Dave Sawyer

Dave Sawyer

Recent Experience

  • FUTUREVIEW --  Creative & Staging Company in Washington DC.
  •          Audience Response  / Video Lead  for 11 Wall Street Journal Events. (2008-2013).

             Video Lead for U.S. Islam Conference.   (2011)

             Video Lead for 5 Presidential Inaugural Event.  (2009 & 2013)

             Video Lead for 3 Peterson Foundation events.

             Video Lead for Cybershockwave (Turned into a television special for CNN).

             Video Lead / Audience Response for a DC conference for Educational & Testing Service.

             Video Lead for Several Economist Magazine events in New York & DC. 

                  -- Including their Buttonwood & State Of the Planet Events in New York.

    Techinical Services

    • Audience Response Systems --  System Rental,  Question Design
    • Webcasting  --  Using Wirecast 4 Pro -- Highly Produced / Lower Thirds & Cat 5 Graphic  inputs
    • Event Management -- Exceptional Technicians, Vendors and Equipment
    • Presentation Creation and Development
    • Technical Direction -- Crew Supervision -- Calling the Show
    • Video Pre-Production -- Creating Show Openers and other special video support requirements
    • Live Event Video Director  --  Calling cameras and Punching the Show
    • Video Engineer -- Hi Resolution Video Engineer and Camera Packages
    • Video Tape Operator  Playback & Record
    • Digital Video Record & Playback -- To hard Disc or Videotape
    • Camera Shading
    • Camera Operator



    • Keynote
    • Powerpoint
    • OfficeFX Presenter -- A special Plug-In for PC based Power-Point -- which allows 3d content and continuos moving video backgrounds.
    • Pro-Show Producer -- Photo manipulation software that can output both self running and operator controlled presentations.


    • Photoshop
    • I-Photo
    • Pro-Show Producer -- Allows some minor manipulation of photo content with-in a "Producer" production.


    • Final Cut Pro / Motion / Live Type
    • Pro-Show Producer
    • Cleaner
    • Digital Juice's "JUICER"
    • DVD Ripper Platinum
    • QuickTime Pro


    • Audience Response -- Over 500 Turning Point Keypads.
    • Mac Desktops -- With Final Cut // Adobe CS 4 // Webcast Hardware
    • Mac Laptops -- with both PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop, Juicer and Final Cut ProHD
    • PC Laptops  --  with PowerPoint, Photoshop, Cleaner, Juicer and Premiere
    • PlayBack Pro -- Hi Resolution Video Playback -- from Mac Laptops
    • Perfect Cues -- Hi Resolution Video Engineer and Camera Packages
    • Record Pro -- Hi Resolution Video Recordings -- To Mac Laptops & Record -- input to encoders
    • Digital Content Libraries -- Digital Juice Content Libraries  (seamless -- loopable videos that can be used as text backdrops.


    Dave Sawyer of Visual Response is ready to help make your event a memorable one.

    Whether through my services as a technician or as a technical director responsible for the set-up of the event and calling your show; I look forward to working on your event and getting a response from your audience.

    Work Samples