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Work experience

May 2014Present


boost mobile

I work at a boost mobile cell phone shop as a cashier. This job gives me many important experiences and a learning block for my future. I learn how to deal with all types of customer diversity from people yelling and shouting to extremely respectable customers. I had to go through a training process that taught me how to program phones and deal with certain types of customers. one time a customer came in cursing about how he needed a charger. His phone was a little outdated so we didn't have any chargers for him, but instead of sending him off to another store I looked it up online, found a charger, and ordered it for him, in which he picked up the next week.


Sep 2011Jun 2015

valhalla high school

High school is an amazing and priceless experience! You learn all types of different techniques and subjects that you can apply to the real world. Depending on your relationship with your teacher you'll either love the class your taking or hate it. like all of us we have certain teachers we cant get enough of and some you don't ever want to see. the obstacle in this is too push through it and realize in the end your teacher only wants what benefits you.


I've been playing basketball ever since I was six years old so I have a lot of experience at it and can pass it on to younger kids. I would be an excellent fit in a sports venue because I know sports like the back of my hand
speaking ultiple languages
I can speak English and Chaldean fluently and a little bit of Spanish.
selling and programing cell phones
Working at a boost mobile shop, has helped me become an excellent salesman. In fact the other day a customer told me I was a better salesman than his boss. I've also learned how to program and use phones all type of ways.