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Work experience


Senior Advisor

Warby Parker
  • Maintain relations with employees in order to preserve a high morale and to prevent future complications
  • Acts as liaison between management and sales advisors in order to maintain open communication
  • Created a Values Walk by assessing different aspects of the store, such as ambiance, happiness levels of employees and customers, and overall flow of the store. 
  • Is acting manager when upper management is not present in store.
  • Schedules the day-to-day positions of sales advisors
  • Mentors new sales associates to contribute to the store’s positive culture.​
  • Resolves all customer complaints in a professional manner while prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Communicates clear expectations and goals to each team member.


On-boarding Lead

  • Trained All new sales associates each quarter.
  • Mentored new sales associates to contribute to the store’s positive culture.
  • Worked with the management team to implement the proper division of responsibilities.



BBA in Leadership and Human Resources 

Brooklyn College

(GPA 3.6)

Text Section

Founding Member of the Brooklyn College Human Resources Club.

Led several club meetings in which we practiced mock interviews as well as had guest speakers from throughout the NYC business Market

Professional Summay

Recent College graduate who majored in Leadership and Human Resources and is eager to take on a new challenge. 

Senior Advisor dedicated to continuous process improvements in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets. Extremely results-oriented and proactive in addressing and resolving problems.