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Positive, energetic and compassionate young man. Ready to connect with people, to connect people together and to challenge people. Passionate about cultures, languages, arts, music and dance. 


Sep 2018August 2020

Master 1, Intercultural Management (English program) (MA)

Main subjects: Intercultural communication (in the workplace), International management, Languages and cultures (FR, EN, FI), Business skills, International Project management, Research methodology and carreers, Project and carreer development

Sep 2012Aug 2018

Leisure Management (English program) (BA)

Core competences: Imagineer, Marketeer, Organizer, Manager, and Business Professional. Specialization in Concepting and Events

Jan 2015May 2015

Erasmus Exchange Semester

Completed subjects: culture, marketing, management, finance, law and French language.

Jan 2010Feb 2012

International Financial Management (BBA)

Main subjects: cross-cultural analysis, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, IT, Spanish & English language and physical education

Sep 2006Jan 2010

Marketing Employee, Middle Vocational Education, Diploma

Educated to be an interdependent marketing employee. Competency based education

Sep 2001June 2006

Middle - Highschool, Diploma

Exam subjects: Math, Physics, Economics and Dutch, German and English language

Sep 2001June 2006

Middle - Highschool, Diploma

Exam subjects: Math, Physics, Economics and Dutch, German and English language


Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian

NL - Native
EN - C2 proficiency
FR - B1 proficiency
IT - A2 proficiency
DE - A2 proficiency

Other skills

Advanced MS Office skills, Advanced Google Office, Windows, Android OS. 

Training events participated

Restart Training  by Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen (Netherlands), July 2018, 7 days, professional development course, see link

Practicing Coaching Training by Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen (Netherlands), March 2018, 7 days, professional development course, see website

Embracing Diversity by Norwegian National AgencyOslo (Norway), April 2017, 4 days, diversity management training course, see website

Trainers' Forum by Trainers' Forum, Wroclaw (Poland), January 2016, 3 days, development of trainers, see website

Choice training by Synergy Bulgaria, Ravnogor (Bulgaria), September 2016, 5 days, personal development, see website

Eduk8 Forward by ESN Eduk8,  Batumi (Georgia), August 2016, 9 days, advanced training for trainers, see website

Event Wise Training by Synergy Bulgaria, Ravnogor (Bulgaria), June 2016, 10 days,   personal development, see website

Eduk8 Starter by ESN Eduk8, Timisoara (Romania), February 2016, 7 days, training for trainers, see website   

Work and volunteering experience

Mar 2017Present

Professional Freelancer

Providing services as Trainer, Coach, Facilitator, Event Manager and Barista.

Aug 2015Present

International volunteer, various functions

As volunteer on all levels I am part of an intercultural team working together to achieve the goals set by the committee chairs and team coordinators. As a Trainer I facilitate learning for the volunteers of ESN on local, national and international level. This is still an activity that I continued doing. Finally as former President I was the face and voice of the section for the incoming exchange students and for the section on the national level. Organizing and management were common tasks during this period. 

Mar 2017August 2018

Instructor, rescuer, customer service, (cooking) coach

Provide services to guests from 7 years and older. For example give instructions, support and guidance. Execute maintenance and administrative tasks, take calls and answer emails. Coach employees with social needs (and managing kitchen). 

Jul 2016August 2018


As trainer I facilitate workshops and meetings for youth in the Netherlands. This to help youth discover their strenghts, honing a variety of skills, preparing them for their future work life as well as facilitating meetings discussions on topics like mental vulnerbility. 

Jan 2016July 2018

Senior Captain, local tour manager

Welcoming clients, bring them to accomodation, sales of bar crawls, manage registration and verification of clients, guide bar crawl tour, delegate task to junior staff, and guidance where necessary, also in case of emergencies. 

May 2015Aug 2015

Tour coordinator

Check-in clients for tours, different meeting points in Paris, bring clients to the right destination to start their tour, provide clients and guides with audio equipment and tickets, solve problems as they come, communicate with service desk, and handle administration after tour.

Aug 2014Dec 2014

Tourism product specialist, Traineeship

Preparing monthly tour analyses concerning customer feedback, translating into presentable information for management and sales team, competitor analyses, desk research for new tours, tour/guide evaluation (after joining tours), co-creating new competency model for guides, cold calls/email communication with potential new guides.

Mucho Contento

Oct 2013Jan 2018

From All-round Sales Employee to Team Manager to Assistant Manager

Monstersale for McGregor Fashion Group.  Started as all-round sales employee. Moved up to team manager organizing the warehouse during the event and manage team. Ended up managing preperations before events, staff planning, customer contact, sales, administrative tasks and registery work.

Apr 2012Jun 2014

Co-assistant head steward

Managing the third floor of the main entrance and 8 employees, four hundred unique visitors during event and thousands passing through, check with area managers their planning and brief and debrief employees accordingly, assist, assess possible threats and necessity for actions. In other words: providing service, safety, and security.

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Organizer of Kersvers student introduction

Contact student associations to ask them to participate in the festival and party, scout for volunteers and design a shift schedule, taking care-off the welfare of volunteers during the event

Apr 2007Jan 2010

Employee Marketing, internships

Organize promotional activities, lead promotion projects, administrative tasks, giving presentations to a variety of employees, organize fair stand, host during events/congresses in-house as well as external locations, helping clients via email or phone, distribution of mailings, organizing administration for meetings and training.

1998Jun 2014

Employee in the hospitality sector, sales and administration, paperboy and mailman

Started as a paperboy in 1998, to become a mailman in 2005. Then moved to different sector in hospitality, as a host/waiter, and in sales and administration, customer care and closing shop and daily administration.