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Stephen Savoie

the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. -sun tzu


 I have many interests and hobbies, most include the outdoors. I am a hard  working individual, but I am also the type of person that can disassociate work life from personal life.

Short/long term goals

For  myself a short term goal would be, to complete the program I am currently enrolled in, at Lethbridge College , with and average of 80% throughout my last semester of classes.

Two long term goals I have for myself would be to  stay in shape throughout school and becoming a police officer as it will be most important for myself to be healthy. The other long term goal I have for myself would be to improve my writing skills in many areas because I know writing is important with this career and I would feel more confident with myself if my writing  were to improve.

Mission, Vision, Value Statement 

Mission Statement

To stand up and protect the community, while showing compassion, commitment, and leadership. Among everything else, put the community and its needs before my own.

Vision Statement

Be accountable, respectful, and professional during any situation and strive to become a role model for some people.

Value Statement

Respect, compassion, empathy, apathy, sympathy, strength.


Work experience

Glass Technician

Airdrie windshield and glass

Installing glass in vehicles, house windows, mirrors, table tops, cutting glass, organizing, cleaning, and keeping the shop/job site up to safety standards.

  • Enhanced time management skills
  • Enhanced verbal communication skills with customers
  • Gained independent work skills

Airdrie, Alberta


Vanfax/Belron canada
Mar 2011Apr 2011

Operated heavy machinery, organized large orders for shipments, shift work some days, cleaned warehouse, and maintained safety standards throughout workplace.

  • Acquired knowledge of operating heavy machinery
  • Learned basic safety training for workplace hazards
  • Learned how to properly transport hazardous materials

Airdrie, Alberta


Ecycle solutions
Sep 2010Nov 2010

Worked in a loud and crowded warehouse, operated forklift, disassembled electronic equipment, moved and carried a lot of heavy objects, cleaned shop, and maintained safety standards.

  • Learned proper techniques for carrying heavy objects
  • Enhanced my awareness abilities
  • Enhanced independent work ability

Airdrie, Alberta



Lethbridge college
Sep 2014Apr 2016

Complete the Criminal Justice and Policing Program

  • Through the duration of this program I have learned how to better my writing skills along with my verbal communication, time management, and teamwork skills.

  • I will have knowledge how to react in situations, how to write reports, how to encounter individuals with disabilities or of different cultures, and the knowledge of how to properly record notes in my notebook.

Airdrie, Alberta


George mcdougall high school
Sep 2007Jun 2010
  • Successfully completed high school studies

Airdrie Alberta

Skills and attributes

attention TO DETAIL

Working with glass and customers vehicles, I had to always be aware of my surroundings while paying attention to the fine details of the glass products to ensure no issues.

verbal communication

Presenting projects at the college has helped with my verbal communication skills and my experience working with customers for the past four years has also helped with this skill.

Critical thinking

While working at Airdrie Windshield and Glass, I have learned to assess situations and think critically when resolving the problem.


Everything I have done from the start of high school to the present time, has been done by myself, but I always had my team through football, co-workers through all jobs, and my family to assist me as I was always there to assist them. I will always be ready to help out a friend/co-worker because they will always be team members in my mind.

Certifications & Achievements


Lethbridge College
Sep 2014Apr 2016

Will have completed the Criminal Justice and Policing Program.

Firearms licence

Chief firearms officer of alberta
Dec 2018

Restricted Firearms License 


George mcdougall high school
Sep 2007Jun 2010

Completed high school studies.

Hunter education Program

Provincial Government
Jul 2007Jul 2007

Completed Hunter Education and Survival course based outside of Sundre, AB.


Interests and hobbies

My interests and hobbies include being outdoors everyday I can and being with my family as they are an important part of my life. Some of my interests include quadding, motorbikes, camping, hunting, and shooting.


Murray Bartley, Retired RCMP Officer and Previous Teacher, Lethbridge College

Work: (403) 320-3302  Extension: 5493


Brent Legault, Previous Teacher and Football Coach, George McDougall High School

Work: (403) 272-8868

Steve Keller, Part owner, Airdrie Windshield & Glass

Cell: (403) 803-5503

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