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Oct 2016Present

Senior Software Developer

As a data engineer I am developing data platform solutions for our company which targets to analyse over one lakh transactions per day (an approximation). 

Projects Accomplished:

  • QueryAdminSuccessfully created a web-based platform to query data from data warehouse. Implemented the data warehouse using Google BigQuery. Developed SQL query template which is modified with special patterns, developed UI framework using JavaScript to recognize patterns in SQL query to create  re-usable UI components. 
  • IFTTT Notification: Developed a notification system for generating alerts for all systemsin  organisation. Provided  extendable web-hooks to execute an alert action according to user preference by leveraging QueryAdmin.Designed  framework to efficiently push notifications using Clevertap tool.
  • ETL Pipelines: Designed and implemented pipelines for extraction of data from Postgres, transform data using Pandas Library and load data in Google BigQuery warehouse. Developed  the data workflow management tool using of Luigi framework in Python. 
  • Data Visualization: Created charts and graphs to depict data in QueryAdmin using D3.js library. Design framework to create REST APIs to integrate Data Visualization service with any data platform.
  • SAS Migration: Designing migration strategy from SAS platform to data platform by providing an  user experience similar to SAS or better. Undertook major design decisions to improve past SAS users experience on new data platform.

May 2015Mar 2016

Technical Analyst

Goldman Sachs, Bangalore India - structured derivatives for Eurasia

I worked for various internal clients in Goldman Sachs and coordinated my  projects between teams spread across different time zones.

Projects Done:

  • Documents Storage for Equities team: Developed a big data solution for documents storage by implementing a Hadoop cluster used as data warehouse and designing REST-based web-server API for different clients to consume our services. Implemented a metadata-based retrieval of documents for searching documents requested by client web requests and saved the metadatas in the central hadoop clusters for faster lookup.
June 2013April 2015

Product Engineer

Kony, Hyderabad India - platform for mobile apps

I worked on software development in Java where I designed modules for converting mobile form designs to backend Java POJOs.



M.Sc(Tech) Information Systems

Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences

CGPA 6.9/10

Paper Published

JanMay 2013

Indian Consumer and their Cognitive Psychology

BITS Pilani

Paper Publication with Professor of Linguistics, Ms. Ruchika Sharma at BITS Pilani to understand the role of advertisement on buying patterns of consumers in India. I looked for patterns and found no direct correlations in my data after conducting experimental studies with 150 participants living on  campus.

Roles of Responsibility

Acted asMember  of Student Body of BITS Pilani in the year 2012 where I coordinated a group of 50 students who member of Creative Activities Club to conduct events on campus.