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Outstanding leadership in managing software projects to successful conclusions by actively involving project stakeholders and customer representatives in all phases of development through effective communication.  Proven expertise in managing the software development life-cycle and applying principles of both functional and object-oriented systems analysis and design to the solution of real business problems by creating effective, efficient, and scalable architectures obtained through hands-on project experience in the medical device, healthcare information technology, retail software, and hospitality industries.

Work experience


Consultant - ViroMed Laboratories

BORN Information Services

Delivered software engineering expertise to one of the primary contractors for the US Navy and US Army medical testing services.  Maintained and updated system of COM+ components and web-based interface used for the tracking of laboratory samples from collection through the laboratory and the reporting of results.


Software Engineer

Parsons Technology

Provided GUI design and implementation from user requirements and maintenance of core business logic in a rule-based expert system for several popular, document-driven 'service-at-home' retail software titles.


Founder / CTO

BeamStack, LLC

Founded and involved in every aspect of fostering the growth of a microISV focused on developing applications for the Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian platforms.  Beamstack produces consumer-facing mobile location aware applications in addition to providing custom application development services for enterprise customers.


Mobile Application Engineer

RedBrick Health

Responsible for integrating wellness tracking, coaching, and healthy behavior modification applications delivered via the web onto the Android and iOS platforms as usable and engaging native applications. Provided both architecture and implementation, working with product management to clarify, estimate and implement storycards, integrating with QA to ensure delivery met expectations, and collaborating with the product operations and professional services teams to facilitate smooth rollout.


Director of Software Development

TimeManagement Corporation
  • Led, supervised and motivated development team members in all aspects of the software development process.  Participated as a full business partner in shaping, guiding, and implementing the technology and product strategies of a fast growing technology company providing industry leading, enterprise-class labor management solutions.  Exercised considerable personal initiative and leadership as a collaborative team member working with marketing and product management team members to shape the direction of the Company's product offering.
  • Responsible for architecture and design of both browser-based and rich client product implementations based on in-depth analysis and understanding of customer requirements, a thorough understanding of a significant, diverse, and rapidly evolving technology platform, and mediated by business priorities and changing timelines and resources.
  • Designed and implemented management processes to maximize the effectiveness of both local and offshore development resources in fulfilling its mission in support of company goals.
  • Responsible for ensuring the high-volume and mission critical information technology needs of a rapidly growing company were met within tight budgetary constraints.

Director of Software Development

CareFacts Information Systems
  • Responsible for the enhancement and maintenance of a point-of-care, clinical information management software system built on a disconnected, distributed database architecture used nationally and primarily in the home health care industry segment.  This software integrated clinical/diagnostic charting based on nursing best practices and open standards with both a resource-based, optimizing scheduling module and an accounting/reporting packaged tied to the generation of revenue from Medicare/Medicaid, insurance, and private payor claims.
  • Migrated and redesigned a distributed architecture into a distributed database and client/server hybrid system capable of supporting hundreds of disconnected, offline users concurrently with always connected online users.
  • Managed a team of five software engineers with low turnover in a period of rapid change in the software industry through improved communication and by including employee feedback in decision-making processes.
  • Increased the efficiency of the software engineering team by implementing an agile development methodology more conducive to improving the quality of a rapidly evoloving product and increasing customer satisfaction through rapid response.
  • Provided technical sales assistance and participated as part of a small executive team to foster and manage the rapid grwoth of a comapny named for four consecutive years to the Deloitte Minnesota Fast 50 list of highest-growth companies.
  • Extended product line onto new patform of handheld devices.
  • Ensured software compliance with both client and governmentally-regulated privacy and security policies (HIPAA).

Consultant - Guidant, Inc., Cardiac Rhythm Management

  • Served as a software engineer and technical lead to a global leader in the medical device manufacturing industry.  Provided requirements analysis, implementation, and design verification and validation that led to FDA approval of programmer system software, embedded firmware and telemetry communication for Class-3, life-critical / life-sustaining medical devices.
  • Provided system architecture, high-level design, and leadership in the implementation of an object-oriented test platform that provided a utility layer between third party electronic stimulation hardware and embedded application software.
  • Took a significant role in a reuse initiative that identified existing reusable software assets and implemented a code framework that incorporated these and new component assets into a manageable and useful repository.

Consultant - B-Tree Systems


Designed and created solutions to adapt and customize automated testing tools for embedded PCs, embedded systems, and PC hardware test platforms to meet specific requirements of client designs and test teams that were automating product regression and functional testing suites in diverse industries such as microprocessor manufacturing, gambling, and entertainment device development and regulation, and medical device validation and verification.



Pursuing Ph.D

University of Minnesota



Sandi Gordon

Barrs Lewis

Tom Mayer


Silverlight / WPF
Handheld / Mobile Application Development
(Blackberry / J2ME, iOS, Android, Symbian, WP7)
Platforms - Windows, Unix/Linux, QNX
Web Application Frameworks (RoR, Django/Pylons, Struts)
Windows DNA (COM+ / DCOM)
.NET (C#, Managed C++)