Safiya Blyden

Safiya Blyden



I am more than intrested in learning about new subject. Altough I have obtained anĀ intrest in the arts and health sciences.


It brings me great pleasure to outline my academic goals. Upon my four years in high school I have developed many interests. These vocations and interests have come to me from insight, mentors, and also from my piers. From the various fascinating academic area there are to study I have choose to study in the field of health. This particular area caught my interest when I was in the 11th grade. I watched as some of the staff at school helped the athletes while they were on or off the field or court. Also I saw how my aunt was able provide some medical care to people whether she was at work or not. This encouraged me to take on a further interest in the subject of health. In order for to be better understand this topic I have to go on to higher institution of learning.

The courses that relate to my chosen career choice that I plan to partake in are anatomy, rehabilitation, scientific inquiry, and topics in health services and delivery. I will also take many other biological studies to gain the most information possible in my desired subject stated above.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2008 - Present


Food Lion
  • Greeting customers
  • Conducting monitory transactions
  • Responsible for restock


Sep 2006 - Present

Heritage High School
Sep 2009 - Present

Thomas Nelson Community College, Dual Enrollment


Jun 2008 - Present

Certificaton of Customer Service

Customer Service