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May 2006Aug 2007


Mar 2003Jul 2005

Lab Assistant



Aug 2008Present

Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering

University of Texas at Dallas
Aug 2005Dec 2007

Associates in Sciences


My objective in life is to have a simple happy life. In my belief, a simple life should be one where a person has a happy family and work life. A happy home is one that has a loving, peaceful, and caring environment. Someone from such a home will be successful with any of their endeavors when they give it all they got. They would be able to come to work with a good positive attitude and their success will reflect it.


My name is Saurav Shrestha. I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. My family moved to Toronto, Canada when I was in the fifth grade. Toronto was such a fun city to live in because of the multicultural environment they have over there. I interacted with people like myself, from all over the world and got to learn their culture. Toronto was my home till my high school years. After which, I moved to Dallas, TX and joined North Lake College (part of DCCCD colleges). At North Lake, I finished my core requirement classes and also got the Best Physics Student Recognition Award. I was also an actively member of Phi Theta Kappa at North Lake.

After graduating with an Associates in Sciences degree from North Lake, I transferred over to University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) to pursue a Software Engineering degree. UTD is a very challenging institution, they have a very high educational standard and compete with top schools such as UT Austin. My experience at UTD has been great so far.

UTD is an institution known for its highly competitive and demanding Computer Science and Engineering program. The advanced JAVA and C++ programming classes along with HTML, JAVA, HTML, JavaScript and XML classes has equipped me with skills that will support today's vastly growing companies. In addition, my technical and social skills gained from working at Follett Book Store and Dynexa Corporation has provided me an opportunity to gain practical experience.

Software development has been my hobby ever since childhood. Now that I am graduating with a Software Engineering degree, I am very excited to get in the workforce. i am thrilled to start a programming career upon graduation.


I am a person with many interests. One of them would be web designing and writing computer programs on my spare time. It is a fun experience for me beacuse I like to challenge myself to do difficult tasks on the computer. Aside from progrtamming, I enjoy bike riding in the mountains. Biking is such a great excercise because it works lot of diffrerent muscles and keeps you fit. Music is another interest of mine. It is a great part of my life becaue I think music is a great expression of life. It is interesting that every song has a feeling and event associated with it. It really helps me relax and enjoy after a long day. I have recently gained interest in learning the guitar, it would be so great to play for my sweet heart.


Object Oriented Programming
  JAVA C++ HTML DHTML JavaScript XML Computer Hardware