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High School Diploma 

Helen Cox High School

-Cumulative GPA: 3.5


Tulane University
I earned college credits in Pyschology from the Tulane Science Scholars Program in the summer of summer of 2014, taught by Dr. Carrie Wyland.

Extra Curricular

Air Force Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps

4 years
-Active member since 9th grade, served as Honor Guard Captain 2 years in a row, earned "Outstanding Cadet" ribbon.
-Became Group Commander, ranking as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Drama Club

2 years
-Starred in the first production in Helen Cox High School History
-Apart of both the cast and the stage crew.

Black History/Multicultural Club

2 years

-Helped plan the annual Multicultural Pep Rally which exposes students to the different types of cultures that are present in our school.

Student Council

2 years
-Helped start a school campaign to stop using offensive terms about people who are mentally disabled; "Spread The Word to Stop The Word"

Heart of Passion

1 year
-Helping to organize a red carpet event, a week in New Orleans, for teens with cancer.

Academic Games

2 years

Community Service

Over 300 hours

Earned with AFJROTC and Student Council
-I earned these hours by volunteering and participating in events like NO AIDS Walk, Gumbo Fest, Oyster Fest, etc.


I also participated in the Tulane Science Scholars Program during the acdemic taking the courses "Why We Get Sick" (taught by Dr. Bruce E Fleury), "Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?" (also taught by Dr. Bruce E Fleury), and "The Brain on Steroids: How Does It React?"(taught by Assistant ProfessorNandini Vasudevan).