of continuous integration with Cruise Control .NET and maintain source code using Subversion.
  • Migrate, maintain/upgrade and support the existing code, as well as the production system which was build using ASP.NET and SQL Server.
  • Build new systems as required to cater for new business ventures in the centre.

Technologies Used:

ASP.NET, AJAX, C#, IIS, SQL Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Patterns & Practices Web Client Software Factory, Unity, LINQ to SQL, xUnit, SVN source control with Tortoise SVN and Ankh SVN client, Continuous Integration with Cruise Control .NET wrapped by CI Factory, migrated to Team City.

Concepts Used:

Guidance packages provided by Patterns and Practices (specifically Web Client Software Factory), various Software Design Patterns (e.g. Adapter pattern, Decorator pattern, Separation of Concerns, Model View Presenter and service orientated / loosely coupled development using Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control), as well as Continuous Integration.

May 2008Jul 2009

Independent Consultant


The initial contract objectives where to ensure that the newly developed system was ready for release to production. During this time I also had to make myself familiar with the business operations, the system operations, as well as the technologies employed by system. After the system was release to production, I had to ensure any bugs found in the system was either fixed or that a suitable workaround was found. I was also tasked to ensure that the system ran smoothly, which meant that problems occurring during the day to day running of the system, be investigated and fixed as quickly as possible. With the renewal of the contract it was decided that some extra functionality had to be added to the system, which included a queued bulk e-mail process. The system has been running successfully for more than a month with only minor bugs being reported and the additional functionality will be released soon.

Technologies Used:

IIS, ASP.NET, C#, PostgressSQL, ELMAH, Castle Windsor, NHibernate, NUnit, SVN source control with Tortoise client and Cruise Control .NET.

Concepts Used:

Separation of concerns and service orientated development using Castle Windsor, as well as Continuous Integration.

Jan 2005Jan 2008

Independent Consultant

Business Connexion

While contracting to one of South Africa's top Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, I had the opportunity to work on the following 3 major integration projects over a period of 3 years:

  1. A EAI (enterprise application Integration) project in the retail industry.Technologies used:BizTalk Server 2004, custom components programmed in C# using the .NET Framework, XML technologies, SQL Server, TSQL, NUnit, Visual Source Safe 
  2. A project in the travel industry based on SOA (service-orientated architecture) concepts. Technologies used: XML technologies, custom developed travel industry specific framework programmed in C# using the .NET Framework, MS Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library, SOAP and Web Services, NUnit, Windows Forms, Visual Source Safe, Travel Gateway Systems 
  3. A SOA project in the retail industry.Technologies used: BizTalk Server 2004 and 2006 R2, SQL Server, programming custom components in C# using the .NET Framework, MSMQ, XML technologies, MS Visual Studio . NET, Visual Source Safe, Service Orientated Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, MS Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library, Design Patterns, Windows Forms, SOAP and Web Services, NUnit, Team Foundation Server
Jul 1998Jan 2005


Other Companies

I started working at a big corporate as a technical support person and after about 6 months, I was given an opportunity to be part of the big Internet drive. Thereafter my skills grew exponentially and I seized every opportunity that came my way.

This led me to working for a Microsoft Solution provider where I worked at a number of clients on various development projects. Working for the Microsoft Solution provider gave me a good basis to become a independent contractor providing solutions to a number of businesses.

Technologies Used:

HTML, CSS, Java Script, VB Script, ASP, IIS, VB6, object orientated programming, XML Technologies, MS Office, VBA, SQL Server, TSQL, MSMQ, MSI, Wise Package Studio, MS SMS, MS Site Server 3.0 (Commerce Edition), Commerce Server, SharePoint Portal Server



Jun 1999Dec 1999

Diploma in Systems Analysis and Design

Faculty Training Institute


Systems Development process, Systems Modelling techniques, Systems Modelling (workshop), Requirements specification, Rapid Applications Development (workshop).

Leadership and achievements:

Through this course I strengthened my current abilities and developed the following additional abilities:

  • extract appropriate information out of a user/client
  • do in depth analysis and design of a system
  • initiate a project and lead it if necessary
  • do a rundown of the implemented system.
Jan 1995Jul 1998

Cape Technicon


Retail business Management I, II, III, Business Economics I, II, III, Consumer Behaviour I, End-user Computing I, Communication in English I, Mercantile Law I, Shopping Centre Management I, Business Logistics Management I, Advertising and Sales Promotion I

Leadership and achievements:

During my studies at the Technicon I developed the following abilities:

  • to work as a member of team
  • to plan for upcoming events and projects accurately
  • to understand and work better with a wide range of people
  • to work hard and discipline myself.


Senior Certificate (Grade 10)

Durbanville High School

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)


Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) - PAD


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