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Seeking Electrical and Electronic Engineer or a challenging position in a company, where I can prove myself as an asset of the company through my hard work and contribution. I have unique combination of strong technical skills and theoretical knowledge. Given the opportunity I could bring success to your company.


Aug 2005Aug 2007


Kushtia Government Collage, Kushtia.

GPA:3.70(Out of 5.00)

Jan 2003Jul 2005


Satkhira Government High School, Satkhira.

GPA:4.50(Out of 5.00)

Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Electrical Engineer


·To supervise all kinds of Machinery in Office and Factory. ·To maintenance all kinds of Machinery in Office. ·To maintenance all kinds of Machinery in Factory. ·To design all electrical drawing in a house & a factory by using AutoCAD.


Salma Nazia Rahman

Prof. Dr. Md. Sekendar Ali


B. Sc. Thesis & Project
“Valley Fill Electronic Ballast Having Improved Power Factor , Crest Factor and Reduced Line Current Total Harmonic Distortion’’    
Project on “Stabilizer using 555 Timer & saving equipment from unwanted Voltage”. Project on “Generalized a Stabilizer for saving equipment from unwanted noisy signal”. Project on “A Radio Receiver for FM Radio”. Project on “Generalized a Radio Transmitter for AM Radio”. Project on “Design Inverter using NMOS”. Project on “Generalized of a standardized Pulse-The Monostable Multi vibrator”. Project on “Operation on Class B Amplifier”. Project on “Design a Solar System for Home & Load Caculation”. Project on “Generalized Micro-Controller Based IC Tester”.
Excellent concept in IP Addressing and Subnetting. Excellent concept in IPv4 & Concept on IPv6. Concept on LAN, WAN, Networking Technologies & Protocols. Concept on Hub, Switch, Repeater, Router. Concept on Data Communication, Transmission Media, Digital Transmission, Switching, ISDN & Terminal Handling. Have excellent knowledge on Medium access sub-layer, Data link layer, Network layer, Transport layer, Session layer & Application layer & LAN technologies. Have excellent Knowledge on configuring Switch, Router & Different routing protocol (Software use “Cisco Packet Tracer”).
Intel 8086 kits [laboratory experiments] DC Motors and Generators [laboratory experiments] Synchronous Motors and Generators [laboratory experiments] Designing PCB. D 300 Semiconductors-1 Training Module [laboratory experiment] TV, FM Radio, AM Radio, CCTV [laboratory experiments]
AutoCAD [2D Design,Wiring Design ,Electrical Design] Matlab [Communication toolbox, Signal Processing toolbox, Control Systemtoolbox, Simulink and basic programming] Microsim PSpice8.0 [Analog and digital circuit simulation and layout design] Orcad9.2[Circuit design,simulation and Coding] Microwind [Design and simulation of integrated MOS circuits] Dsch2[Design Logical integrated circuits] Circuit maker [Analog and digital circuit simulation] Emulator 8086 [Assembly language programming] Packet tracer [Network design and simulation, performance analysis TCP/IP and OSI model protocols analysis, command line interfacing for Routers and Switch configuration] Microsoft Office with Microsoft VISIO[Word, Excel, PowerPoint]   Adobe Photoshop Netbeans-7.0.1-ml-windows Visual Studio 2010
Programming Language
C Java Assembly language for 8086 microprocessor  
Operating System
Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows XP