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I am a technology lover. I have worked in the role of a full-stack developer for 2 years now, before which for 3 years I was primarily a Java product developer in Goldman Sachs. I love to work with startups who provide a lean hierarchy. I love web development. I am self-starter whose strength is to work on a product end-end.


July 2018Present

Full Stack Developer

Performance Marketing,

The performance marketing team creates and maintains its own applications and services @Housing. My primary role is to work on all aspects of product development in an agile architecture. I work with a team of 2 working under my supervision as full-stack developers. 

• Develop responsive pages for various marketing events and projects. Work with the UX team and create a responsive webpage with OTP service etc.
• Create scripts and crons that sync DB tables and send feeds to google, facebook etc marketing platforms

• Currently, working on generating content in Indian regional languages using Google translator
• Develop dashboards for the delivery team. Write frontend using Angular.
• Maintain 4 AWS EC2 servers and their security
• Design routers in Django and Go Lang for faster execution of Google bidder code

July 2016July 2018

Senior Software Developer

As the firsts of the data-engineering team,  I have worked on server-side code development of

  • QueryAdmin: A platform that is web-based data allowing as a dashboard for data-intensive reports for the org. I worked on API endpoints to run a query on the database which was made using SpringBoot Framework. I worked with UI team to take the role of UI and experience of the dashboard in JavaScript and jQuery.

      Results: We were able to relocate from SAS tool to this inbuilt tool, saving SAS            subscription fee.

  • SEO Framework: Project to improve SEO ranking of Via with 1 person under my supervision. We deployed a server written in service to generate SEO page data and input it to service optimized using Node.js to handle a thousand of page generation. We increased about 50 thousand SEO optimized airline web-pages.

    Results: Increase in organic growth we doubled and improvement in bottom funnel revenues in turns of  50 percents. 
April 2015June 2016

Technical Analyst

Goldman Sachs

I worked on providing platforms for Equities department for PIPG products.

My major products were

  • writing complete life cycle of building and deploying old services created in Visual c# . This project was in an individual role. Tech used: wix xml in windows
  • Blueprint and create service for document storage. This service was an global system written for scalability and easy maintenance. This was a micro - system created on plain Java. I designed how the system would store metadata with every request - which would maintain auditing and versioning of each document. I presented the service using swagger tool before leaving the organisation
June 2013April 2015

Product Engineer

Kony, Hyderabad India - platform for mobile apps

I worked on software development in Java where I designed modules for converting mobile form received as JSON from one web server and I maintained this project for a term of one year.