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January (2017)April (2017)

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Data Mining Project
  • Detecting fraud in credit card transactions using logistic regression, SVM and Random Forest
  • Using PCA to determine the most important features and using them to predict the fraud in transactions
  • Used under-sampling, over-sampling & k-means to take into the considerations the high imbalance in data
  • Used precision and recall to measure which method is the best to capture fraud detection
  • Used predictive analytical model to determine what would be the outcome of future classes
January (2017)April (2017)

Penetration Testing, IDS and IPS

Advance Network Security
  • Successfully implemented security projects on topics penetration testing, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention through Kali-Linux system with the aid of Oracle VM Virtual Box
  • Hands on experience with vulnerabilities scanners like Nessus, Hydra, Metasploit and Ncrack, intrusion detection tools like Snort and IPTables
  • Provided good exposure to analyze the existing computer network system & protocols along with different hacking methods and mitigation techniques which are achieved through multiple hacking tools in Kali-Linux environment
January (2017)July (2017)

Capstone Project: Vulnerabilities in existing banking system

Professional Practice
  • Analyzed the current banking systems, Identified existing vulnerabilities and their harmful effect
  • Came up with new solutions to counteract the vulnerabilities and how to tackle them
  • Analyzed the possibility of implementing the proposed solution and obstacles facing them
January (2017)April (2017)

Risk assessment for data centers

Security Privacy
  • Analyzed existing risk for physical data centers and cloud data centers using qualitative risk analysis.
  • Proposed different solutions to mitigate the existing vulnerabilities in the data centers and how security can be improved via quantitative analysis.
  • Investigated incident handling policies that are in place for existing data centers and proposed new techniques on how they can be improved. 


  • Programming Languages: Java, Python, MATLAB, Xillinx,HTML, Git, MySql, C++, XML, JIRA and CSS
  • Computer Skills: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Prezi, Github, Microsoft SharePoint 
  • OS: Windows 10, OS X, Kali, LINUX, C.A.I.N.E
  • Communication: English, Hindi

Work Experience

September (2017)Present

Intern, GTLC Compliance Support

SAP, Vancouver, B.C
  • Provided (Blackduck) CodeCenter support to end-users
  • Conducted research into licensing and standards compliance of software components.
  • Worked closely with GitHub, Git, Perforce and gained in depth knowledge of various components used in software development
  • Developed tool which uploads source code to Perforce in java with graphical interface in SWT
  • Developed software used for collecting CPE names of components and based on CPE lists various CVEs existing in the component
September (2016)August (2017)


McDonald's, Victoria, B.C
  • Ensured a faultless customer service which gratifies customer needs
  • Made customers aware of all the promotions
September (2016)December (2016)

Teaching Assistant

University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C
  • Prepared lesson materials, bulletin board displays, exhibits, equipment, and demonstrations
  • Graded homework and tests, and computed and recorded results, using answer sheets or electronic marking devices
March (2016)August (2016)

Java Developer

Net4Nuts Pvt LTD, Ahmedabad, India
  • Worked extensively in GEF, JAXB, MySql core Java, SWT, XPATH and RCP applications
  • Researched technologies like Threat modeling tool and built a software based on the product
  • Created Intranet for internal use of the company using JSON, Angularjs, Java, Javascript and web services.
  • Created layout using HTML5 and CSS. 
  • Used Eclipse IDE for code development and building client/server services
  • Created database for the company intranet using MySQL and integrated with existing java applications..
February (2016)March (2016)

Financial Internship

SNL Financial, Ahmedabad, India 
  • Maintained records of the companies that are registered with SNL
  • Primary responsibility included finding any updates within the company regarding the policies and updating them
  • Validated the policies and entered them into the database
  • Maintained the database for all the insurance companies registered with SNL

Position of Responsibility and Awards

  • Won the best poster award for Design and Analysis of Computer Networks
  • Won debate competition at Gujarat Technological University
  • Co-founded Electrazma club (Technical Club of Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar) 
  • Co-ordinated technical events in GTU tech Fest 
  • Received the STUDENT OF THE YEAR award and the award for outstanding performance in studies and co-circular activities

Activities & Interests

  • Sports: Cricket, Football
  • Entertainment: Watching television , Surfing Internet


Will be available upon request