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Work experience

Lawson PSSC

Classroom Trainings Conducted:

Time Management

Visual Meetings

Getting Started with Camtasia 

Jan 2010Present

Software Platforms Enginner

Lawson PSSC

Creates classroom and computer-based training materials of the Cloud Technology for internal use of developers. 

Jun 2006Dec 2009

Support Engineer

Lawson PSSC

Leads in learning Lawson products and third party products and transfers this knowledge to team members. Installs and configures Lawson Products on different platforms, web and application servers, servlet containers in local or remote setup. Troubleshoots clients' system configuration. 

Apr 2002May 2006

Java Applications Engineer

Cyberj Resources

Develops, tests and debugs standalone and web applications written in Java.


Jun 1998Mar 2002

Bachelor of Science

University of the Philippines

Instructional Design Experience

LMS Experience

Proof of Excellence



A passionate individual, seeking to make a difference in an organization by analyzing its current ways of thinking, challenging its models of learning, and influencing a love-for-learning culture. Because I myself am passionate to learn new things in order to work in smarter ways, this love-for-learning will always be new, interesting and capable of exciting fellow colleagues in an unobtrusive yet attractive way.


Technically adept and equipped with the necessary soft skills, I am an IT professional seeking to make a difference in the field of training/learning in the corporate world. My experience in programming, customer support, troubleshooting and systems administration, will greatly support this venture as it gives me a vantage point from a technical perspective, complementary to strong communication and presentation skills. These years spent in IT have seen the eagerness to pass on knowledge in traditional and blended format. I sought opportunities to conduct trainings, both in classroom and e-learning type. Discovering tools and knowledge that will make work in the office an exciting and rewarding experience is my motivation. Transfer of these discovered resources through effective presentation is my passion.

TASKS (Talents, Attitude, Strengths, Knowledge and Skills)

 Please see sample projects on the left side of this page.

 Please see my Strengths List based on Strengths Finder by Marcus Buckingham

Anything that has to do with productivity and efficiency is my passion. The globalized world calls for a new set of skills. Listing down a set of them seems flat. Integrating around a a set of guiding principles makes more sense.

I believe man is the greatest resource of a company. Yes we demand him to be productive but we facilitate this productivity by helping him develop his fullest potentials. I do not believe in concentrating on bridging gap on skills. I believe in focusing and developing the strengths. I don't believe in working overtime. I believe in working intensely. I don't believe in telling people what to do. I believe in engaging them. I don't believe one has the monopoly of best ideas. I believe in working together to achieve the best. I don't believe in looking at past job posts to determine a fit for a job. I believe in looking at strengths and potentials. 

My view in performance and productivity  is "go slow to go fast" inspired by Michael Doyle. Trees take time to grow before they bear fruits. Interventions can happen but patience is a mainstay.

Here are the people/institution/tools influential in my thoughts on the following skills:

1. Facilitating Meetings - David Sibbet, Michael Doyle

2. Problem Solving - Dan Roam, Michael Doyle and David Strauss

3. Time Management - Michael Doyle, Pierre Khawand

4. Communication:

           Visual Communication - David Sibbet

            Aesthetics - BeforeAndAfter (John McWade)

            Thoughts and Trends - Martin Eppler

            Conversational English - DailyStep by Jane Lawson

5. Soft Skills - MindTools

6. Eliciting Creativity - Mindmapping by Tony Buzan, Graphic Guides by The Grove

7. Tools for Organizing Thoughts/Ideas/Technical Stuff - OneNote by Microsoft, iMindMap

8. Tools for Presentation - myself, practice, Prezi

9. Tools for Brainstorming and Visual Meetings - Sibbet's Graphic Guides and the software  Let's Focus