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An expert in the execution of large-scale software projects, Savio Thattil has helped refine the e-commerce strategies of many of the world’s leading corporations. An international team builder, Savio Thattil has a proven record of success in implementing offshore engineering strategies in Europe, Asia, and North America.A leading innovator in e-commerce applications, Savio Thattil has created software solutions for customer relationship management for the world’s leading retailers, airlines, and manufacturers. Adept in all common software programming languages, Savio Thattil boasts extensive experience with ATG Commerce, Sterling Commerce, Unica, Eclipse, Java, and most Oracle interfaces.A seven-year veteran at Oracle, Savio Thattil began with the company in 1999 as a Project Lead, helping to design the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) product suite. Leading a team of offshore software developers based in India, Savio Thattil served as a mentor to his team and helped develop a complex marketing engine adopted by a number of premier customers. Savio Thattil left Oracle to join Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., in 2006 as Director of Technology for the company’s e-commerce group. Responsible for the creation of Wal-Mart’s offshore strategy, Savio Thattil built up the e-commerce team from 3 members to over 300 employees and partners. Hiring Wal-Mart’s first offshore software engineer, Savio Thattil trained his team of remote architects to be strategic contributors to the development of new projects. Under Mr. Thattil’s leadership, Wal-Mart’s call center and store delivery optimization rose by 25 percent, producing an additional $20 million in revenue for the company.Savio Thattil began his study of software systems in India, majoring in Electronic Engineering at the University of Bombay, now known as the University of Mumbai. Moving to the United States, Savio Thattil completed a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago.

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Loyola University Chicago