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About SavingsAngel

As a founding member of, SavingsAngel offers honest savings to its customers through its industry-leading database of thousands of manufacturers' coupons matched up with local grocery sales. A network of sites and blogs that are passionate about honesty and integrity in online couponing, highlights the problems with scams and other unethical couponing practices which are detrimental to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Conversely, SavingsAngel and other sites that promotes abide by a strict code of ethics, protecting consumers and retailers from scams and the like. Realizing the benefit in offering a quality couponing service for consumers across the country, Josh Elledge established SavingsAngel in 2007 while attempting to save money on his family’s groceries.

Today, SavingsAngel offers its members access to the largest Internet database of manufacturer coupons. Additionally, SavingsAngel’s team of angels relies on an array of resources to locate great combinations of manufacturer coupons and in-store sales, maximizing savings for each purchase. All of the savings are available to SavingsAngel members at a modest rate of $5 per week. SavingsAngel is so confident that its members will save that it offers a money-back guarantee on its service in the event of dissatisfaction. In addition to great savings, SavingsAngel offers members and affiliate bloggers ways to earn extra income. Current members can participate in a referral program that allows them to earn $10 for referring a friend, plus an additional $5 for each month the friend remains a member. If a member were to refer four friends, he or she could in effect receive free membership. Also, anyone with a blog can earn residual income by promoting SavingsAngel on his or her blog. Simply by sharing some of the great member deals, bloggers can begin to monetize their posts.

SavingsAngel is also a socially-conscious organization. The Angelic Support Department sponsors a program to benefit overseas military families by collecting recently expired coupons that they can use. The program has already collected and distributed over $1 million dollars’ worth of such coupons.retailers to continue offering quality discounts to consumers. Therefore, each organization that it features abides by a code intended to discourage unethical couponing practices. A strong proponent for community involvement, SavingsAngel’s Angelic Support project collects recently expired coupons to distribute to overseas military families who are eligible to use them. Through this effort, SavingsAngel has collected over $1 million in coupons to support thousands of military families.

SavingsAngel’s founder Josh Elledge has saved thousands of families money on groceries and other household items since starting the company in 2007 and appears weekly on FOX 35 in Orlando to offer savings advice. The SavingsAngel consumer advocate also has appeared in the Grand Rapids Press newspaper and on numerous radio and television stations throughout the United States.