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Work experience

Volunteer Work

St. Andrews Parish  September 2010- June 2011

I volunteered here last year every Sunday for 30-60 mins. My job shuffled was help making the snacks for the morning mass, arranging the books in the church, collecting the money, and welcoming people into the church.

John Oliver Secondary School 

1. Jokers Classic (Basketball Event) Nov 2010 4 days

I worked in this event by helping set up the gym for the event and cleaning it up. My job was in the concession stand or handing out the customer pass.

2. Jokers Corner  Oct 2010 - May 2011

I worked in my high school shop. This is where I learned how to work a till and give the customers on what they asked for. 

3. JO 100 year event 

I was one of the volunteers to work in Jokers Corner since it was open for the event. 

Jobs I might take in the next 2 years

I'm thinking of working in a Community Centre where I can help kids with academics or working with them in fun activities

Then in the ciniplex, work in this place where movies are being played.


Simon Fraser University
Sep 2010Present

John Oliver Secondary School


Working with Children
I understand children since I can see there point of view. I'm patient and friendly but can enforce the rules with them. Having and leading fun activities for them to play and letting them have there own time. I'm a good listener and try to give my best advice, when they need my attention.
Time Management
During my volunteer work, I always find that I'm doing something productive. I use my time wisely by doing the important stuff first.
Communicating and working with people/ groups
I'm very good at communicating and working within a group, I give out my views and I take in and listen to everyone's points. Then we usually settle in a fair compromise or in agreement.


Hello, my name is Sasha Cerino. I am currently a student in John Oliver Secondary School. My future post-secondary goal would be Simon Fraser University. My recent jobs that I've done has been volunteer work so far. I have volunteered in my school and in other parts of my community. A job that I want to part take is to work in environment with kids and benefiting my education in the English and fine arts department.


The future job I want to work at is being an author. Also a writer for a TV show. It has always been a dream of mine to be working in the entertainment business, especially when it comes to film production. I want to be able to write a script for a popular TV show that airs every night; I want to make a script that makes everyone, laugh, smile, shocked, and many other different emotions. 

Then when I'm not screen writing I'll be working on a book that people can't put down. A book that can be excellent enough to be made into a movie. I want a job that involves my creativity skills and my passion for the fine arts and film production.


My interests are being in environment where it's lively and youth that I can work with. I like a place where I can interact with children that are younger than me. They have so much imagination, creativity, and energy in them. Wether it's helping them out with academics or just letting them do a bunch of fun activities, I love making kids happy.

Another place would be with my colleges working on film production products. Screen writing, acting, directing, editing, it all fascinates me. Drawing up storyboards, thinking of an idea for a skit or movie. Then actually filming into an actual video. This interests me a lot since it combines my love for fine arts and English. What makes it better is that I get to work with a group of people that I can accomplish anything with.