Sayel Mansour

Supervisor Administrator

  • ABU HALIFA Kuwait


I have an 5 years experience in the felid of the Real Estate Department as well as total of 1 year Event Management Experience at The Australian College of Kuwait which enhanced and development my management skills, communication skills, long term and short term planning skills and an increase my public relation skills.


Seek a responsible and challenging career in the position desired that allow me to utilize and enhance my experience, knowledge and expertise to the benefit of my company, employer and our clients.

Work experience

Work experience

Real-Estate Supervisor

AL-Enmma Real-Estate Company
May 2010 - Present

Real-Estate Department :-

Real-Estate Department :-

  • Setting Rent, knowing how to set the right rent level to attract tenants to your property. They have an understanding of the market where the property is located and have looked at comparable properties in the area.
  • Finding Tenants, responsible for marketing the property to fill vacancies. They know where to advertise and what to include in their ads. They also understand what attracts tenants.
  • Handling Complaints/Emergencies.
  • Update owners on status of property.
  • Send out notices if rent is delinquent.
  • Participant in KFH auction ( Baitk 1 portfolio ) 17-12-2014.





Diploma in Marketing

Australian College of Kuwait
Sep 2006 - Jun 2008

High School

Hisham ibn al-A'as
Sep 2002 - Jun 2005


Good communication with the clients
Microsoft office (Windows and Mac)