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Satya is a Digital Media, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Enthusiast. Having studied and worked in India, Singapore and Nepal over the years, she has developed a global and inclusive perspective on issues and developed a thirst for traveling and understanding different perspectives. Her studies at Singapore Management University have made her an efficient team leader and a proactive team player. She loves talking to people and understanding their culture. She is very motivated, energetic and eager to learn. Skills Business Strategy, Digital Media, Web Design, UI development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Web Content Creation Interests Tennis, Running, Biking, Reading, Health and wellness

Other Initiatives


Technology and Projects

May to Nov 2011            Final Year Project, SMU: Project Manager

Project consisted of developing an online/offline assessment tool for Lodestone Management Consultants, Singapore. We used C# and .NET with Silverlight framework, to utilize its Out-Of-Browser capabilities for our project. The consulting company uses the assessment tool to assess their clients' business processes in domains (such as HRM, CRM, SCM) before they can suggest and implement SAP solutions for them. Our website is an application which can be downloaded on to a Windows or Mac OS system, which allows for automatic synchronization when the user goes online.

I was elected the Project Manager for this project. We were a team of 6 people. Amongst other things, my responsibility was to manage client relations for requirements gathering, UAT testing and final handover, preparing and monitoring project plan and ensuring that the project remains on schedule. I was also involved with the programming, UI planning and liaising with the client to ensure that the implementation matched the requirements. Currently, our client is utilizing the software for their daily operations. 

Aug to Dec 2010            IT & Business Innovation:  Strategy for nanotech filters project

·      As a part of course work for a course called IT & Business Innovation, our team was tasked to find the optimum Go-To-Market strategy for a technological innovation in the area of nanotechnology. We were required to act as consultants for the technical research team from NUS to help them find the utility, product positioning and future income for their innovation. As a part of the research, we contacted and interviewed over 72 companies in various parts of the nanotech supply chain to gauge the usefulness and the most profitable industry for the filters to enter. On research and compilation, we discovered that the filters did not really have much utility in any of the industries and that the future revenue from taking this product to market would not even breakeven.We presented our findings to the clients, who were very glad that we gave them our honest opinion. In fact, they liked our work so much that they awarded 100/100 for our team and said that we performed better than our NUS MBA counterparts who were given the same project.

Aug to Dec 2010            SMU Real Business, Singapore: Executive Committee - Technology

I was the technology head at SMU Real Business. SMU Real Business is an entrepreneurship club that focuses on providing training and support for budding student entrepreneurs island-wide. SMU Real Business works to provide opportunities for connection with experienced entrepreneurs, as well as a student forum to allow entrepreneurs to bounce their ideas and improve them.

I was responsible for creating and maintaining their WordPress site. The main purpose of this site was to become a central hub of all information for current and future members of SMU Real Business.

Extensive volunteering and teaching experience

Sep 2011 to Present        Aidha, Singapore: Volunteer Workshop Leader

Aidha Singapore is a micro-business school for domestic workers. It provides personal finance, life skills, business and entrepreneurship skills to domestic workers in Singapore. Aidha's objective is to equip the domestic workers in Singapore with skills that will help them to start their own business or manage their personal finances and reduce costs in a better way. I volunteer by leading computer workshops to teach skills like using Gmail, Excel, Skype and other softwares. 

Aug to Dec 2010            Project Namaste V, Nepal: Executive Committee - Sponsorships

Project Namaste is a yearly, student-driven project at SMU. I was a part of the fifth chapter of Project Namaste. Project Namaste works to improve the standards of primary education in rural Nepal. The project involved teaching English to students, providing them with dictionaries and teaching the usage of dictionaries. We also held phonetics and advanced English training for teachers of the whole village. As a part of the fundraising team, we conceptualized fundraising initiatives and created opportunities for physical donations by approaching professors, friends and family, and by conducting fundraising drives.

Ultimately, we raised SGD11,000 and all proceeds were used to purchase dictionaries and improving the infrastructure of the school (by providing light bulbs, painting the school and providing funds for building a protective wall around the school).

Apr 2009  to  Jul 2009     Greenpeace, India: Activist

I was an activist for Greenpeace India. We conducted a campaign to prevent the entry of Bt Brinjal into the local markets. We visited and persuaded local ministers to sign the bill against Bt Brinjal and garner support for the campaign. The campaign was ultimately successful, since the entry of Bt Brinjal was temporary suspended by a moratorium.


2005 to  Present               National Lawn Tennis Championships, India

I have been extremely passionate about tennis since 2003. I have represented the state of Maharashtra in the National Lawn Tennis Championships in India from 2005 to 2008. I continue to play with SMU Tennis team and externally with coaches in Singapore and I am working towards participating in tournaments in Asia in the near future.

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Community Manager

Newton Circus
  • Managing Facebook and Twitter posts for 5 projects (Do Good Network, UP Singapore, Silverline Mobile, OpenDoor and Newton Circus) using HootSuite and IFTTT.
  • Managing external relations (e-newsletter and PR) using MailChimp for Do Good Network and UP Singapore.
  • Managing website content for Do Good Network. Advised on strategy and outreach for crowdfunding projects.
Jan 2011Jun 2011

IB Tech Intern

J.P.Morgan Chase Bank N.A
  • Interacted with senior-level (VP and above) front office users to regulate and manage market data inventory.
  • Coordinated with Market Data vendors (like, Bloomberg and Reuters) via phone and email.
  • Performed quantitative analysis to manage contracts and optimize market data inventory.
  • Implemented automation of emails (by integrating Excel and Outlook), dramatically reducing activity duration.
Sep 2010Nov 2010

Part Time Sales Force

Traveller LLP
  • Performed direct sales and promotion to travellers, leading to higher knowledge of the brand
  • Followed up with interested parties via email, leading to higher sales of travel packages
May 2010Jul 2010

IT Intern

Extentia Information Technology
  • Single-handedly performed end-to-end implementation of HTML/CSS-based design project. Interacted with senior clients regularly for requirement gathering and testing. Direct report to the Senior VP.
  • Customized open source softwares to manage digital assets, leading to improved ease of access and modification and significant reduction of tracking time.


Aug 2008May 2012

Bachelor of Science

Singapore Management University

Coursework included entrepreneurship strategy creation, corporate creativity, Asia-Pacific business studies, management communication, negotiation and persuasion, digital media and content creation, software engineering and global software project management.


Presentation Skills
MS Office


Dec 2010Present

Oracle Certified Java Programmer